Does Marlon Vera owe Suga Sean O’Malley a rematch?

Does Marlon Vera owe Suga Sean O’Malley a rematch?

90 144 views | 25 Dec. 2020

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Chael Sonnen talks Suga Sean O’Malley and Chito Vero on this episode of Beyond the Fight.


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O´Malley didn't lose stock by losing, he did by denying and staying salty.

Angels Joker

I guess I've missed whatever led to O'Malley's hype and still don't get what it's all about. It's not like he ran through his opponents like Chimaev that would suggest there might be a new significant force in the game. O'Malley's first two fights in the UFC are decision wins against people I can't remember ever having seen. The most notable thing I perceived about him was his goofy imitation of Ferguson and now his salty whiney handling of his loss against Vera. Could anyone explain why there was any kind of hype around him in the first place¿

Steven Kane

Sugafree didn't just lose he quit like a bitch and showed zero heart he isn't a real fighter.


Nahhhhh Suga hype train got derailed after watching his excuses after his last loss


Your all over the place on this topic haha

Eddy Reyes

He got hurt? He got KTFO C'mon chael..

luke jax

Its weird how little chael knows about mma topics sometimes. It's like he's adamantly against research and common sense

maxime rodrigue

I dont get all the love u got for O'Malley its ridicoulous

John Bargholz Sr

Fake News.

Mort Business



Chael "Cheeto" Sonnen

Sit On My Face

Probably not

Efren Valle


Son Goku

Before listening I will say that NO, Marlon does not owe Suga anything. I am saying this as a O'Malley fan.

Israel Bonnard

Chael wasn't able to answer his own question...

Justin Perry MMA

Imagine if chito beats sean again


Similar to how the UFC has to build that card, Uncle Chael knows Sean O'Malley needs to be in the title of the video in order for him to talk about Amanda Nunes

Brad Horner

Sean "does everything right-the virtually undefeated" O'Malley.

Chris Stephens

If he loses his next fight yes. ( I don’t keep up with him so idk when he’s fighting ) I think he got lucky because of the injury

Jonathan Haynes

Uncle chael says Nunes Anderson will be close? Bet the house on Anderson.


I blinked and some how this became about Amanda nunes


Hang on? Who is giving Suga a pass from that fight? Who is not giving Chito his respect for that fight? I havent seen any commentary along those lines. Chito kicked him, it jurt his leg, he went down. Simple. If anything its people saying this sugar product is brittle. And who the hell is saying Suga handled this loss well? His blanket denial of reality makes him look foolish and an asshole. His stock was diminished clearly, not only by the fight itself but by his own excuses afterwards. If you think this was a success, i suppose the only stretch i can think of for how that could be true is to say "more people want him to lose in the future, so they will tune it to see it". Chaels logic here, and his perception of general public opinion seems completely ass backwards to me.

alex lifeson

I'm not on the sugar train after he lost. Because of how he acted. He was so quick to grab his ankle and play on the injury when the fight was stopped. And then he acted like a child. Pretending he didn't lose. Maybe the guy is fragile. This isn't the first time he's been hurt.

Robby K

C'mon Chael, the "injury" was from a great set of leg kicks from Vera. Suga ain't as sweet as he thinks or the UFC try to make him out to be. He needs meat on his legs, but that will pop him up to 145# where he'll get massacred.


I like Sean but he is a terrible loser and listening to him talk since the loss has really turned me off to him. Also I hate to say it but he seems brittle. All that said I would still like to see the rematch

Dr. Evil

OMalley is a shmuck and Vera owes him nothing except another ass beating.

Jesse Chavez

Chael shut the fuck up about sean. He did not to anything right after the fight

droppinloads 09

Sean does everything wrong Chael. Quit portraying him to be something he isn’t. He’s never fought anyone good, let alone in the top 10.

217 Mass Dupp

Yes he does bro Sean hurt his foot or is an amazing actor for pretending and that deserves a rematch and would probably do numbers

DeadEnd Friends

Go ahead....2-0 Chito

George G

Chael stretches credit to the limit. Megan is getting destroyed


Woodley got hurt also and he will forever deal with the Colby story
No rematch deserved
Sean will still climb the mountain if its meant to be

Trae Bonay


Okie Mick

O'Malley should try boxing so nobody could kick his susceptible legs.

