THE HERALD - 11 - Hermitcraft - Season 7

THE HERALD - 11 - Hermitcraft - Season 7

259 651 views | 16 Apr. 2020

Today is the day! The Herald opens.

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Are u German? Because u Said "was ist das" at 2:33 :D

Ethan Butchart

Listen to what she says at 15:50

Foxinabox 123

Since Cleo is having trouble uploading she could start a livestream of the video she wanted to upload


Minecraft is shutting down this year December 21 thought you might want to know

Elizabeth Pillsworth

Therapist: SpiderCleo isn’t real. She can’t hurt you.


Do a map-art with the logo!


So this is how the gamer girls message on mc...

christina kay

Love the HH

Violet Storm

Cod Boy and Scar from the Lion King: Already in the lead.
Also Grain and Scare: Mass murders innocent villager lives to insure a win.
Hermitcraft Viewers: It’s the Holocaust but performed by Grian and Scar-

Puneeth R

Appreciate the dedication mate

Wyatt L

timelapse song sounds like a discount Brazil 2nd edit lol

J potato Random man

Idk why but I want Grian to go around selling the Hermit Herald papers as some paper boy


You should make a cheaper version of the newspaper where the map is locked so they only get one edition.


I remember watching your stuff years ago, back in like 2012, I loved this channel so much but I stopped watching after a while. I'm glad to see you're still doing this Cleo, and I'm glad to see you seem to be finding success doing this! I remember I was still around when you hit 50k, and that was huge! And now you're almost to 150k! I'm so happy that you're getting to make YouTube work and have fun doing it. Here's to another 150k!

Nathan Bunney

3 wide 5 tall

Sean Burke

If you need a head that's not in the game just put it on your skin and pvp yourself

William Wilson

Need to put JJ Jameson yelling at Spiderhead Man in there!


The news-paper idea is FANTASTIC!
Consider having two maps? One for news and one for advertisements?
Two "pages," if you like :)

Mad Hatter

waiiiit you said was ist das... do you speak german????


Cleo should use a 4x4 map setup so it can be way bigger.And hermits will have to put it in their base. It should cost around 4 diamond blocks.Another recommendation is so if you Do,do this, you should make the same 1 diamond block 1 map setup for “portable use”.Anyways that’s my recommendations. bye!

Pinz Art

Grian dropped off his child infront of your base AGES ago, whens he going to come pick them up?


Will Carol be joining you? I hope lol

Doktor Durf items ruthe 4secret

Can you please make a giant throne with all the heads you got from the head game?
Ps.: Dont worry about the lag because Grian is planing on snaping half of the Lag out of existence.(^_^)

Gautham A P

Put up "advertising paper" in the shop. After looking at other hermits latest videos, I think few other hermits don't know about this option.




is the timelapse song a version of Brazil by deadmau5?

Cael Brien

Cleo, a better word for when you get a bit annoyed is bugger and it works great because it keeps your videos more away from demitization. And I am Aussie so you can trust me


Are you fron Germany?

Leom 88

Does keralis do this ‘o/‘ because it looks like a little guy waving?


I love those time lapses! And the music is awesome too! I was totally dancing along in my chair. ^-^

Timothée Neie

Don't get rid of the writings on the news, create an extra layer on top of the advert space selling messages covering it, will prevent you from having to rebuild it every time.

Gabi F

I think the dark prismarine H needs to be moved over to the right one block XD

Brandon Santiago

Gotta bring back Carol


I thought shes gonna say "bit of a pane"


Nice job! You should get yourself a few beacons with speed 2


I almost cried when she took down the happy sun.




Please do coffin dance meme with armour stands, that would be amazing

loon noj

Could sea lanterns under the map to remove the need of torches? That lightning during the typeset looked a hindrance.

Ultra Squidy

What's the music you used in time lapse that you built the hermiton herald in?


I love that the herald is back; I started watching season 2 and loved the idea that there used to be a newspaper for the server! and now is back :D I'm very excited about it!


Could you add a theme music in intros?

al 7hey rat

Use scaffolding


Dang, I thought that grain guy would have won.

Atari Master

Why don't you use zoomed maps to make a massive hermiton Harold somewhere. It would be like a massive board for people who advertise through the HH

jacqueline dsouza

RIP happy sun, you will never be forgotten......

Mankel Guerrero Paredes

Cleo: *makes beautiful building* It's not good enough
Me: Loomk mom i made dirtm hous


Flustered Cleo is super adorable.

Winger Inc

Is there an age requirement to join hermitcraft?

Jordan Warner

This episode made me subscribe.

gaia aoi

The slaughter of the innocents was such dark day.


