BREAKING! Justin Gaethje vs Charles Oliveira 'probably' next, Perry hanging out with fans, Ngannou

BREAKING! Justin Gaethje vs Charles Oliveira 'probably' next, Perry hanging out with fans, Ngannou

89 217 views | 6 Jan. 2021

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MMA news today:

MICHAEL CHIESA on UFC declining his offer to replace Khamzat Chimaev against Leon Edwards

FRANCIS NGANNOU training for Stipe Miocic rematch

MIKE PERRY taking pictures and hanging out with his fans despite recent warning

ROBERT WHITTAKER explains why he doesn't talk trash to his opponents

BRENDAN SCHAUB on Dana White - John McCarthy beef

JUSTIN GAETHJE vs. CHARLES OLIVEIRA probably next, according to Dana White

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stipe gonna drown ngannou in the deep waters..again


Justin is done for

Billy Wilder

John Mccarthy owes Dana white everything.

Terry Boulder

Mike Perry; "Meth is one hell of a drug..."

Master Jenkins

i swear every single francis footage we see is him striking show us what we want to see your TTD and ability to get back up i dont wanna see a miocic rematch if ur gonna get put on ur butt straight away again


Oliveira makes Justin tap again.

Ezra Daiquiri

Mike perry is just awesome duh.


Ok. If Gaethje ran thru Oliveira then...
Then idk what happened in the Khabib fight.


I would wear that Bobby knuckles shirt

chad clyburn

James Vick got it wrong Mike Perry is the fucking potato can fighter!!!


how is it ''BREAKING!'' when its ''probably'' wtf

Kakashi Hatake

Mike “Bipolar” Perry.


Perry is a joke.

Ryan C

He looks like a different person after his nose got smashed.


chiesa is annoying af


Charles Olivera vs islam makachev


Honestly first time in a couple years that it looks like Ngannou has improved technically. If his takedown defense and cardio have improved he has a great chance

Collin Redden

Im a warrior

Mason McQuaig

Is khabib actually retired? Has he relinquished/been stripped of the belt? Why not make the gaethje/oliveira fight the interim title fight?

Josh Hutslar

I'd bet it all on Oliveira doing the same thing khabib did to Gaethje

Khan Khalid Hassan

Ngannou looks gassed out already

Jonathan Bentley

great video! I know news is stale around this time of the year, when it gets back to action can we begin leaving Mike Perry and Brendan S. out of the vids. Keep the videos coming, great content!

Michael Fox

Bi polar + cte = mike perry

Will Fye

Charles will avenge Tony. Lessssgoooo

Dan Sbrega

You what Perry,you can't buy stupid.

Dom Issac

Francis needs to stop with the boxing pads and work on his ground game. He’s had a year to be ready for Stipe yet he keeps boxing. Bruh, Stipe is gonna lay you down again and that boxing will be useless.

Mikiel Sahagun

No offense Justin your a nice guy but guessing Chucky is gonna win

Murda M Ezzy

Those must be thirsty ass Mike Perry fans. "Coming to take the welterweight division" lmao when will this happen?

Joe Stith

I hope the UFC Cuts him and he has to go to casinos and fight , then when the fight is over they have cold water only for taking a shower and someone steals his clothes....Mike Perry you suck as a fighter and you're a PUSSY for hitting a woman....

t russ

Perry telling people to watch their manors?!? Did I really just hear that. Didn’t he assault a woman and then hit an old man in that bar? Go ahead and lead by example mike.


Hope justin gaethje vs charles olivera will happen


Bet they’re setting up an interim title between the winner of Gaethje/Olivera and McGregor/Porier.

Julian Papin

Mike Perry for Presidency 2025

Thomas Focas

How come Justin didn't get McGregor? Hah Dana?

Punyawee Co

Mike Perry’s shit is a waste of my time.


What about the Server?

If Conor beats Poirier we wont see him defend the title til Nov or Dec 2021 if that.

Mikiel Sahagun



Sorry to say it, but with his mental issues, Mike Perry's too proud to get help. He's gonna end up back in jail or dead.
I hope Francis is working on his take-down defense because if not, it's gonna be another long night for him.
Who should Tony fight next?


Give my man bobby knuckles his rematch for the title

Ron Barfield

Cut Mike Perry

Pedro Torres

I love Justin but that’s a bad match up Charles gonna break him down! I’m still pulling for Justin just speaking my mind

rico suave

LOL Francis training for stipe by hitting pads???? derp derp

Magdiel Irizarry

Well said Whitaker


Robert Whittaker, you are a legend ! My favorite ever!!!


Great job breaking your videos down with the times... very detailed.

Suhail Raja

Perry limping like heffa


How could you not like or respect Whittaker dudes a beast and as humble as they come

Nezioo Araujoo

Robert is such a role model dude

The PleinAir

Mike Perry becomes sh*t

Chris Byczynski

I dont like this fight for gathje...they dont match up well at all I think...anyway scary fight for Justin...

