Warcraft 3 Reforged: Survival Chaos 3.41 #19 - Trying Blood Elf Lancer (Tier 2 Replacement)

Warcraft 3 Reforged: Survival Chaos 3.41 #19 - Trying Blood Elf Lancer (Tier 2 Replacement)

7 554 views | 20 Jul. 2020

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Lolo Gramme

18:30 why no counter hero against sylvanas you had a big wave middle

Malthael Corsair

Dude imagine if Blizzard add Draenei, Naga and BE into the standar game with the new graphics. SC is so complete.


like what happened at 50:44 seems to happen to me every time i play, my units refuse to attack the enemy barracks, and the enemies like laser focus it even through a full spawn+additional and hero

Saruul Naran

Say, can you play this with AI?


do he ever upload a map where he losing or?

SeTh Players

well played


The reasons why I like the survival chaos videos the best is that first it seems like a quite complex map, second you play it well and third because of the way you explain yourself I can follow. Thanks for the upload. :)


WOW, You are back with sc


Such good judgement on that ultimate weapon

Sorin Gruia

So good he wins with noob race XDD

Van Text

You call cavalary lancer is the same with calling neotank assault tank. Never change i see


Any chance of you, wtii, vimpgaming playing this together?


This is a new version of Survival Chaos btw. There is a new race, but none of us randomed to play the new race unfortunately.

Daniel Hristov

Bro where do u play?

dulce lau

The new SW is broken

Bone King

Oh you should have went straight tier 4 instead of persistent missiles

Eve Samuels

Beastly work you have here


Does anyone know why the ranger lord has no color on his face?
Ooh and you should definitely have gone T. 4 barracks there, like yeah dude!