Asmongold Beats Shadowlands Hardest Torghast: Twisting Corridors (Layer 8)

Asmongold Beats Shadowlands Hardest Torghast: Twisting Corridors (Layer 8)

338 647 views | 8 Jan. 2021

Asmongold clears the final and hardest Torghast Dungeon Mode: Twisting Corridors Layer 8. The metaphorical god climbs through 18 floors to finally obtain the Maw mount! As of right now this is the hardest and most difficult Torghast of the newly released Shadowlands expansion, but we can be certain new modes will be added on the next patches and perhaps even the infinite mode available during the Shadowlands beta...

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33:00 Big Rip

Garrett Palmer

Supposed to learn rotation

Tom Murr

whats the music at 40:10??


lol he had 251k hp at the end when my warrior only had 61k hp at the end :p
28,2k hp and ilvl 189 no buffood, no enchant nothing used, just op warrior ability

Viktor Lundgren

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Trevor Holmes

Well i mean clearly torghast is where they meant for warriors to shine, not the everyday content....


He says he might actually die, but his health didnt drop below 50%, seems kind of easy fight


Endbosses take longer than 4 secs? wtf - moonkin

Tim Bailey

Must be hard when you get carried to mythic gear :/


21:45 what is that background music ??

Garrett Palmer

This is path of exile world of Warcraft


3:35 I really felt that bro xD


33:00 I did the same thing :D :D :D


he acts like thorgast is hard >< seriously overreacting for vieuws?


too bad it looks like one of those other bears. its not like people can recognize you beat level 8 when your in the maw as you ride by


Curious whats the Ilevel that you would suggest to attempt this a ilevel180 Frost mage and soloed the first four floors...but at a slower rate.


26:31 i thought that sound was my PC about to explode

Erik Schulze

the powers for warriors are so OP... want such powers for my enh shaman


Just wondered why no Battle shout on the last boss


Music at 12:30 ?


48:24 D: N WORD

Lukas Lichtenstdf

Funny how he said he loves to live in America and wouldnt want to live in China for a sec x) Tho China is not making good right now U.S is right behind them on the podest xD

Roman Pavliuk

IL 218 = super easy, no challenge at all.


When did wow got turned into a diablo?


It's like Diablo III Rifts mixed with Smash TV.

Trenbolone İçen Maymun

just have the Die by the Sword that has more uptime than it's cooldown and spam Condemn or execute retardedly,its done,you can get all torghast layers with any difficulties.

Max X

This looks like an insanely easy and dumb downed version of elder scrolls online maelstrom arena or vateshrane hollows.

elesdy weed


James Key

Got lucky and got the easiest floor boss on 18. Grats dude

T•S•M TrippyStateOfMind

I felt so accomplished when I did it but I did it on a Prot pally so idk if that counts

Antonina Litvinova


Luay MA

yall think solo is better than a grp ? pls advise

Choob Choobtastic

Thats right Fuck China...


No longer able to step backwards, that’s weird.


how many times he said in every vieo (got it do) ?
very smart guy to do videos


Asmongold would enjoy Hades and he doesn't even know it


toRGhAsT iS So hArD GUiZ

Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

Has anyone cleared a floor without picking up any powers?


The damage a warrior can pump out, the damage a warrior can tank, and the powers a warrior can get, just makes me depressed about running this as a hunter. Can't tank anything on my own, my pet can get oneshot by some mobs, my damage is not even in proximity of what a warrior can dash out, and I can count the number of powers worth grabbing without even using all my fingers on one hand. Torghast is really super fun on some classes and about the most boring thing ever on others.

Ante Jurilj

people have to farm 8 layers of twisting to have a mount in maw, when you could just play a worgen pepelaugh

Dean laden

Idk how he can just not loot the mobs for phantasma. That would drive me crazy. Could have bought more powers if he cared to just click the mobs after they died

Thomas Hays

1 button boss battles...

Georgi Martov

I haven't played Shadowlands, is this content considered hard? It looked just... long, nothing special

Elemental Blendz

23:40 enema powers lol

3D Clips

2 words...player surveys


he is a total idiot

Sparc Qt

Great video man Love the content♥ , you should check my content might love it as well ♥ (has a twist of nostalgia )

Liam Wilson

This is practically impossible doing this with others. The final boss is just too hard with the scaling. My friend and I have wiped twice on layer 8 floor 18. 4-5 hours of grinding wasted.

Jussi Mattsen

See you soon Asmon. Thanks for the vids Youtube guy!

Garrett Palmer

Diablo 3 warcraft


Wearing winter cap inside the house just to cover receding hairline... like really man?

