MMA Community Reacts to Jorge Masvidal getting DOMINATED by Champion Kamaru Usman,UFC 251 Results

MMA Community Reacts to Jorge Masvidal getting DOMINATED by Champion Kamaru Usman,UFC 251 Results

582 461 views | 12 Jul. 2020

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UFC 251 Results,

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Blinding Cloud

I wouldn't say he got dominated. Kamaru was the better fighter, better game plan. The fight went the distance. Dominated would have been a finish.


You have to take it from the champ! Nigerian Nightmare is the truth. And most African guys are not like Style Bender. Not a lot of big time personalities. They’re just about business and family. He has plenty of personality anyway he’s a fighter not a rapper!

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Will be masvidal v Conor next

george medina

U dont think masvidal new 6 days before fight to loose 20 pounds could work against him. I dont think he gives a fuck, that's were I salute him even more, took a chance ,doing what he loves, made ke$o.......

Sameer Sheikh


Comic Freedom

Masvidal put on a show. Usman held him to the ground. Yup what a champ.

TeamRocket Rowan

Wait... journeyman Jorge lost?! Shocked to the fucking core

Aaron Gerdus

If you win a fight and dominate however inflict 0 damage, and threaten 0 submissions. Then that says a lot about how the fight went. I mean it's fine and it works, but you got to be prepared for people to hate to watch you fight and to say it's boring and criticize it if you're gonna take that route. That's just the way it is, people want action, and that type of game plan doesn't rly have any. It is boring, just the way it is. To the people who say "if you don't like it go watch boxing, this is MMA". Well yeah it's MMA, mixed martial arts, and he didn't mix any other martial arts with his wrestling. So we can just as easily say "if you like that go watch wrestling, we wanna see MMA".

Calvin Green

Amanda just confirmed that witches do exist wtf

Mike D

Masvidal is still my dude! Usman is champ for a reason tho. Use your game plan and get the W! No hate for Usman and no excuses for Masvidal! Like my boy Masvidal said " You sign that dotted line... 6 days... 6 weeks" doesn't matter. Hats off to both dudes

Ben Martinez

I thought Max had that... again.

Crazy Supercamel


Bobby Anti Mitich

Usman was terrified to stand with masvidal, and it showed. Lol What a champ!

Nathan Elguera

They have no idea what they are talking about if they thing Jorge did bad, he had 6 days to prepare for the fight of his life

Lucid Euphoria

Why is pvz looking more and more like an alien lately. That pfp with her tweet was savage.

CEE TV Jamaica

Masvidal is all hype; and no one should have asked Askren to comment. Hiwever, since they did, he should have used what senses he had left after THE KNEE to not say anything.

G Man

Yes! Take off those stupid, useless masks which don't do anything to protect you from the fake pandemic. Dana knows what's up by not wearing that garbage :-)


Usman a douche I cant stand him especially after that ending


Of all people, Salikhov impressed me on this card. You look at that dude and you assume, here comes 15 mins of grappling like most russian fighters. Nah this dude had sharp as hell kickboxing. Hes fluid as hell for his body, doesnt have great reach but he makes up for it being technical. I like this guy

locksmith db

What dominance? What fucking dominance!!!! I didnt see usman doing anything dominant.


Usman .....what a clown!!!

alex 805

Only way I see Jorge getting that belt is if Gilbert beats Usman

Itz AROE87

Amanda has the most annoying voice I've ever heard

Nelson Josue Merida Alvarez

UFC is turning into hugging people for points... there is no real fight anymore that is no way to call yourself a champ Usman did not even try to finish him ...

Fred Kenzelmann

Nigerian Nightmare Usman is the


GSP will beat Usman don't know why he want that smoke?

Roberto C Rodriguez

Wow he khabib'd masvidal.... no payin customer was happy


What a boring main event. Hugs and toe stomps. I'm glad Usman won but wish that it had been more exciting.

Corey Johnson

I love that title


Its just not the same with the empty seats. A constant reminder that the satanists can make you believe and serve without a second thought

Kevin Light

I wonder if GSP could do it?

Sheldon Danielak

Henry cejudo has some major cte if he can't spell lol.

Unique Guttering

Dominated? I’d say he done pretty fair on short notice

Leon Castle

Baptism failed is hilarious!!! Poor street jesus just got crucified!!
Jon jones: usman look like me


I wouldnt say dominated

Joseph Iscariot

marty gained a lot of love for smashin' him, i'd wager. he deserves more than he typically gets. ben askren's tweet was fuckin' great.

Izzy Rod

Kamaru “the Nebraskan nightmare “ Snoozeman

Richard Eisenhower

Lol, I will “Baptize” him with my MAGA hands. So much for that. Maybe he can baptize Trump.


No domination usman didn’t fight no one wants to see someone held against the cage

Rene Hernandez

Dude took the fight on 6 days notice and dropped 20 pounds there was no way he was going to win but come the rematch masdival will shine

Robert Villarreal

Usman: toe stomps and shoulders all day.

Jeffrey Woodson

Aldo fight could have been stopped 20 or so punches before it was


the curse of ufc game cover...

Nick Van Tinteren

Usman living winners life, Jorge spouting bitter jealous shit.

True Vibration

Gsp wouldn't fight u , his fans would lol

Rupinder Singh

People should respect Usman what a champ. Masvidal got a chance but he was not even near Covington vs Usman. Don't make masvidal a star without stars

u-alrdykno C.V.O

Did Mike say " BABY BOY"....

Didn't Amanda sound like that old mafia guy Aye you see "...

Kristiam Vazquez

Why didn't Masvidal get hurt?

