Best Fails/Wins of September 2020

Best Fails/Wins of September 2020

593 690 views | 1 Oct. 2020

Best fails and wins from last month that should be appropiate enough to be shown on Youtube. If you find this video too boring, I encourage you to watch those more action-packed compilations uploaded on my BitChute channel (might not be appropiate for everybody - viewer discretion is advised):

Intro Music: "Welcome to the Show" by Kevin MacLeod



Losing that selfie stick was the BEST!


Can anyone tell me what's the tune at 9:50 onwards? - in the description the songs/artist don't match any searches?

*ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT*

Gasp. That's such a beautiful place, where is that? I wish I could live in a place with such a view...


5:39 the spinach

Slick S

Are we supposed to believe that hamburger sat in a car for 20 years? I call BS.


im telling you.. animals are getting smarter 1:14 ... nevermind

Graham Parr

There’s a one legged person trained their cat to get shoe supply.


People turn your phone sideways when u are recording

Phil Guy



Dudits Grey

I'd be pissed about the magic cards being thrown on the floor like that. The wife didn't even stop her what a crappy person.

mikkel nyhuus

Another channel with honest-as-can-be thumbnails.


This has to be your best video yet! All but one I've never seen before. Keep it up, friend.


6:15 ....I know there are some lawnmowers that work like a Roomba but they are stupid expensive. This guy here is on to something. Keep it cheap and and make it so you have to control it like this. Sit in the shade with a cold drink and have fun mowing the lawn. This guy could be rich if he plays his cards right.

Dr. Vinnie Boombatz

All my shoes keep disappearing. Now i know why

Marilyn Alvarez

That crow saying "what's up" is so funny love to hear them talking, takes a lot of time though. My friend had a raven that was so talkative too...a pest but smart.

*ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT*

What happened in 1:41 ? I don't get

Doctor Jones

0:43 oh my god i want that bird

NEWcars UA

come to my channel ..


Yes, the kid made a mess of your husband's Magic cards. How about not letting the kid walk on them?

Frank Barone

2:27 Machines and computers should never imitate humans. Its degrading, inhumane, and a waste of resources.

Matt C

Excellent collection!! Or is just that the world has gone nuts? ;D

Sarah Barton

He will need some magic gathering them all up again.

Chilli Insanity

cat doesn't want hot dogs or cheese??!?!? yeah because they aren't real food ya moron.

Craft Shark

I like the kleptomaniac cat at the very end ; )

QuikArabic Lessons

Thanks for keeping them clean and suitable for family :)

Tweakin Trax

Daddy's Magic The Gathering Cards Are Fucked Up


7:28 - Oh God... I can actually smell the salt water going up my nose.


that cat definitely used to be a person.

*ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT*

I'm old so this made me laugh so hard...I remember the times when I write things on paper, didn't like it, and throw it out like that. I still do it...

Vanderlynden Jengold

ever heard of cat grass?


3:47 Blyat!


5:32 No lady, you are weird. You are filming vertically.


I want the garage door monster.


9:42 better go outa here


If no one else has said it I don’t see it.
The fast food guys mother should start an asmr channel


7:44 Answers the door.
Bear: “Yes, hello, I’d like to talk to you about our Lord and savior.”

Heir of the Nazareen

6:00 That's a GORGEOUS goat-tree!

Chris Surgent

Uh huh - that figures. The Grizzlies next door heard about your Bear Conditioning


5:47, get a really good look, THAT'S ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO!!!!!

Cute Pet Videos

Here's my funny videos:

Cest Qui

That cat with the shoe fetish!

Ryan Butler

McDonald’s thing is such bs, where did she leave it? In a vacuum?

elizabeth may

I love your videos as the content is always original MR MR MIKE. So many fab clips. Brilliant.

Brad Foster

5:38 have her checked for an iron deficiency.

The Darkness

7:05 When she says it´s her first time

mr Gundersen

About that 20 year old McDonald's burger... In denmark we pulled a 8000 year old bog body out of the swamp, he was in fine shape mumified, i would'nt eat him, but I would'nt eat that burger either...

