16. Valley of Hinnom-Sacrificing Children - Jeremiah 19:1-13

16. Valley of Hinnom-Sacrificing Children - Jeremiah 19:1-13

10 160 views | 3 Apr. 2015

Holy Land, Holy Word Season 3

Hosted by D. Wendel Cover and Arie Bar-David


This place is not the hell ,this placed is a little paradise

Elvis Edge RR Woodward

Awesome study!! ❤️

Carla Morales

I loved this video

Kevin Chamberlain

Scriptures brought alive! Thank you!

Cindy S 94

6:18 "in...high places, like where we are now sitting..."
Gee, that's not creepy at all. I would have a very hard time visiting a place like that due to all the residual pain and sorrow. Ironically, it looks really nice now...

Carla Morales

Good job


The sacrifice of burning babies is like an abortion in todays time.

denny loverin

Thank you great information. I believe this is still going on.

Nathaniel Lowry

Where is your scriptural reference confirming that Hinnom was one of the priests of Jerusalem????

Low Light

Me and my wife stayed at the Hotel "Mount Zion Hotel" a bit further up to the left of this view of the valley.
What is the music in this video? Sounds medieval.

ranjith y

it is very nice video, thanks for put this video. pls tell if jesus cross this Valley??


Awesome background. Helps me understand the verses much better. All glory to God #JesusIsLord