Dotun Makun

Love the end with Usman dancing with his kid without a care over Masvidal's hater comments. Haters gon hate. The Nigerian Nightmare rocks on. Don't care if some found the fight boring, just happy my guy won

Act Thor

I want to see a rematch of Usman v Masvidal

Santi Cazorla

Has no wanna knock his face off, baptise him. Yet he you in Military Position like a Bitch all thru the fight

Jay Rex

Haha that video of Usman and his daughter is hilarious, a lot of the time it seems like he takes himself a bit too serious so I like to see that.


Someone’s gotta do a compilation of all Amanda’s weird noises together

Daniel Rodriguez

Masvidal got manhandled Point Blank see how far is she talkin get you

Eric Houck

Marty the most boring fighter in ufc history

PL Lyons

Let me guess paige....bellator?!

Jim Smith

Same old stuff. Mike Perry doesn't like wrestlers because he's scared of them. Perry sucks at wrestling. And Jon Jones is just talking about himself again like the sociopath he is.



Pancho Villa on peyote

God leading you straight to only fans


Since when winning a fight in pussy fashion is called DOMINATION???

Josh Cruz

Dominated my ass


Everybody on Usman back..... Masvidal was the one talking the talk about what he was going to do to Usman.... a shame Masvidals turns out only to be all bark no bite ..... Colby v Masvidal needs to happen... winner gets the nightmare, Usman, again... Colby for the win.... Masvidal will talk quack quack then douting .....

Jumbo Macaroni

Who cares what Sean O’Malley thinks, dude acts if he’s GSP in his prime. High on your on supply GTFO

Kyler Maxey

I mean Usman won but dominated? He dominated his feet and dominated hugging masvidal went out there and looked like he wanted the title Usman did the bare minimum to win not much of a champ in my opinion

No Thanks

Yeah... he got so dominated that the only marks he had on him were from headbutts.... great logic.

jik jak

Did usman just say he wants gsp? Please make that happen

Toykinson Pyngrope

I thought masvidal will be speaking eating pizza for losing the matchup. The match was ver disappointed. It was all Usman. Colby gives a tough fight to Usman.

Big Hawk

I love how these so called MMA fighters are against wrestling its a part of MMA idiots go to kickboxing if you dont know how to fight a MMA style.

Irving Houston Brode

That was not dominating unless you have plantar fasciitis

Flappy Gash

Paige sucks so bad

Diego Pons

Amanda Ribas is going to get that 115 lbs. title real soon, in my opinion. Congrats to you, Amanda!

A Todaso

Snoozeman living upto the name, boring AF.

Diamond Logistics

Apparently we have different definitions of dominate.

Abdul Basit

Baptism hahahaha fake logics


I remember when i wanted to become a pro mma fighter but then i saw the pay and compared to boxing.... it ain't worth getting kicked in the head or arms twisted for 50k or even 90k when in boxing a very well known and popular boxer say as high as mcgregor if he were a boxer can easily make many times more

Angelo Silva


Cuban B

Dominated??? That’s is absolutely ridiculous....That was a scared title defense against a depleted opponent...That shit was weak AF, he should have dominated but was too scared to stand with my guy...hugging, head butting and stepping on toes....GTFOH..

Arty Clutch

Kamaru must be an atheist

marky y

Dominated is a strong word for a man who only did damage to his opponents toes


“You changed my life Dana thank you bro” the Irish man

D Salcida

How are you proud of beating someone when they had 1/3 the training time you had?

J Smitty

He got pushed into the fence and controlled after dropping 20 lbs in 6 days....Id say he did a descent job with that much time.

Johnny Walker-Blue

Usman couldn't stand a chance with GSP. GSP got better point/standard wrestling. Plus better stand up ...100%

Azel Anders

Masvidal: I'm going to break this guy's face.
Usman: Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes. Knees and toes... Knees and toes.

LeoVelli Certified

The mma community does not say JM was dominated lol his toe was dominated if any

El Mismísimo

2:45 I not expected that voice lol.


I didnt see Usman dominate shit, he just clinched and stomped on Jorge's foot and hit him in the side quite a bit, it was boring as fuck.

Andre Krawczi

My god most annoying Voice of The UFC Amanda "Witch" Ribas

Peter Bennett

Didn't George St Pier retire?


i wouldnt say masvidal got dominated. Stomping on a guys feet while hes smiling doesnt mean hes geting dominated. At least now we know what the UFC means on SNOOZEmans title "Ultimate footstomping championship"

Dur De

I'm not paying to see Usman vs Masvidal II.

Harry Rhodes

Usman is a family oriented person believes at its values . H doesn’t care that much about the money. I found him very respectful guy.

Jay Rex

Santos vs. Bogatov was one of the worst fights I've ever seen. And even though it was a 3 rounder it somehow ended up being one of the longest fights too. RICOCKULOUS!


dominated? he hugged him for 20 minutes bro

Ivan Toretto Sanchez

That's a pretty big statement.. getting dominated... ohh yeah it's just for views to click these videos... unless they mean dominated as in just getting hugged on the ground and getting his toes stomped on....

lil yatchy

Amanda sounds like a rubber chicken being thrown against a wall

Mike Estill

Rose would've won the first fight too if she didn't get dropped on her neck. Unfortunately, for Jessica, she will NEVER be able to beat Rose again if they ever fight.

Ash Williams

Ha Ha Ha That last bit though...Got me dead laughin. Bwahahaha

Karmic Wheel

Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Friday!!

Dylan I'm a mma hole Darker

After Usman vs masvidal I think Usman vs McGregor would be interesting Conor would be alot more sharp and creative and would have a better game plan