Funny BRENT RIVERA Vines and Instagram Videos 2019 #2

Funny BRENT RIVERA Vines and Instagram Videos 2019 #2

32 635 024 views | 30 Mar. 2019

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Justin Nava

I hate brent so much

Memphis Luckett

R the airport I have to go to get my car car and I get to go get my nails and I will have my phone

Stefan 5a 8 8

She plays fortnite

Javier Andrade

Brent:this is my sister Lexi
Brent:pushes Lexi
Brent:nobody cares


maxo kream

Blanca Tenesaca

A bread without you is a wig

Ava Smith

That’s so funny bc brent gets to hang out with all these girls and Lexi can’t

Deadpool Ko400

McClory is made out of ice cream

Crazy Studio!

True nothing worse then actually hurting ur pet I feel so bad omg

Jason Pollard

Omg how meny times does lexi say brenta!!!

Giovanie Martinez


Lisa Haylock

Brn is a prank for a men who is a prank and

Nian Lian

Brent did not edit this

we me

00:5 lollll

Giovanie Martinez


Xavier Benjamin Diao

Elliana Franco

Brent was funny when he wore the Elsa shirt

Mayshell Sican

I laugh at the part when lexi says can i get a hoya and when you anoy lexi

Giovanie Martinez


Kathy Collins

This video was really funny

lyndsey clouse

I love you Brent lexie your sis needs to stop tell her to shut up

Fam Alcaraz

I like the part were Brent and Lexi were in the car and Brent just ramdomy yell

Angel Polk




Claudia Favaro

when brent is mad at lexi he says lexi,a

Odalys Baltazar

man lexi overacted in the first vine

Jada Fisher


Friends Watch

The one with where the kid got hurt and then after yeah no I broke my finger and my mom didn’t take me to the hospital

Shanetta Davis


Audrey Bonilla54

1:31 I hope this doesn’t happen when I get older-

A- Emmanuel Vargas



When Brent step on the dog I was crying

Jay Alleshouse

DoPlay Fortnite

Diana Oxendine

I wish Brent was my cousin

Kirthana Jugpershad

That always happens to me with friends

Fast Motion Plays

Lexi is a YouTuber

McKenzie Kline

I’m so sorry

Tara Smith

Sasquash Pickstock

7:21 who brushes their teeth and then eat cereal!

Mayshell Sican

Also love your home and vid

Meme Doggo

2:38 when the rock says IT DOSENT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS

Logy Reda

What is wrong with you

loretta nesmith

Why you do that too lex

Kayley Lai

So funny

Elliana Franco


Spooky Scary skeletons

Like of you watch this in 2021

Elena Contreras

Brek. it up

Jeancarlos Montanez


Scoute Duschel

Ben's hiring brent with an broom loooossseeeerrrr

Fablefox3vb67 The king

I hate Brent soooooo much I love Ben and don only

Memphis Luckett

Errands type in my house

Kathy Collins

I didn't mean to say your welcome I meant to say your wig fell off

Joyce Tam


Madderson London

Brents sister looks like my friend

Sadhie Louinne Camposano

Nicolette has to play with a phone wrong!!!

Helen Lane

Nicolette makes the videos funny but it isn’t true

Courtney Duell


Mara Vargas


Emma Gilles

Excuse you that was Elena form the Disney tv show


That part where Brent didn’t chew with his mouth closed made me so annoyed so sorry about that friend

• { Amayah Animates } •

1:30 was the part where

“ mom I got a papercut”

Ann Murray

This is how many times Brent has pranked his sister Lexi

MyNameIsYourName k

hey guys anyone one know that he does a little soap song where he in bathroom playing? i really wan tthe song i cant fid it tho so if u know what it called pls tell me

Chrissy with a c

Nobody care about you but by you Brian everybody care about Lexi so stop being like I'm so cool if you so cool why I don't have your girlfriend

Casey Betit

Jnjnnb nbnh

Phil Head

I love you guys you are soooooo funny

Casey Betit


saran bhatia

I love

Animal life

Me in group projects: do anything you want .i'll buy all the stuff you want.

Sara Grizzell


dallas yap

This video is where I see Lexi at her most angriest moments. She was funny calling mom

Gamer Vic

I didnt know siblings 5his old would still do this

ayesha mohammed


Lola Lomax

Evil Brent

sheeba cherian

Brent gets fitted into nicholet's t shirt
Oh my god

emma dobson

As a kid
“mum I got a paper cut”
“What what we got to take you to the hospital!!”
LOL a paper cut and go to the hospital
And brents wig fell of XD!!!

Areli Barajas

thats me right there when i hurt my dogs leg


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Robin Johnson


Mom funny voice

Rafat Ansari

Brent looked so funny in that Elsa shirt

Evelyn Dada

If you saw Lexi cry then you can like

Meli Cachu

When he said me on Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is my birthday

Gacha candy wolf 2000 XD

When the so I decided to annoy my sister all day

When my friends do it

Me: can I have the food

Kathy Collins

When you were wearing the wig and the girl got a papercut you're welcome fell off when you did that but it was probably a mistake

rachelle vale

I like the Papercut one. My mom worries too much i was choking and then she gave me an healer teen me i was choking on my food and she look at me and said be quite I'm on the phone

Emranullah Karimi

PowerPlays HD

"Brent stop". "Thats like so annoyang". "Stoooooo".

Munadia Anwar

No one
Literally no one
Not even Thanos
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Hannah Ramnauth

He wasn’t kidding when he said it was just me and u elsa

Bonnie Netherland


Ivo Banal


Parmjit Garcha

When are you going to be a parent Lexi with Ben

Sascha Couch

Student: Serah Dannea Rosero

brent:hi guy's let me introduce you to my sister lexi: oh hi brent: no one cares

Leah Ewe

This is so funny

Haniyah Kashif Hussain

1st day of school is me
But the rest nope TwT

•Áññé Pláyz•

Brent was like lexiahhhh