Erving Jimenez

I use to love listen to chael now I feel like fighters pay Him to backed them up lol

Michael Brooks

Sean stock did fall due to the stretcher ride out


When is the nunes fight? I don’t see it on the Conor card and when I google it I don’t see anything other than the UFC256 one that didn’t happen.

Darren Parker

His stock took a huge nosedive with me.

Jake Killian


Young Kb

Chael is seans daddy, he lost fair and squad. Chito caused that injury. It didn’t just “hapoen”. But if chito would like to fight again I would pay to watch. Doesn’t deserve it tho and it shouldn’t be a question

saltine Cracker

Vera rose Sean fell. Point plank. Sean has to except the loss move on before he's the next garbrant


Ostarine Omalley

Mark O

What Chael means when he says O'Malley stock didn't drop, he means as a fighter. Not that people like him more or less, but that we all acknowledge he got hurt and the fight could have been more interesting if not for the injury....that's kinda true. Like when tyron Woodley injured Carlos condit during a double leg, yes tyron injured him, but the fight could have been more interesting if it didn't didn't

saltine Cracker

Not a ufc fighter here i just hate bullies ill smash omally no training.. facts


Fuck sean

Jonny Doom

Yes your right.. his stock didn’t move.. I never liked him before or after he got beat down ! #sore loser



Aaron Filip

Sean o malley is a salty little poor sport , take your loss like a man

L.Y. R.V.

I don’t know what Chael is arguing saying Sean O’Malley had a very good game, Sean was and still is a hype train that people loved to cheer to because of his Connor McGregor wanna be attitude, face it already the guy would’ve got absolutely hurt if he had fought guys at the top 10, top 5, hell even a washed up guy like Jose Aldo would’ve absolutely Mole him. So even if it wasn’t Chito to take Sean’s 0 it would’ve been any other top rated guy cause simply some guys are not born for this “kill or be killed” game, put it as simple as this, young rising contenders in any single division (Male and Female) prove and show us if they are champion material when they are putted on fire tests early on their careers, how? Let’s put for example Colby Covington I’m not a fan of him but you could see even with all his constant trash talk, and idiotic attitude proves that he has the potential to become a champion, why? Because even if he got finished against Usman in the 5th round by TKO he still showed us that he has heart, cardio, strength, skill set, and has bravery to carry that belt since he fought with a broken jaw half of the fight, other example would be flyweight strap recently between Brandon Moreno and Figgy, people were not giving any chance to Moreno because of his quiet attitude, and good guy appearance but still showed heart, skill, will, cardio, and chin to give the most deadly 125 lbs guy a run for his money. Now after naming this let’s go back to the O’Malley case is just this simple Sean is not a bad fighter he just simply doesn’t have the attitude, and skill set to enter the top 10 rankings, why? Because he can’t even face like a man he’s not perfect and believes he’s still undefeated.

David Fisher

uI wanna It ’s

Eric Andrews

Sean is a pu$$y and doesn’t deserve a rematch. He’s a crying bitch and we are seeing what a fake he is.

jeremy r

He’s just gonna get his twig leg kicked again. Less video games mas leg day Sean


Sean didn't lose any ground, he just couldn't stand on it, besides I thought they cancelled the suga show!!

luke bonagurio

Sean is a big pussy

Mark Kravitz

Mr Chael Sonnen we need to see @evenkingsfall (insta) VS @thenotoriousmma (insta) PLEASE!

Bruce Lee

Chael "the kids on the underground forum are saying" sonnen

JL South

Sean's stock hit the gutter after everyone saw how he is acting post fight. Not a good look

sketchy roll

Chito caused the leg injury tho

Todd Gacc

If chito beats malley again then what lol. What are his fans going to say now


Sean's pencil legs won't hold up against top tier competition, been making excuses every since he lost as well.

Jake Holt

Yes he should. He was beating Chito’s ass before he got injured


He don’t know how too act, one more loss and we will not hear about him anymore

Julius Schmidt

Chael company man Sonnen


He doesn't owe him shit. He won easy.

