Hermitcraft 6: Episode 44: THE FUN BEGINS!

Hermitcraft 6: Episode 44: THE FUN BEGINS!

2 688 785 views | 18 Jan. 2019

Hermitcraft 6: Episode 44: THE FUN BEGINS! The ceasefire is OVER and the minecraft hermitcraft civil war is OVER! Time to have some fun! This fight was the most fun session i've been a part of and I hope everyone enjoys it too!

Bryan Zhang

17:29 how the heck was there a grian head still there?


Lava trap mwahahahahahaha

Panda Lord

A tipped arrow of harming trap

Countryhumans Malaysia

The G team base kinda looks like a PS5

Shadenplayz YT

Other hermits: fighting
Mumbo and grian: teaparty

Huemanois 2

2019 hermitcraft prank war
2020 hermitcraft HEV vs mycelium resistance

Stef A

Ermmmm... Where is my breakdown?

Nikita Riskin

Its funny to see this video because in both session 6 and session 7 episode 44 is a chaos video

Md. Sohrab Hossain

There's 666 dislikes.

Seth adrian bonde

This video is the sign of world war 3
Mhuhahahahhaa >:)

Beau Mason


Zhep Ababa


Medieval times

I just relized that Team star was wearing Team Fortress two Outfits


Damn I thought the turf war was exciting.

Mina Ashido

✨ E p i c b i n g e

Razoral _

This battle is so bad compared to the Dream SMP wars. They're only wearing iron armour.


Kinda sus how in both episodes 44 grain be exploding stuff


The mycelium resistance part one

Aaron Wolfe


Dennis51 Gt

to late i was gonna suggest to use crossbows with powerful fireworks

Person that is existing

This didnt happen until Grian got here

Irakso Alutnil

Yeah, i do support evryone but i don't support the one that killed gertrude

Astrid Verstreken

You know it's gonna be an important video when it doesn't start with "HELLO!"



Priti Chauhan

666 dislikes

Fatima Nasir

Stress has a wonderful laugh

Jst some otaku

Who else is still here?

John Stanford Brique

Worst thing happened during the battle Gertrude died.

Jst some otaku


Louise Scott

The MUMBO MOLE! YAY :) you

Rufus Aristotle

That's so great, green TF2 outfits, False as the Medic, wow, it's great.

Louise Scott

Hahahaha Moreno gumbo hehehehe

Spencer Gittins

You should use a bow with poison arrows

DyrpXD animation

i kknow i'm just a bit late*laughs in dumbass* but you could get your mole to tell them about the "secret entrance"

Luke Hildenbrand

Grian: sees fire and try’s to punch it out even though he has a water bucket on it :/


Oh look a ps5


I was watching some more recent episodes and i found this, is YouTube trying to tell me something

Katelyn Hurley

you did grat

Jst some otaku

Why was this recommended to me?


That went from 0 to 100 real fast


Hermitcraft did a war before it was cool.

William Benz

the other team wore tf2 outfits by the looks of it.


I was watching some more recent episodes and I found this, is YouTube trying to tell me something

Spiral Chain

Cub fan is what is known as a “war profiteer”

I have da best cats ever :3

At 17:29 There’s a random Grian head


Grian on Season 6: civil war

Grian Season 7; World Hermit war 2

Hemanth Kumar


I Have Talent

The G team should have made a tnt launcher for the horses, and mid launch they drink a slow falling potion

Aaron Wolfe

Grin Can you help me get on the next server my Minecraft username is Ashley it is a Microsoft account.


666 dislikes
do you guys know what this means?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thunderbrine Voltz

Mumbo: Wowo wait


im here after the mycelium resistance won the turf war

Shevynn Karunaratne

Coincidence I think not

Weirdo Gameo



me: is that a season 7 refrence

mr lol head

Next time get some artillery


"What are you wearing, Power ranger outfits?" I hope this doesn't appear as a nasty comment, but when Grian said this... I COULDN'T STOP MYSELF

Icey Rose

when you're watching this in 2021

Jst some otaku

Am i alone?

Aaron Wolfe

My name is Dallas by the way forgot to say that in the last comment! .

memer69 meme

Oh what i thought that its the 44 episode seson 7

Bandit PL

it took my a while to realize that team star was wearing TF2 costumes.
Impulse was pyro
Wels was medic
Doc was heavy
Mumbo was sniper
Xisuma was scout
false was (probably) engineer

cookieplax ANONYMOUS

I wish i had that many friends

Donic Edrian Loable

hermitcraft war is like a rainbow but th dream smp war is like hell


you guys need me to fight im good at fighting i’ve fight 100 zombies and skeletons at the same time good luck

Super TV

Grian you should have went up in the base and kill the ghasts so they couldn’t shoot the fireballs


they could have used a TNT launcher

Glitched lollipop

for the love of dog that is a bunch of dogs

Dimpy Deka

I want a hermitcraft:endgame on hermitcraft vs dream smp and speedrunners

Poetry Center

Imagine the other players looked at the chat like what in the world is happening?

Aryan Sondal

Am i the only one watching this in 2020 ?


use the sword !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Xian vince Santos

I love this

Stella’s World

RIP gortru


I bet none of you thought that next year episode 44 would be Grian having a mental breakdown

shirl cotterhill

this is iconic even tho it only happened like 2 years ago

Liam Douhan

We don't have those military costumes that Iskall had.

lopeepso livi

Grian: The new hermit.
Also Grian: Builds a fullout avengers tower.
Also Also Grian: WORLD WAR 3 GENERAL
Also Also Also Grian: MAKE IT HELL FOR THEM
Also also also also Grian: WhERe Is PoUlTRy MaN, And WhO????


Is it just me or was this the most memorable moment in hermitcraft season 6

Guilherme 0108

1:37 i see another group of mercenaries

Reece Lanz

How do you sit down in minecraft?


Calling a Swedish 17th/18th Century Carolean Uniform weird. How dare you :D
Which is , just like the Queens Guard in England, still used today :) With a Modern update ofc.

Caticorn Fun

did he say the s word cause i swear i heard it

Catherine Quillopo

Grian kill jelly YouTubeBer

Sam Masri

What fuNny is by ep.44 he started another civil war in S7 lol

Joshua Christian Agustin

This showed to my recommendation right after they declared war vs the hiieeep what a coincidence

Jst some otaku


First name Last name

Oh god grian’s a psychic. The first thing he said in he’s video was, “OOH-DEA” which if you don’t know, it’s one of mumbo jumbo’s hermitcraft season 7 shops. In the episode he made it he kept saying, “OOH-DEA” in short, GRIAN IS A PSYCHIC WE CANT STOP HIM!! HES GOING TO RULE OVER HERMITCRAFT!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!


Tango was shooting those fire balls like there is no tomorrow



Jay Playz

“Iskall was shot by iShoot”
Shot on iPhone

Fun Facts Fun World

Imagine they hire dream and techno


If only I could be a hermit
Unfortunately I am horrible at building and ok at redstone

Platon Belyalov

Grian was apparently born a leader

Justin Colin Manansala

literally, 16-year-old stealing stuff got banned Starting war mostly by accident

Asmr Aidan

Tango standing at the top of the g team tower was majestic, he was like the general of the battlefeild

lopeepso livi

The tight eyeliner radiologically greet because discussion biophysically remember within a parsimonious copy. super, curly forgery

David Levine

In ep 44 in S7 he had a breakdown and now it looks like he has a breakdown in S6 ep 44 by the front picture

Louise Scott

Suffocating trap suffocating trap suffocating trap

inspired end

I think stress was the weakest link