Your head storage looks like the Faceless Temple from Game Of Thrones.

Brendan Biele

I totally expected a globe a-top the news headquarters. À la, Peter Parker. The Spider-Man could never live up to the journalistic prowess of the Spider-Cleo.

Ollie Draws

Cleo! Just a suggestion but please keep some copies of every edition of the herald! And put them in a library / archive!

Takeback the holyland

2:36-2:38 i don't know what this is but its wonderful

hudson campbell

I love seeing you show up randomly in other hermits videos all the time but I'm going to start watching you too now so you can get a bit of that cash money


Great episode :) links to any of the songs from the cutscenes anyone?

Ben Epic

I tried to avoid head game spoilers until Grain posted.I read the herald

Rocket Science

Foreigner: Head Games
Zombiecleo: Head Game
(Gets 1000 heads).........

Christin White

Who works here if Carol is otherwise employed????

Mr Plaster

I prefer calling it "Rift"

Danilo Martins

Awesome work! And please don’t forget to bring back Carol. She was s hard working employee!

Attached To You

Keralis: sends hearts
Me, not having ever seen either of their videos: ships them


Wow it is wierd to see the head games platform go. Wow


Cleo you should build a skyscraper for the news papers and the office

Peter Roemmich

Old hermiton too new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new hermiton!

Milo G

It looks amazing Cleo!


The beginning of Hermiton reissuing is so melancholic

JoAnn Hempen

The new Shop looks great!! I had no idea you could use maps like! So cool! I’ve never actually used the cartographer bench!

Kira Paskins

You should totally call the head vault "headquarters"
It's too good to pass up!


Wow, I’m mind blown at the amount of time it takes to make the Hermiton Herald! You have my sub!

Nathaniel Doty

Your flippin amaze-balls girl.

Halo Haze

All the talk about the papers has me going into flashbacks to Newsies and I love it.

Suffian 77777

Hi cleo, I came up with an idea.
As the head games have finished, you can make a museum to remeber the minigame of the past and be insperation for future minigames. This can be placed under the Hermiton Herald (you wont have to pay for plot). Inside, there could be a gift shop and a ticket booth at the entrance (entry fee could be 2 diamonds). In the museum you can display one of every head you have, all the bounties corresponding to the head and an armour stand scene that shows scar and grain winning a race and all the others behind them.

Steven Myers

I got a RIBLOX scam ad

Asher VanTassell

What were too happen if she wore a player head and got a mixed version of their head? I should probably stop talking


The new Herald building looks great, Cleo! Can't wait to see the finishing touches to come in the future! (also the updating maps idea for the herald is really clever; I like it!)

purple tae

I kinda ship cleoxkeralis

Juan Ignacio Nani

Dimensions please?

Joshua Mercer

I miss the sims 4 let’s plays; especially the decades challenge.

Philip Greenawalt

You should get the red stone guys to make you a giant inkjet/carpet printer


Hey Cleo I made my own version of the hermit craft party bus

James Pilgrim

Imagine if somebody submitted a camera charachter (like tangocam) head?

Beaver Square

How is Grian doing I bet he’s in a cave

M - M

She should have a giant map of the island on the wall

Woshh Shabi

plss subscribe to zombiecleo plss even his voice is boring

chicken fall guy

I never knew that you could use a glass pane to lock in maps,


Cursed glass pane so is doc gonna make area 77 if so thats exhibit no 1

Lisa Millslagle


fred ramsbutt

Hi how do you use the armour stand mod

Ian De Castro

Maybe hire Scar for good terraforming of the place?


That's some strong glass to hold up that sign.

Logan Kaye

Song at 10:30 ?

Mundo Pinypon

I really like the idea of the newspaper! I wish people in my server were active enough to make it worth it :'v

Lord Andrew I esq.

You should put pictures in your newspapers


Zombie Cleo, You and Cub should have another paper to sell in the HH shop. Maybe Call it the "Hermit Homeland"? Anyways, It should be a map of the shopping district with the banners to label shops. I've watched alot of hermits videos, and Not all of them are up to date on what shops there are. Maybe this could be a profitable business venture to label your own shops too!


Where is the zoo? I thought you were making a zoo?

Rhyan Lewis

Why can’t Cleo just wear her old head for a really long time.... wouldn’t that do it?

Mario Mario

Me: hahaha I'm funny
Eveeyone: ahahah I'm gon a like noe
Me: omg guy thanks for ljke

Watchers Arcade

Who is the cheeps hermit of them all? Who will just come to HH just to read the news and never buy a copy?