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MY SUGAR DETOX IS ALMOST OVER LOL YAYYYYY! Anywhoosie thought I would show you what I buy and easy vegan tacos that you can eat on a sugar dextox!

thumbs up for more grocery hauls!

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Gabrielle Jones

I like to make my own avocado vinaigrette and it’s super easy and yummy, you get your fats in and I personally don’t like the texture of avocados so making it into a vinaigrette really helps!

D Hope

The tacos look amazing. I definitely want to reduce my sugar intake but I am not sure if I could go full sugar detox. I crave sweets way too much.

Also I always pack almonds and blueberries in my boyfriend and I's lunches!

Emily Hoffman

I really like marinating mine in a tbsp of olive oil and curry powder over night and then roasting them. Way more flavorful and better texture.

Raheel Zaki

Love uuu

Holly Abel

I am on my own personal journey to becoming a better me as well as helping others become a better them. I love learning and am looking for people to connect with. To educate myself from and to spread my knowledge with them! follow my instagram @_hollyabel


perfect timing!! I'm about to get groceries and I'm doing the suger detox too. needed this inspiration lol

Leah Varner

Your sugar detox videos brought me to your channel. I’m currently sugar detoxing to help with acne and overall health. Love these videos. Keep em coming❤️❤️❤️

Christina Hurst

I need this shirt! So cute!

Jessica Cunningham

Starting a sugar detox myself at the moment. Loving videos like this!

Anna M


Olinda Rosales

Thanks for uploading another awesome video and for inspiring me to make my own YouTube channel! Your the best! Lots of love from Canada

Hibo Ali

Yay a new video. I love your videos

Karina Acevedo

Hi love! If it helps, check out YouTube vids on how to authentically warm up tortillas on the stove top. I’m sure they’ll taste better ☺️

amanda velez

Just got back from the grocery store, starting my sugar detox tomorrow

Camille Charles

Did you know “natural flavors” are chemicals?

Alison Perdomo

The caprese salad sounds SO GOOD!!!!!

Kathleen Klimek

I will be making those tacos this week!!!

Jocelyn Roberge

What are you eating with your yogurt? Are you eating it plain? I always get plain but it goes to waste because idk what to eat it with.. also I’m so happy I found you.. you’re the best’ ❤️

Tayler Laibovitz

Try adding frozen cauliflower to your smoothies for bulk and creaminess. I also make mine with mooala banana milk , with the’s amazing and low sugar!

Jennifer LoGelfo Rivera

Love this video, great advice. Have to try those tacos ♥️


Aaww so cute how Jared gets excited about your meals! You are awesome! xoxo

Sandy Y.

Love your videos Sam Been watching for a little over a year. I’m vegan for the last 7 months. Everyday I ponder introducing seafood and eggs but I feel like an imaginary vegan God is watching me. How did you get yourself to be ok not being full vegan also are you worried about consuming too much mercury ? That’s my concern if I start eating fish

Taylor Stoltz

Those tacos look amazing!

Laura Ramos Delgado

Uuuu the chickpea tacos!!! Nice vegan idea.


Honestly I never make anything you post just love watching it but those tacos

mariam darboe

I love your videos so much

scrubs andblush

I did a sugar detox and I felt amazing after!

Tara Azizi

I love your videos, thanks for posting this Sam! I swear you always have perfect timing because this video will be so helpful since I'm grocery shopping tomorrow


One of my favorite video's yet! I love the recipes that you share

Hannah C.

Jared is so supportive and sweet! Goals for sure

Secret crush on glam

The thing is, what I don't understand... so many people claim they just eat "a handful of nuts" or "a yogurt" as a snack and still be full and satisfied... I am not. I will never ever be... I can eat an entire pack of nuts and half a kilo of yogurt on top and my stomach will still feel empty. Yeah, calories wise it might be enough, but the stomach will still be empty, volume wise.


I just made the tacos for dinner and they are SO good!

Angela Marcinkevich

I'm a major sweet tooth person and this would never work for me if cave in


Hey I was wondering if you were going to do vlogtober like last year


OMG that shirt lol :) also want to throw out there Trader Joe's is great for nuts: I bought 1 lb of walnut pieces (it was mostly large halves) for 4..99. That is a better price than Aldi.


I like to add lime juice instead of water when i bake my tortillas - just a little tip to help increase iron from the chickpeas!

Makenzie Gobbel

Omg those tacos look amazingggg! Definitely will try

Sarah Austin

Love this, love you


I just started living on my own and I need all the healthy recipe inspiration i can get! ps small youtuber check ya girl out:))

Author on Location

Ugh!!! I just don't like corn tortillas!! Maybe I should try them again... Hate the taste. Everything else looks bomb! Also, maybe I should heat them up. I used to like the hard crunchy ones. :)

Alli As Always

Lemon shirt!!


Thank you

unicorn Kayla

I love so much

Eva Antonia

Great haul because so I know a bit better where no sugar is added. I live in Germany but maybe it is similar I mean fruits and so on, for sure but yeah:D

Alexia Varnava

You look sooo cute ❤️❤️❤️


Those tacos look soo yummy!

Alex Healy

You should watch downshiftology's recent low sugar smoothie ideas!! She's totally on the same wavelength as you when it comes to diet.

Nathalie Mora

Definitely trying this recipe!


Are you following a specific sugar detox?


Making those tacos this week! Great video as usual sam!

Angela Marcinkevich

Where is your lemon tshirt from it's cute


Your subscriber is right about the zucchini!

Sandra Arroyo


Angela Marcinkevich

Sam what did you put on the chic peas

Kate Montgomery

I need this shirt! Where is it from?


Do you drink diet water

Diego and Hollie Ortiz

I love how your man talks to you

cuddle bug

You don't need a new pan! Stains just mean you cook a lot :P

sav halby

You look amazing!!

Joanna Mesiano

If you buy frozen avocado’s it’s great in a smoothie because it’s like ice and cools down your smoothie

Admir Barucija

I’m so hyped to watch!! Tacos are amazing ❤️

Elle McCray

Where is your shirt from PLS!


Hola Senorita! I love your look in this video!


This is awesome I’m currently doing the sugar detox also and I’ll definitely be trying those chickpea tacos!! Thank you for this video girly:)


I grew up eating tomato, cucumber and pepper salad! Italian things lol


I have just started my sugar detox! HEADACHE GALORE!!


You are seriously my favorite.

Genessis Melendrez

Where is your shirt from?!

Beatriz Family style

Love food

Kiana Marie

Love the tips!! I think my husband would have to get a hotel for the duration of my sugar detox


Zucchini is really good in Smoothies. I add it mostly to add more volume without adding to much sugar and calories (like more fruit would). It just gets you more Smoothie and keeps me ful for longer. Plus you don't taste it at all, even if you add a lot.

Give it a try ;-)

Monica Teixeira

Dear Sam, I know you aren't vegan anymore, but you still do several vegan perhaps you would like to check this youtube chanel


I’ve been waiting all day for this video !