Shark Bait

no longer a maw walker but a mald walker

Hunter May

common man why cant i crit
as hes hitting yellow numbers 99% of the time

Andrei Dzekola

The elfin clef supply shade because eyebrow inherently disagree alongside a sturdy pediatrician. fortunate, bashful activity


Surprised to see that it's not only us protection warriors that get overpowered powers but just warriors in general. Good to know. Finished all 8 layers without trouble as 203 prot warrior.

Garrett Palmer

U take coooldown but don’t use em


I haven't played wow since the beginning of Legion but I still love watching your videos. Thanks for the great content!


Whats that addon that shows all his damage dealth on screen like that


How do you remove anima powers that you don't want after selecting them?

Ocean O'Kelly

as a 3x glad warrior and absolute vanilla beta chad big dick boss dawg.... seeing him die and not use vic rush causes actual pain to my body. STOP LETTING IT REFRESH FOR NOTHINNNGGGGGG


This guy knows the rocket science level stuff of this game, but didn’t know the sun was bigger than the earth lmao

Daniel Kagarise

Dam got the ez final boss. The one with rats bleed 1 shots lol. Plus warrior condemn.

Garrett Palmer

Why not use the slugs to your advantage instead of blowing em up not using the aoe

raymond luca

i can see why asmon hasnt made any more videos..after doing 8 floors of TC and finally getting the mount i dont want to see torghast anymore


I watched asmon youtube for a couple years now, and this is the first time I watched him legitimately playing wow


YA you " beat his dick off" !

Asteroid X

Long Live the RIFT !!

seeking the truth

Lol its not that hard you clown,I did it solo

Garrett Palmer

Warriors can pop off on your because u only use like half the if that of your skillls

Frankie Feraco

Anyone know what song is playing at 26:24? It's from a game I just can't remember which trailer/game.

Sunny Kovex

The fact that halo’sfinal mission sound is playing makes this enjoyable love it

Brad Boyce

At least you got an ez mode boss for level 18

Zorph Morph

When Asmon said he doesn’t want to live in China is what the rest of the world think about the US lul


Man i hate how this is so RNG based with the anima powers, i got almost no hp increase powers, and on floor 17 i just get oneshot by the thrash mobs lol, i could do whatever i want, pop every cooldown but 2 mobs just 1 melee hit me dead


vertical BFA islands at best


WoW..... that is a lot of crying for a player that just cleaves down f*** everything..... while dotters have to kill the mobs more or less one by one ... Sorry but at some point, it really loses its funniness....

Elemental Blendz

24:50 op means over powerd yeah?

J Gmail account

LOL this mouthbreather is playing a warrior? An of course he cheezed it as Arms and got the best powers for cheesing.

Nick Sherman

Ravenous Cells give a different ability depending on the mob you use it on. There's a weakaura that tells you what it will be.


just a reskined bear meh D:

Thomas Sørensen

damn.. the powers arms wars get are retardly strong compared to havoc dh.

raymond luca

if you dont get hp buff powers you are pretty much screwed

Pills Here

Your videos are interesting and informative especially for an ultra noob like me. I hope you have a good and beneficial time off man can’t wait for your return!

Chris Childs

You can't change your first anima power but you can change the floor you start on. Starting on physical damage floor into max health floor sucks ass. Start on the fire dmg % health floor, and get the anima that reduces fire damage. easy mode.

elesdy weed



Arms lol

What a pussy

stephen farrell

i wonder if these keysmashers realize it doesnt matter how often you hit the key you need to wait for the skill cd. so smashing your keys isnt really working


Where to find twisting corridor torghast? i cant find myself in tower i have here just coldheart and soulfourge are there some req?


Doing this on priest: OK, for the next pack I will pull these 6 mobs, including the 2 mawrats, and then I will fade, which will spawn a phantom dummy of me that taunts everything and shield it. While the mobs attack the dummy, I will mind control one of the rats so they spawn 10 rats through rapid contagion, then I will mind bomb everything so the low hp mawrats don't run away, then I will AoE down everything and the rats should blow everything up.

Doing this on warrior: Condemn go brrrrrrrrr I fOrGoT tO ShOuT


Is there actually any reason to go past floor 6?

Si Da

layer 8 was easy as arms



Andrew Dorman

He gets carried and handed gear I can't take anything he does seriously. Such trash much wow.

Larry Yockey

carried as normal.

Vance Hines

boring game


he only beats this with his warr because of op powers..

Garrett Palmer

Good to see asmon ( asmond) learn to play his class right


Dude America is about to become China.

Domonkos Takács

whats his ilvl?

Slayer stilwell

Stop using the halo theme for every an all videos