Adrien Broner Reaction To Gervonta Davis KO Over Leo Santa Cruz

Adrien Broner Reaction To Gervonta Davis KO Over Leo Santa Cruz

902 698 views | 1 Nov. 2020


Bro they watch these interviews and Instagram imjs

A ciko

Sweater is

Khaotic Biggy

Ma nigga Big Loaded


Bragging about money.
Winds up in court (wearing same shirt) telling the judge he's broke.

Shaugn B.

Is this the same day he was in court talking about he only has $13 to his name, because that's the same sweater he had on?

Omen Ralpheek

Don’t embarrass yourself AB. Take it seriously this time PLEASE!

Thu Ho


Chris J

"I won some money". Yeah, he goin to need it.

Larry Webster

He cool when he aint trippin

Abel De La Pena

The clown Adrian the problem solve Broner...

John Irving

Ellie is such a fucking name dropper on every video

Jermeel Reeves

broner taper is a work of art .


Under weed bro

seiom jvony

It’s nice to see him do a genuine interview. I wish the best for Broner

YellowPeep KingSheets

I knew I recognized that blue sweater somewhere

Team Brickhouse Fitness

1st time I’ve seen this guy act serious



Sgt. Hollow Point

Adrian rolled them dice on the court.

Shauka Hodan

3:42 “oh thats your rules?” Every time someones losing in dice

Jeremiah Domingo

Broner looks sad. What changed him?


Honestly.... who's doing this dude's shape up??.... and can I afford it?


HEMIGANG_345 iamscorpio_345

He went to court with the same clothes on


Adrien Broner is ready to fight ANYbody....

except Marcos Maidana.

Free Thinkers Inc.

It ain't hard to tell that AB one of them envious niggas that you shouldn't have around. Instead of being disciplined and working to be great he'd rather be secretly bitter that other mf'ahs are doin what he can't. He be at the fights lookin disappointed that his homie won. The sooner Gervonta separates himself from AB the better.

Hoang Tuyen


Del San

Thought this was rick ross, mans thiccc


This guy must be a complete idiot, he's going through a lawsuit, where he's saying he's broke but show off money on the internet?? How does that make sense?

Carnales Flows Ent


A lot of Boxing fans that are not black are the most prejudice muthafuckas on earth...a lot of judging goin on...n u a lame tryna figure out why broner aint a top fighter right hits u hard.

bilishu aliss

Broner needs a counselor b4 he gets back in the ring

Anthony Sims

Damn he had the same sweater on in court

You Can Run But Can't Hide

@Adrien Broner.....We do not want to see this BUM ever fight again.....GTFOH YOU NON RELEVANT BUM!!!!!!

Kevin L

Damn. That’s the same clothes he was arrested in. He felt something was up. That’s why he’s so damn calm. Hope he gets it straightened out. Like his fights.


Lopez and Tank not a good fight? whaaattt? says a minion.

Rhode island 9 Never forget

Is this from the same day he got locked up ....or is that the only shirt he owns

Ismail Ali

Dis man would fuck up Mcgregor in da ring

Blowfish Pyro

He looking kind of down as if he lost the bet

Soldier for Christ

If he puts it together really everyone is in trouble

shanchez mcghee

They shootings dice behind him

Eddie Arkadian

Who cares what this loser thinks, he’s a washed up clown

hoiy vinosa

Damn wearing same clothes in court then get arrested.....smh


That court video got him behaving himself

Top Shotta

They so fake smh don't even know the rules


This one of the videos that did him in.

Erick pena

adrian got a gut and shit now

Gregory Leggett

Look at these losers throwing dice in the lobby of a five star hotel.


Took off that jewelry said he won some money but he told the court he was broke and people were giving him money To borrow

Coach Manny From the Grindhouse

It sounds like he struggles to think


1:15 throwin dice lmao


He won some money but the money wasn’t his... it was his rich friends money..


Why he never fight with with the beard

D Lew

What he go to jail after this video?

Universal Powder

same day he went to jail lol


Wish I could grow that beard on my face. Broner needs to step up soon. Hopefully, after January, he can step on da gas. Some good match ups providing other fighters don't step off his track.

Forex Trapper

Let’s goooo broner...beat his a$$

Mark Ho

Whoever Ab fight I hope he win, but I think he's going to lose, if you agree hit the like button

V Hopkins

He couldnt say wht he wanted to say....he know whts really goin on


Was the video before or after he got locked up for violating the agreement he made with the judge. He was wearing the same outfit in front of the judge claiming he didn’t have any money and he be getting loans from friends.


Dude takes nothing serious that’s so sad

Ramy D

Wit dat pretty lil face he got.. let Garcia fight for a couple more years before putting him wit tank.. LOOK WAT HAPPENED WIT CANELO VS FLOYD

Anthony Singletary

This the dude Pacquiao punish

Archie Smith

he got arrested in that same fit damm


Damn he got fat

Aron Carvajal

Broner shouldn't be allowed in boxing anymore loses too much and he is too fat


He had on that same shirt in court a week later

Robert Holmes

Don't nobody wanna c AB fight

Mike Padilla

Is he high right now lol. AB was talking so extrange lol


Broner has ability, but he needs to change his style. And get a new Trainer.

Khalil Green

I hope the best for him


His barber was sent from heaven


he was at the fight

C. Anderson

Lol Davis was the guy heckling Conor the whole time with Floyd. Conor aint no boxer.

Carl Ellis

Dude leave the hood but the hood don't leave people

Rsm Msr

3.18 miss upWatch "Dashcam Shows LAPD Officer Using The Car Door To Stop a Bicycle Pursuit" on YouTube

Mika Kaye

Isn't he wearing the same outfit from court hearing ? Guess it was on the same day this was filmed?

Jed Valdo

That's the same clothes he's wearing while on a courtroom

Talent Page

Power plays for real. But hey.

Rsm Msr

Ron Hickman 2014
Houston Texaas ron Hickman 2019 seen there


He said I won some money then Realized dam I snitched on myself

Cardi Solaris

Adrian need to be back in shape and behave . Hope he learned from his mistakes

Tuyên Hoàng


The JD experiment

Wish the media would stop interviewing this clown... he has no credibility and nothin but a loser. No one cares about this idiots opinions

William Brown

Broner got on the same shirt on he got locked up in. Washed up.


I won some money

Maurice Willis

Hopefully he throws more than 6 punches a round

La Raza

What a loser !

Robert Reynolds

A dice game in a lobby of a nice hotel

Sean Kearns

Let's be real AB Done fs he has no hunger n hasn't done in like 3-4 years the top gunners gna school him if he gets back in that ring!

Ed Miller

AB whisper the JUDGE IS LISTENING.... You won some money shhhhh

Young Macroll

He wore this shirt in court

Matt Allen

Oh damn he got the painted on beard like DJ Khaled


Test you? Lol

Marcus Henderson

Didnt he just go to jail lol

Working Tools

He was sent to jail right after that interview.

SocalBeautiful Gardens

Elie you are so f annoying what about this vs that, and this vs that? Shut up with that bro, getting old

Ideaz Wizdom

The same dressing he took to the court.... Lol

Chance Basurto

This dude broke. Crying to the judge, his opinion is irrelevant.

Motor City Muscle

His cut too crispy


save your money and stop spending and gambling it away and stay out of court and stop snitching on yourself