Beating Minecraft, But I Start in the Nether... Again

Beating Minecraft, But I Start in the Nether... Again

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Today I tried Beating Minecraft, but I start in the nether... again. Yes I've done this challenge once before, but last time it was in an early snapshot version of 1.16, this time it's in the NEW nether! The idea of the challenge is to try Beating Minecraft Starting in the NEW Nether! and my goals in this video is to escape the nether by finding enough obsidian to build a nether portal and escape to the over world! This way I can once and for all answer the question: Can I Beat Minecraft, but Starting in the Nether? Enjoy!

Video idea taken from GameNight, Check out their video here:

"I beat Minecraft, but I start in the Nether. It was hard."

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Noney The Dog

Its called the basalt delta

Element Dragon


The need pencil

Wad: exercise and water break!
Me: does chai tea and blinking count-

Woriukas Moxkiukas

You can find strong hold in nether

Anuja Balakrishnan



Wadzee: water checkpoints
Me: skip 30 sec

Rhino F

Can you do your workout routine on ur second channel

Yusaf Farooq

Pigstep cool

B-29-AARON Mendonsa

Wadzee I am going to buy your merch and post a videi on my channel

Le Animator

He’s so close to 2mil
Can we get him to 2mil so we can get another WahWah Week?

The ALPHA Gamer

How did he not get copyrighted from pig step

Ameer Gaming X

my leg broke doing squats in the water/exercise checkpoint


is wadzee pulling a dream?

Connah _pro

Congrats on 2mil

Pankaj Kamble

How did you got bowl how did

DanDan Talks and Games

Hey WadZee happy new year

Mkw Brick

Beat Minecraft v. 1.0

lam seldou

Wah Wah time!!!!!!!!! #WahWahTeam

Xilin Zhu

The music is pigstep

Nikolai Cortes

When the vid started I just realised the background music is pigstep

Noney The Dog

Go to 9:00


Step-pig YEAH BABY
get it.
I reversed pigstep.
get it

Wepainthings Here

hAha sToOpiD -Wadzee 2020

Carter Baggett

For months ago he had 1.4m now he has 2m


i love u WadZee i am your fan

The ALPHA Gamer

I mean look at tommyinit

Cookies Revolution

try it in hardocre (or u cant do that?!)

N4 O21

Nice pigstep music dud.

Gamer Lol

If you see this comment trade with villagers to get gold and trade with piglins

Kori Westfall

Wadzee soal speed boots are like a 1.5% chance

Le Animator

Want: pearls
Given: obsidian

Want: obsidian
Given: pearls


No way he got all those ender pearls like that! That's a 1/75000000000 chance!!!

lance trxp

Ya have 2 million now

Ayman Ajraf Zaheen

Who is watching this when he has 2M subs

Apink Ping

What is it neterite

Nerds Of Gaming

WadZee:aaaahh they do a lot of damage (you have no armor on stoopid) btw wadzee i love your videos keep up the good work!!

pǝʇsnɹ sǝsdɹoɔ

from what i know, not alot of people know that theres chests in librarys/ries? (sorry not good at english)

Michael Gilley

Wadzee :Uses vines to save him from fall
Dream about to go against 5 hunters : our idea

Finn Robinson

I love the pig step music in the background

Angel Gutierrez


Sean Rendell

you are late by 600k lol


I really wonder if wadzee is ur real name

Gethin Lewis

Holy shit this nigga got to 2 mil in like a year

Solo X

9:49 the magma cube noise and he looks behind him so fast

『Uchiha Itachi』

Wadzee your stealing a video idea from DanTDM and now Dream smh

Astrophysics Zuetron Genblue

First a fall it’s soul speed 3 and it’s the rarest item in the game. I am mod so give me the whole recording so you can set a world record.


Finally someone who doesnt codes this into the game

Kawaii Queen

Wadzee you got 1 mill!!!!

Olivia Ryan

I’m so glad you made another of these videos i love these videos❤️

I Climb Everything

I had soul speed 2 on, was zooming along confused as to why I was so fast, and fell in a hole and lost my only netherite pick

radha arora

Salute to this man..

xX hotboi Xx

give us this seed please

Star Gaming

I love the pigstep music at the start lol love it wish I could play it on my mobile :( it just won’t make noise :(

Kevin Cichocki

I did not know you can make stone tools with black stone cause I done this challenge before and only had wood tools and from the Nether I found iron,gold and diamonds and also of course blaze

Sleepy Snapbody

I am like 5 months late but...

This video was made on my birthday!

carry on I know no one cares

Short vids

New wa wa week

jam sandwich gaming

Water bucket challenge with slime

shivani jain

I took the black one because my kids will do the same of white in some seconds

Noney The Dog

Go to 17:10


if u give piglins armor they wear it and that piglin already had some boots soooooo... your gold boots disappeared. That's a bug

Andrew rodd

2 mil! (almost) congrats!

Elliot Erkensjö

WadZ: "i might be the luckiest player of all time! "

Me having spawned in a village 3 times in a row now and a total of 5 and spawning near a desert temple 2 times and near a ocean monument: are you sure about that?

Everyone else: like that ever happend.

Elise Espinal

Took me a few seconds but I noticed the music in the background was Pigstep

Timothy Rambi

He’s luckkkk


I appreciate the water and excersice pause my guy. very cool

Mughilan Paul

Is that Pigstep in the background?


Christopher Joel

whats the music at 9:53?

Jose del Carmen Cruzado Castillo

Piglins when you are in a speesrun: give 389 odsidian fire resistance etc

Piglins whwn you need LITERALLY anything else: gives more epalrs than in dreams fake speedrun


WadZee: I swear i didn't look at an enderman
3 seconds later: WadZee was slain by Enderman


Bruh WadZee is using pigstep for background music..

Allen York Viray


FF Gaming live

I am in the wah wah army

Şafakçı TR

eyy wadzee you are 2M

Francis Eamiguel


Birk Hästbacka

All youtubers should have water and exercise checkpoint in the middle. That would be great


Help him reach 2mill subs

Pedro Frade

Congrats on 2 mil!

Neal Specter

what's the music at 5:10?


Do you think I can still buy the merch?


I was in my kitchen when water checkpoint was called

Marcus G

Dude this shit crazy, ppl have to handicap themselves cause the game gets easy after you've played it 20 time's. Maybe they should put in a new mode called grownup mode where it actually makes it hard.

xd PissBot

they should add a feature where pickaxes, axes, etc. have different textures depending on what kinda wood/stone theyre made of

Noney The Dog

Go to 4:00

Tadas Kvedaras

With 2 milion subscirbers

Elise Espinal

I was watching this video and realized that if he had 1 million subs in August of 2020, a million more people subscribed in 4 months. That's crazy awesome. Glad to be part of the Wah Wah Army. Love your vids :)

noah franzen

2 milllllllllll

Lego Bong

He also did it without dying once

Olivia Ryan

Boots:soul speed III Wadzee:SoUL sPEeD 2

Shravan N Shetty

1:00 Only legends can recognise the music


I love the water and exercise break

Hitisha Basera

Shoutout pls

Rani kumari Jha



I have one question how tf did he get cobblestone??!!??!

heypug yuh

this vid is copyrighted

But pigstep is epic

Carter Greenberg

You should do a collage with NiftySmith you guys would be a good video.idk why

Snekkermann Offisiell.

Gold tools are shit.

Nayem Hosen Jahid

All of your videos a re awesome and interesting


Nah man, it's 2mill.


bruh are you fricking kidding me. Wadzee is so humble. The way he interacts with his fans tho

Molten Freddy 88

3:43 PUMBA!!!!!!!!!!