Bohemian Home Decor | My Apartment Tour!! FINALLY!!

Bohemian Home Decor | My Apartment Tour!! FINALLY!!

137 087 views | 25 Sep. 2019

Now that I've lived in my apartment for a couple of months, I think it finally feels like home! I had so much fun decorating my very first apartment, and of course, I did it on a budget! It really surprised me how many things I could thrift to fill my space. I truly learned that patience, and a careful eye are the keys to decorating any space. I'm sure it'll change a couple of more times. Trust me, the Libra in me is so indecisive lol.

I hope you enjoyed my fall apartment tour!


Anne Castro

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Erica Lawrence

Very Cute and it fits You

Cylvia Daniels

I love your place and theme! So comfy and so you!

Kyla Carter

What state does she live in?

akaydie welch

Aahhh the subtle MacBook flex. I like it

Corinna Mally

May I ask how much the desk cost? It looks amazing!

Taylor Isaac

Hey girl your apartment is beautiful just wondering if you knew the name of your couch from rooms to go I really like it and was trying to find it on their website

Shashwata Mogali

Hi! I love your video girl! where'd you say you got your curtains from?

Nikki Bloedel

I love the fact that I can implement some of these elements into my own style of decor. Half the boho decor items I've purchased are from Couldn't be happier!

Monica Molina

very nice apartment

Tabitha Dumas

I love the style, that's what I am targeting for. Now I got more ideas. Thanks! Subscribe

Melanie Regina Edwards Carter

Lovely home decor the puppy is so stinking cute


Very cute and cozy. If I wasn’t married with 4 kids I would probably steal your style.
Are you planning on doing something for the top of the kitchen cabinets. You have so much space!

sabrina quintanar

Such a cute apartment!! The style and layout...

Will Mike

Thank you for giving "Dirt Cheap" as a place to shop. I live in Arlington, Tx and see that there is one there.

Carol Czina

Very nicely put together! Beautiful!

Trisanne Mcdonald

Omgggggggg what breed is your dog!!!

Sheloves Shoes

My puppy is also named Pepper

Kenna Harrison

Love your taste in decor

Plumer CRS

I love your apartment! Good job.

Stacey Kersting

Really like this! So tired of all white n' grey.

Maddie Vacha

I've been browsing for apartment inspo for so long and you have the exact same girly/vintage/earthy style as me. Your apartment is gorgeous!

My Souful Oasis

Your apartment is very beautiful, I loved your thrifted finds...great eye:-)

Wendie Entendez

Hi Anne, how are you? I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your style..

Symphony McInnis

Hey! Do you have a dresser drawer too ?

FE Grace

Your apartment is adorable!

LOL, I thought you just liked saying your items dirt cheap, it wasn’t until you were in your bedroom that I realized it was a store


I thrifted the same basket near your tv! Mine is in my beauty room

Brittni James

Where did you get those curtains!!?

Annie McNair

Love your apartment, you did a beautiful job of decorating and it looks so cozy and neat. I watch these apartment tours because I am always looking for new ideas when making changes in my own.


Oh so modern...I got the one when she was just moving in then I got this one.... before and after looks good!

Belinda Coleman

Nice decor

tonya williams

The fur baby tho


Really cute and simple but chic

laura sanderson

I’m a thrifter & I get things on sale too :) love your place . So many you tubers have the grey & white ... plastic . You place is fab !!!

Abbigal Westcott

Could you find the link to those tall feather branches in your room?

Rachel Nicole

The stems are pampas grass

Kimberly Route

Love your personal space


Loveeeee your apartment

Lorraine Howard

I love your apartment. Almost every wall in my house is a gallery wall. I love them.


The sun stressed plants will get better. They just have to acclimate to higher lighting. As long as they’re not dying and burning to death.. they will be fine.

Most plants can be properly acclimated to higher light, direct sun.

I live in Florida with a south facing home and many south facing windows and most of my plants get direct sun throughout the day. Come spring time, lots of them will go outside under direct sun.

My neon pothos loves lots of bright light and direct morning sun.

Ava Johnson

wow this gave me the most amazing chill and cozy vibes omg

ilia Nikco

I love what you did!!!!! Great job in your place! ♥️

Crystal L.

Nice apt


Loved it! Where did u get the large feathers by the mirror?


Omg this is the cutest apartment!! Ahh I can’t wait until I get my own apartment


I love your couch & wall colour. Very calm look.

Karen Jiminian

Love it feels very homey and on a budget Thats awsome my favorite is your bedroom

Aytul Tc

Hi. Your carpet so beatiful. Where to buy its?

