FOX Sports 1: Pre-fight Press Conference

FOX Sports 1: Pre-fight Press Conference

206 120 views | 15 Aug. 2013

Watch the UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen pre-fight press conference live.

chris sisson

holy shit...uriah, chael, 'reem, shogun all on the same stage, and it begins with a 'Conor contest' for a guy who was only on his second UFC fight. LOL. Is this why others fighters hate on Conor? This dude would not be denied fame and fortune. Media hating on the 'hype' of Conor.

Mike Semon

Conor absorbed the force from Chael Sonnen. Max and Conor are both legends now.

doppelpack _NK

chael sonnen is such a genius :D

Declan Short

Damn, this was actually such a stacked card.

Ethiopian Dancing Goat Herder

Michael Johnson looking like Chris Tucker and sounding like

OneMan Army

Max looks like a kid

Footy Sketches

Hilarious Sonnen talking about why you should watch the fight on Saturday and not on Friday and Sunday


LOL the difference between Conor in this press conference and now is pretty stark. I mean this wasn't all that long ago... From gently putting the microphone down, shaking the opponents hand during the staredown, to commanding thousands of fans worldwide to scream ''FUCK THA MAYWEATHERS''

Awesome seeing his journey!

anh quoc Do

wow, 2 greatest trash talker in the same Conference

Conor McGregor

i guess at this press conference conor caught the thought that urijah looks like a 40 year old retired skateboarder

AJ Geiman

None of them woulda guessed conor would be the biggest star in ufc

FreDi turiim

shogun was looking at conor during face off ..n was like who is this guy?


Its interesting at the stare downs seeing the other fights faces, they all seem to be watching Conor and a bit more interested. Even from the start he was fascinating to everyone.

Ciaran Fox

Damn , I forgot how stacked this card was , unreal

abc xyz

See how much the UFC grew in the McGregor era.. dang Lorenzo's and Dana got paid!


Now you kinda see how much the ufc promoted Conor from the start

Christopher Rc

It's good they don't take this kind of Pre-fight conference anymore. I mean it makes the other fighters look stupid. I feel sorry

Borjan Spasovski


Tyo Junior

Chael : this fight will be one of the biggest PPV of all time
Conor : hold my cap .

Commando Master

This is where it all began!

Callum Lewis

This was the Conor i liked the hunger fighter with Trash Talk but who wasn’t Money Mad with Fame He definitely Changed The UFC into a more exciting one.


Ultra Lube?

Tyler Spears

Look at this fucking stage! Omg I a huge fan of all of them(besides the guy Uriah is fighting, don’t know who he is)

Khatarnak Paul

The time when Conor used to come on time.

Rusty Shackleford

Conor and chael... legends of the press game

Irish Sniper

43:00 - askren is fuck ugly


The Fox Sports 1 ad from Chael was amazing lol



Micah Sapp

Why Dana look like the last Airbender?


Ahh back in the day when other fighters besides conor used to get asked questions lol

Albert Cavazos

Fuck now a days I’d kill for this fight. Back in the day I thought this was a bleh fight.


michael jhoson was wearing suits before mcgregor, but most fighters wear suits now


what did dana do slip xanax in conors monster drink??? ive never seen him so chill during a presser and not verbally shred a guy before a fight. this is weird to see. maybe cause it was his second fight and he wasn't comfortable yet...maybe?


Back when UFC cards were always star studded, we get a good fight once a year now

Danny Westcott

Looks like overeem took all the roids!

James Dracup

Mcgregor looks so innocent in this

me me

these two at the end ended becoming better than all of them lol

Big Slang

when Joe lauzon use to be ahead of Conor... wow

Irhoda Alston

hey Dana ....,You got other ufc fighters to PROMOTE, how about promoting some of your other UFC bad ass RDA and Lawler how bout promoting them too!


With the benefit of hindsight, what a mega card this is

Erhh Sdhh

Sorry but that poster at the beginning looks nothing like Conor.

meneer nn

idont want to admit it, and also the most intelectual people make mistakes, but that sonnen is superintellectual, his brain speed is more average then normal people