Judge Lazar

The sheep lol

Tomasz Turaj

The Best Movies! You made my day! :D


7:05 lady laughing at seagull swallowing sausage whole.

Wait till you see him do the same thing to a duckling.

Internet Hydra

"I have to go, my planet needs me"

Christiaan Staps

At 2:10 i know this lake: lake Annecy in France, i went there for vacation, what a coincidence.

Jack Carroll

At 3:54 I thought the goats were going to finish the birthday song


This video taught me that goats can be stacked on trees and mothers in 2020 are useless.

Katie x


Florian Bauer

5:32 your cat isn‘t weird. Your cat is normal

Dante Nanook

Fails of sept 2020 and years show 2018 lol

papa bits

3 grand damage running into the back of someone’s vehicle

unbekannter user

I was praying for it every day and finally mike uploaded a new video. Thank you mike.


6:38 So... is this a fail or a win?


I can relate to the magic cards, my toddlers did the same thing!


thanks mike, going to bitchute right after this


7:58 puts 5:15 to shame

RaNdOm GrAmMaR

The dog playing jenga was marvelous


''hamburger'' 2 pieces of bread xDD

Peter Zingler

I love your videos

Rafel B B

Gràcies per el vídeo!!!
Salutacions des de Mallorca Bros!!!
Alobiuu Willy Boom!!!

kirky org

4:50 that's a guy who plays war thunder lmao

Bertie Wilsmore

Turn on video, upvote, then watch video, all good...

Juan Martinez

The remote control lawnmower guy is the definition of work smarter not harder


Wtf is last video about?

Emit Industries

Mr² Mike always has the best stuff. The kid challenging the cat, and losing painfully, had me in fits, followed by the "Blue Child Group".


3:53 i'm deaddddd

Patrick Thibaut

7:10 Amazing but in case you're wondering a seagull can swallow even much bigger things!

Charlie Fleming

7:45 so polite

Liam Biddl

Excuse me, but how is that cat with the shoes and other miscellaneous items a fail or a win???? Please adhere to some sort of standard.

Shelly Lynn

5:50 Hey! Tramway/Central in Albuquerque, NM!


Our cat used to bring clothes out of the dirty laundry. Her best effort was a pair of jeans. They got stuck on the door frame though. Never shoes and never other people's

Tracy Nation

An excellent video. ♡ T.E.N.

Krazy Bubba

Always the best. Thank you

Nam Thu

if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.


What a polite bear!!!

Direct Pressure

Best free comedy shows happen on the weekends at boat ramps like 5:15 & 9:25
Pack a cooler & it's good times watching.

Caleb Leaman

Wait but like can we know more about the cat with the shoes? Like where the shoes coming from?

Tamás Sz

2:35 Why does that thing have the voice of a 65 year old chainsmoker lady?

Mr Olsen

"This weather sucks! I'am not standing out here enymore! "

Hans Solos

2:17 i love to watch smartass people holding their cellphones and dropped it. Like, are u that stupid AF?

Андрей Сапронов

10:33 Трек???


9:45 honey can you take out the trash? what I thought you did already. huh?

Nguyenngoc Nhanan

0:11 xx

RCA Scott

Love the garage door

My name is Tim, I'm a lesser known character

5:17 when you can't figure out how to back a simple trailer up.


This was a great video!! Always clips you don't see anywhere else. Many thanks for the effort you put in to these man!

RaNdOm GrAmMaR

Subbed cool channel dude

Chris Surgent


(favorite clip)

Nigel Nash

Why did someone keep a McDonald's meal for 20 years? Surely they'd bought it to eat it no?

Matthew Castillo

5:47 When you gotta go, on the go. Port a potty!


glad this channel is still going


7:44 Why you should always look out the peephole before opening the door

Bob Morton

5:59 "There was a mouse sir, did you get it?