AMAZON ACTIVEWEAR TRY-ON HAUL | all lululemon dupes!

AMAZON ACTIVEWEAR TRY-ON HAUL | all lululemon dupes!

74 173 views | 27 Nov. 2020

Hey babes! You loved my first Amazon Activewear haul video so much that I absolutely needed to do another! I’m bringing you the best lululemon dupes on Amazon; so good they honestly could’ve fooled me! I hope you all enjoy!

love you all

xx, Carissa



VLOG: a few days, skims haul & starting kitchen reno! →


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D I S C O U N T S / P R O M O S

Liquid IV:

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Height: 5'1"

Bust: 32D

Waist: 23.5in

Hips: 34.5in

Typical jean size: 24/00

Typical top size: XS



Energy bra long line (olive green; size small)

→ Dupe of:

Flow y bra long line (black; size small)

→ Dupe of:

Energy bra high neck (blue; small)

→ Dupe of:


Align tank (white; size 4)

→ Dupe of:

Cool racerback cropped tank (olive green; size: 4)

→ Dupe of:

Ebb to street tank (black; XS)

→ Dupe of:


Muscle love crop tank (dark gray; small)

→ Dupe of:

Muscle love crop tank (gray; small)


Hooded define jacket XXS; black)

→ Dupe of:

Scuba hoodie (size XXS; grey sage)

→ Dupe of:


Align shorts 4” (olive green; size 4)

→ Dupe of:

On the fly 4” (olive green; size 4)

→ Dupe of:

Speed up shorts 4” (black; size XXS)

→ Dupe of:

LEGGINGS (in order)

→ Dupe of:

Leggings (purple taupe; XXS)

Leggings (black; XXS)

Leggings (blue grey; 4)

Leggings (black; XS)

Leggings (black; XS)


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Emily Johnson

Fun fact! The original align pant had the two seams up too and the align II and newer wall have the single seam


Have you experienced pilling with any of these?

Catch Twenty2

Hope you see 10k subs by 2021! You’re very easy going compared to a lot of lulu reviewers.

Mimi Do

yes!! so glad to see someone my size do these reviews!

malia lae

what font did you use in the intro for your name? Also thanks for the reccomendations

Ivy Do

I love (obsessed) Amazon activewear! I was blown away with their leggings/sports bras that I even started trying other "off-brand" gymwear and haven't gone back. They're a fraction of the price and great quality. Definitely recommend to anyone who's thinking of it to give it a try and if it doesn't work out, they have an amazing return policy!

Fravolous Film

Yayy, a new video!!I get so happy everytime you upload, it brightens up my day! :)
I have a youtube channel too, you're so welcome on there!


I like how you mention if there is padding in the bras/tops! I can never tell so I’m glad you mentioned it! Thank you ❤️

Kala Moss

The original aligns actually had that double seam shown in the first legging. Apparently they scrapped that detail with the redesign years ago!

Jessica Lea

You do a nice job with these video types. I wish there was not so many black leggings, it's hard to see the details.

Trina S

You are so tiny, I find it hard to imagine how these would look on more "average" sized ladies. But it was still interesting. Also would like to know how they feel with actual workouts not just how they look. Lots of cute pieces on you!

Sydney Hales

Where did you get your T-shirt your wearing in this video?

Daphne Wilkins

PLEASE, please review long workout tops. I am desperate.

Flash Dance Tig

I only wear lululemon, while scrolling i see the thumbnail and I think this must be a dupe video. keep scrolling to the bottom. sure enough.

Atakan Kara

Hi Carissa! Yes, we're freezing but I enjoyed watching this! And it was winter friendly!

sol alchemy

Dang the black one jumped up $40


the Levanto leggings on Amazon are my favorite and only gym leggings i use. they are squat proof, buttery smooth, and high on the booty scale. $23 each, in about ten different colors. some are sold out right now.


I always hear people compare Amazon dupes to Lululemon but honestly you are the only person who’s opinion I would trust. Thanks for the amazing finds.
Love the video!!

Franananabobana Nevarez

Trust this woman with all the lululemon dupes

Catch Twenty2

When I open “my closet” in the lulu app I feel like a sinner.


So these leggings are all squat proof correct?

Pooja Bisht

Please make another with joggers!

Hannah Headquarters

So cute!! Saving this for my next activewear spree

Adrian Freiburger

If you liked the Yunoga you should try the brand Hawthorn as well I love them

Kiana Lewis

Ooo thanks for all of these finds! I wanted to point out that the blue high neck long line isn't a dupe of the energy bra, it's actually a dupe of the ride and reflect bra!