Khan Khalid Hassan

I want whittekar, khabib, wonderboy, gsp and khamzat chimaev in a talkshow someday. Gonna be rad.

Ruxo :D

Justin gets choked out first round if kabbib past his gauardßo. Easy

Travis Shepard

Brendan Schaub “Big John has been a staple in mma, he’s been EVERYWHERE! Bellator, affl..... Yeah man.....” can’t remember more than 2 organizations. Lol


Bad match up for Oliveria but it get Justin the winner of Dustin/Conor.

Armando Soria

Charles fucks him up no doubt

Joe Licari

i gotta tell ya, Mike Perry is a real JackASS

Mike Patton

Olivera takes it easy.


@MMA Talk adding timestamps to description would be much better than the intro timestamps

bbg Nicky!

Francis a monster

valorous knight

Robert my man you definitely own it you a man not a lady talking trash to sell her better


Francis can’t be human the dudes levels above the rest

Johnny Moua

Finally a video without that idiot. Won’t ruin this video by mentioning his name.

Zak Temesvari

Stop with the shaub videos no one cares about his opinion

Jon Tucker

If Ngannou can't get stipe out of there in the first 2 rounds I believe stipe will ko him this time

N Lamha

I think naganou shud atleast put fake 5 secs of him wrestling videos than him boxing so as to atleast create some nerving in stipes mind

Rya N

Charles will win look at what khabib did to Justin on the ground Justin’s bbj seemed like not that good

Shantanu Sengupta

Thumbnails are funny af

Kayla McNutt

nice to see fancis DOING NOTHING new in his traing camp..... just offence eh?? tools dead again

The eliminated Eliminator

Charles will get smashed

RJ MacReady

Couldnt see the full title on the front page, just ‘perry hanging’ and I thought it was gonna be ‘perry hanging up his gloves’

Keith Jones

Mike perry is the type of guy you know when y’all hang out by the end of the night you will be in a street fight

Donmorris Brown

What a fight

William Delaney

Looks like ngannou is training for a repeat ass whoopin. Less striking, more grappling, big guy.

Eric Andrews

Olivera loses to Justin, Frances will gas out after the first round and will be taken out by round three.


Dude who cares about Mike Perry. Thumbs down just for showing this half ass ufc fighter

Oh today is my birthday I'm 28

brandon glover

Oooo six man tournament for the lightweight title. Dustin vs Conor. Hooker vs Chandler winners face each other. Oliveira vs Gatche winner becomes interim champ and faces the winner of whomever are tue winner of the other match?


Gaetjhe gonna get broken arm or go to sleep again obviously Gaetjhe is so stupid shits on ground game he can't wrestle at all zero ground game Mann.. Oliviera It's a very bad match for him oliviera should fight conie mc drunk broke his arm for good conie will tapp that for sure.

H.E. Pennypacker

Gaethje will lose easily, dude is a white belt

gordon sung

Charles is going to kill justin

T.H.C. The H Chan

Francis should learn that grappling is allowed in MMA.
He will get chewed up and spit out again.

William Kennedy

Mike's got a kid good time to grow up stop being so paranoid people overall love to see your fight Mike stop worrying about the haters there will always be haters just focus on what you got to do got no time to think about what other people think about you when you're focused

William Kennedy

Charles and Justin fighting when is it let's get it on paper it will be a war

Matt Crawford

Big John Vs Dana White!!! Boom, lets do this!!!

siamak normani

Now, that everyone knows that taking down geathje, he will give up his back, or mount, therefore this fight goes on mat, and Justin will be submitted by one of the most skillfull jjb practitioner.

OG Grinder

Izzy begs to differ Bobby, lol


What's Robert whitiker talking about he's contradicting himself cause he was trash talking to Darren till before there fight


WOW if Daren till and your baby's mother can ruin your life your in trouble and now he has no fans career suicide

Chris Smith

Perry may be bipolar


Robert is a indeed a warrior!
Mad respect.

This Dude’s A Dick

“Mike Perry’s fans”.....this was a publicity stunt because NO ONE ever asks him for his time.

Mike Ockslong

Justin and that will be legit!

russell westbrook

justin is done if he figth Charles
he has no jiu jitsu

Franky Smash

Rooting for you mike

XxAmaan xX

Mike Perry is going to kill somebody some day

Tyler Newlands

Imagine Francis being fully trained in boxing and his striking being top notch... he would actually kill anyone


Damn Justin!! Catch that chrome bro.

jay bee

Mike. Perry finally enjoys his fans?


I dont think there is a person in the world who cares what Brandon says


Charles is going to make lite work of Justin.
Justin’s BJJ is garbage