Colton Crawford

O no chin definitely lost stock. Wild take


For my entire life up until 5:49 in this video, I thought Uncle Chael was recording these videos alone in his guest bedroom that he converted a corner of into a studio

Lexus Salas

No bruh his stock plummeted


Chael is in denial if he think O' Malley's stock didn't drop.

Felix Kargegie

Chito disabled Malleys leg which led to the victory, chito Vera leg kicks are brutal and deadly, he deserves full credit for taking out Malley right after, so Malley didn’t lose by his own sword, chito stabbed him for the win

haidir wasli

sean is stupid

Kaydem Bennett

Not going to lie would love to get in the cage with Sean, talking about him like hes mike tyson... fairly certain the average professional rugby player would make him look like a fish outta water, not that that's me but hate the hypothetical floyd or Rhondas would ko anyone, when there stuck fighting people below average weight, sounds ridiculous to me

Alex S.



Sean's stock didn't move? STOP IT. It went down. By no means is he "ruined" or done for. Not even close. But his stock went down significantly.

droppinloads 09

Sean is not a huge star and never was

Gg Notre

O’Malley doesn’t have weak legs you casuals. He just got hit in a unlucky spot. Any of you twigs would of went down as well.

O.W. Lichtenberg

My lord. This is where we are now. 14 year-olds think a guy who looks like a soundcloud rapper is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He has had 5 UFC fights. He hasn’t beaten anybody yet. But I admit, he makes pretty funny videos sometimes (when he’s not crying over getting pieced up, that is..)

Chito has had 16 UFC fights. Almost all of his wins are finishes and he has never been finished himself (in fact he lost a couple of very questionable decisions). He has a vicious, exiting style and is pretty well-rounded. Also, he trains with Parillo (Bisping, Penn, RDA), not with some gingerbread yes-man. Chito is a proven bad-ass. For O’Malley, that remains to be seen..

Myung Kwak

Suga should fight Said Nurmagomedov

Nicov Ion

None of them ows anything to each other. But after the Chito's loss, the rematch is more than probable.


As long as O'Malley wears high heels with ankle support I'll watch it. On the other hand, of course, O'Malley is good not having a rematch as he toe-stubbed himself into an embarrassing loss so if he loses again he can't say the first is a fluke.

Stuart Thornton

Sean beats Vera on most nights but on that night Vera scored a leg kick that was essentially a KO shot. The fight was stopped by Sean going limp from shots on the ground so he basically go KO’d twice in one fight

Peter Ratliff

Sean did say on his podcast that he would “love to get that one back”. I’d love to see it, but it won’t be his next fight.

Sam Siryani

Tomato can O’Malley


Chael, love your view points. Enjoy watching your videos. I can recall the moment I became your fan. Do you remember when you said "This is Andersons belt; I took his belt like a gangster in the night?" Great stuff! Do you think it is possible to get a monthly interview from Chael Sonnen with the American Gangster ? It would be interesting to hear what the Chael the gangster would say if he was fighting a current champion.

richard alonzo

new drinking game: every time Chael says “it’s just one of these things” you take a shot


Short answer: no


10-1 underdog, I think that's a bit generous

All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt

Kinda yeah also 1:36... he's tiny

Fast4SloW 717

yeah i usually agree with uncle chael. Suga's stock crashed after that loss. his fame didnt but his champion contender rankings sure did. at least im this casuals eyes

Jennifer Lopez’s Ass

Sean O’Malley lost to a nobody with decent skills. He lost ground for sure. He’s over rated and a crybaby who made excuses for a loss.


Videos need to be longer than 8 minutes in order for him to cash in more. He needed to change the subject the lengthen the video. Perhaps he should change the title of the video.

Joshua Williams Trump 2020

He doesn’t “owe” him anything. Accidents happen. Too bad.

Aaron Van Tassel BJJ

Bisping and chael need a podcast

Control Yourself

Screech sucks

Julio Reyes

Sean actually did say something about running it back

Erving Jimenez

Nope he don’t owe him shit!


But Sean was a big crybaby about it


Where do I find these forums chael always speak of

Candi haro Rodriguez

I honestly think Nunes will win shes far to superior over Megan and Megan will have all that tension of fighting for championship that she will freeze up

Jamien Weissinger

Chael wearing the dad dressed up at his kids school play outfit. Dig it.

Fuck the Bias YouTube

Owe, is completely the wrong verbage.