Maya Wilkins

I trust your opinion on lululemon dupes more than anyone else! Can't wait til you find some pant/jogger dupes.

Charisma Gul

This is my first video I've seen of yours! Do you mind sharing your measurements for comparison? Maybe in the description? Thanks! (:

Jennifer Cox

You need to try the Hawthorn Athletic leggings on Amazon! I’ll try to find the link to send you. I’ve tried all the amazon dupes and this pair seem to be the best in my opinion!

Ali Cole

I love how you get right to the point on every item and didn’t waste any time! Just banged it out one after another .Great descriptions to get an idea of the items. Thank you.

Laura M.

Where is the white option for Align tank (white; size 4) ???

Sera R.

Out of all the legging choices you had which one is more solid as opposed to see-through?

Melissa Noe

Wow! Love. Thank you for this video.

Nicolette Muro

I love Amazon!! I pick up so many cute things from here :) I love the light purple crop top, the navy blue sports bra, and the maroon leggings! I need to get more athleisure in some fun colors like this!!


i’m so glad I found this vid! i’ve been searching for some good affordable activewear :) everything looks amazing on you!

Ervin's Movie Corner

Great Amazon Activewear Try-on-haul and Happy Weekend, Carissa!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shelby Henke

The links won’t work for me for the Amazon dupes

Naomi Blackerby

Obsessed with the last pair (yunoga brand) glad you found them!

Katherine Patrick

Why was this just recommended to me now YouTube?! So rude :( Anyways haha great video thank you!

Regina Davis

Such a great video! Thank you so much!! Do you have any recommendations for seamless thongs to wear under leggings? All my “seamless” thongs have VPL and don’t stay in place. What do you use?

Becca Carr

I love the colorful koala leggings on amazon!

Emelia Q

On Amazon the Hawthorn leggings are my favorite lululemon dupes. They are about 26 $ but so worth it. The stitching is the same as Lulu and they don't pile. And 100% squat proof I've gotten all my friends on them and they love them

Sadie Smart

ok I need to get myself onto amazon after watching this video haha, I love the colour of that blue sports bra :) both of those olive green shorts are so cute, I am SO impressed by everything !

Claudia __

I watched your previous videos but I wasn't sure: which do you like better- the TNA Super Puff or Lululemon Wunder Puff?

Corrine Helena

Great Job

Larkin Kochanski

Oh!! I was just about to get the white align dupe! Thanks for helping!!


i clicked on the align tank dupe and it took me to the muscle tank :( thank you for all of the good finds!

Courtney Ivany

The double seam on the first pair of “align” dupe leggings are actually a dupe of the first version of align leggings when they had the double seam around the waist! Love them! They are so flattering

Ginger Toste

Hi Carissa, loved your video! My maiden name was Burnside and in all my years growing up, I’m 55 now, I never came across anybody else with that name, I’ve lived in California my whole life but I was told Burnside is more popular back east, so I’m curious to know what state your from?

Nailah Johnson

Cute finds! I get a little nervous with the upkeep of the materials. :/ But the sports bras I am looking at them now on amazon!

Jenna George

love your videos, you do great work for the athletic-fashion-obsessed YouTube community!

Sadie Ann Jensen

Omg I loveeeeee all of the amazon athletic wear dupes!!! I literally only buy my gym outfits from amazon lol! Love this!

Grace Cormack

Love how you remember all the names of the lulu products!!!

Wendy Mac

Pockets should be mandatory - just my opinion.,.,.,.

Makaela Stewart

Okay I couldn't have hit subscribe fast enough!! This was SO GOOD. So much detail. Thank you!

LoveYouGirls KeepOnRocking

I love you in the white top and grey leggings.


I'd die for the EXACT same fabric than align (for real I mean, not more sleak, thick nor else) but with real, usable pockets on the sides !!!

jan gal

Are the leggings and short squat proof?

Eshita Shah

Hello, such a great video, thanks for trying and curating the best. I'd love to see you rank the dupes in each category. I think you mentioned that #3 and #4 were your top picks for the leggings?


those light green shorts are my favourite they are most flattering on you ❤️

Carissa Hurley

Omg my name is Carissa too!!! Hahaha okay so super curious how do you take all the bra pads out and not have...ya know...headlights lol. Super curious because I would love to do that! But I swear with my implants that’s always a problem


I really tried to watch this whole video but you say “like” way too much. Work on it

Emily McGuinness

Literally about to save MONIES tysm