Sharon Cullen Art

I wouldn’t really call this Bohemian decor. Everything was from Target or Goodwill. Not saying it doesn’t look nice. But it is not Bohemian. There is nothing worldly about it. Usually a boho style is derived from colorful decor found all over the world. And your style is basically white or off white. Hardly any color.

Iris Wilson

Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I drive by dirt cheap here I. Houston TX and never considered it before. Now I will stop by.

Saida Stiles

cute home! makes me feel like I should upload a hometour thank you for the inspiration


I like your apt. It looks cozy. #LibraGang

Seeking Spices

that coffee table is SO cute omg

Sunny Sunny

Do you sell your paintings?

Vianetta Winkfield

Is that a painting of Alissa Ashley

Hannah Cuozzo

How did you put a dowel on that macrame wall hanging in the kitchen?

Becky Donaldson

Love your style Anne. Could you please link where you found the macrame wall hanging in your kitchen? :)

Shanelle Whyte

U did an amazing job

Michelle Brooks

Your place is adorable


Absolutely LOVE your first beautiful and cozy apartment!! Your decor pieces new and thrifted are so FAB, definitely Boho Bougie on A Budget! Love your eclectic, chic style, furniture, decorative placements and creative artistry.

Kairi Kaarlaid

You've created a lovely home! Really beautiful and tasteful!

Shawn Davis

Very nice decor. Where did you find the bedspread?

Pamela Fox

I love it.

Absinthe XIII

Your apartment is gorgeous and your puppy is adorable!

Shoyah's Channel

Love it!!! The


Can you please please do an updated art workspace tour!!!!

Emily Dye

It looks so good Annie!! Love that you still have that frame up that I gave you.

chelebelle 222

You have a very very cute apartment. I like your decor style.

Eve Currin

Omg, ur dog is the cutest !!!!! How adorable

ItsMiMi Z

Girl I live for Dirt Cheap! My entire apartment is furnished from there, Bargain Hunt and Goodwill! Your apartment looks awesome! Very cozy and beautiful!

leigha lugo

We have a dirt cheap treasure hunt too. It’s the best

Blair Hopeful

very nice apartment

fruitofthespirit galatians522kiyee

Very cute apartment. Look ar Meghan Hughes, Apartmemt tour. She has prints hanging in her Kitchen. Maybe you might like it for ideas. Howevever, you are doing an awesome job w decor!!! Hang the pictuers on your kitchen back wall!!!

Carrie C

Cute decor, maybe try a larger pot for your plant to see if that helps and maybe move it closer to the window for more light. Also a chia plant is good because when the leaves start to droop you know it’s time to water all your plants (about every three days)

allison grimshaw

the wheat in the bedroom are called pampas grass

Ihesha ReMa

I have the same plant and I don’t know what to do to bring it back to life

Aileen Acabado

Love your place, Anne! Hope to visit it some day!


Can you please do an updated art studio area tour?


Please share what breed your adorable puppy [email protected]@❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

phatty gyal

Beautiful home! Where did your living room rug from please?


I’ll be buying stuff for my apartment soon and it looks like I need to visit Ross! Marshall’s was already on my list, but I didn’t know Ross sells home stuff. Your apartment looks fantastic, like something out of a catalog.

Teresa Nyakundi

You gave me much inspo! I went to good will and found a huge wicker basket trunk and thrifted it to use as a coffee table for $40!!

karen horton

This was so enjoyable... I love your style
and bubbly personality❤️

Jelena Milutinovic


marcela đelenik

Lovely tht feather mimic and art work


This is soooo aesthetically pleasing!

Jacqueline Bryant

Ur apartment is supercute . I luv the trunks - ur large mirror - headboard - wheatgrass - gallery walls !! And the baskets ties all ur furniture together!!

Patricia Kelly

It looks so cosy clean and modern. X

Pineapple DECOR

So cute puppy!! Beautiful home :)

Katelyn O'Friel

I think its pompous grass lol

Joann Oriol

Puppy so cute!!!

The Jungle Haven

That perfect combination of the plants and macrame just do something to me

Yarie Martinez

So cute

Petra Nađ

Your home is Beautiful

Estela Contreras

Turned out really cute!

Maya Cherry

Your dog is adorable. I favor so many things about your place like the ceramics, shibori prints, and huge wheat stems! You did a great job

Laura Roberts

Love the prints from Hobby Lobby and Pepper!!!Cute apartment!!


Moving into my first apartment next week! I needed this inspo