Ultimate Bad Friends: Best of the Year 2017 | FailArmy

Ultimate Bad Friends: Best of the Year 2017 | FailArmy

14 404 706 views | 19 Dec. 2017

Think you have terrible friends? You should see these people! Enjoy our ultimate bad friends compilation of 2017, and let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.

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Jumping on Exercise Ball https://goo.gl/pqyV15

Egged Car Glides onto Frozen Lake https://goo.gl/shhT6t

Yoga Ball Collision Sends Kid Through Door https://goo.gl/rJVFKM

Selfie Catches Longboard Fail https://goo.gl/B51nJ1

Guys Push Friend in Hammock https://goo.gl/3BPZCT

Guy Gets Covered in Cement Residue https://goo.gl/baaJNF

Table Falls During Birthday Celebration https://goo.gl/wi97cj

Guys Use Friend's Head to Hit Punching Bag Game

Daughter Pushes Sister While Dancing https://goo.gl/tod63B

Guy Gets Scared While Putting Pants On https://goo.gl/Dozuf9

Car Splashes Man and His Camera

Blindfolded Guy Accidentally Hits Friend's Face

Guy Jumps on Friend and Breaks Table

Guy Trips Little Cousin

Man Falls While Trying to Spray Coworker with Wine

Guy Tries to Flip on Rings on Metro

Girl Falls While Blindfolded

Guy Gets Thrown off Golf Cart

Guy Pets Chihuahua to Relax https://goo.gl/Nkrfn3

Guy Gets Dragged by Golf Cart and Beer Poured in his Mouth

Guy Slaps Friend's Crotch While They Watch the Eclipse https://goo.gl/Qgdyq8

Woman Drops Birthday Cake

Guy Faces Fears of Cockroaches https://goo.gl/KeKsoo

Guy Knocks Phone out of Girl's Hands https://goo.gl/Yuw1wg

Husband Gets Revenge on Wife with Water Prank

Guy Saves Phone Before Falling into Pool

Friends Fall Off Moving Car https://goo.gl/EJVa3Y

Guy Accidentally Slams Friend in Face With Exercise Ball https://goo.gl/1iMvBZ

Guy Likes to Scare His Roommate https://goo.gl/FPBhD5

Girl Falls after Hitting Friend with Pillow https://goo.gl/8x5Jfp

Guy Puts Hotdog in Sleeping Brother's Mouth

Man Soaks Friend with Motor Boat

Guy Crashes Into Friend and Falls Into Pool https://goo.gl/dgY6Ci

Guy Ruins Perfect Miniature Golf Putt

Epic Man 36

these arent bad friends, they are just miss understood objects


4:08 hungary!

Hernan Andres Marin Diaz

Me wen i get a 9/10 in a exam 1:54


nanashi zz

1:47 yep I would be this kind of friend

Shane Geczik

2:28 bah god right through the table he had a family dammit

Jonas Helmut Geveke

0:03 Attack Mode avtivated! Targed in view


Dude all these laughing dip shits sound like fucking HYENAS IN HEAT!


2:09 that made me rewatch and lol at least 3 times, hahaha

Donnie Darko is the most underrated movie

No such thing as bad friends.

Vitor Gustavo

1:53 he said "fuck"

Joshua Braeden

Some of these could have easily been avoided


On Friday we are releasing our Best of the Year Part 2. Get pumped!!!

Alex Gog TV

5:22 I try to find the link of the video.


1:48 skating.....one was the ultimate....

Desiigner blaise

1:48 had me dead

loli Zaandär


hari Aegan


Avishek Das

Chandler Bing with Monica

Jonas Riepler

That guy at 2:07? i would beat the shit out of him, doesn‘t matter if we are friends or not, it‘s just not funny to break your bones!

vimukthi kalhara

1:50 is best

Ermal Koci

I fucking hate practical jokes!


4:08 magyarok

StageDiveBomb number 0

0:42 timeless classic

PB&J is litt

2:06 he turned into a crayon

San Galve

0:05 seems legit.

Diamond Boy

Ola meno

Maya Avelarde

Ayush Jha


KJ _Studios

Is that a Corona bottle?!

Melissa Gonzalez

Snort pfff ahah the dog was like oh yeah we’re so done this

David Janeiro

Dude not only had a pink polo hut had it buttoned all the way up lol

Rebecca Olaoya

I'll let you on on a secret

Christopher Romero

I think that guy broke his tail bone

Falon Guzman


Annie Allen Jones

Petting your dog is the most relaxing things you could possibly do
Ok we’re done


And this is why I dont want a fucking chihuahua

sarup singh

First he was normal when he touced him he got angry the dog


Pranking people is funny
Just destroying peoples stuff for no reason is not funny

Josh Artzz

1:49 when you're catching the school bus

Falon Guzman


Bones Delacroix

That bag with the roaches would freak me the fuck out!


1:06 It looks so fake/staged!


Imagine if I have friends

Real Rafay

2:04 if he were gay that day, he's straight today (gettit?)

Rahul Narayan V

1:47 Best friend ever

Uriel Martinez

Friends are just enemies who haven't attacked you yet

Panzerjäger Nashorn

5:40 Because why not?




Really sucks .....Same content as last fail army video

Mike Litoris

Was ist daran lustig?

DornierSZ 1

2:04 best one

Jesse Bell

terrible friends

It’s Britney Bitch

Rip the good years, now we’re all home with coronavirus

Cadence Rainbow

1:22 that mean son of a bit** girl needs to be grounded for 3 months that poor girls back must really hurt and I am surprised how much this makes me pissed off


1:26 Instant Karma

Lewis Cabello

Lol the first one is hilarious

maizinger x



4:53 Corona :0

Hukia Kuria

The nine beginner understandably scream because change additionally inform over a fallacious cupboard. motionless, torpid zoology

Marcio Farias Da Silva

Normal !

Brad Nicholas

Wish I had friends like this I mean I only got one friend like this oof


He looks at his dog and he has disappointment in is eyes

Malcolm Taylor

1:50 when my mom has her belt

Fany Borges

1:54 - I heard "Porra"
It's brazilian kkkkkkk

OG Dumplings

at least you have a friend


0:33 very funny


Except for the one who catches and eats the pancake, the rest are absolutely assholes, dangerous assholes.

Anouk Poirier

Bad friends or what I like to call them : siblings.

Grimm Factory

02:49 i lovet it:)



stefan mauracher

1:05 the worst fake video so far!

Content Library - Free video and audio

4:54 corona

Aquov Adjust Fakie

The one at 2:50 was cute. Now thats a great long lasting relationship


That first one is me vs. my insomnia and anemia.

Still haven’t been successful but that’s alright-

Karunesh Baranwal

The pillow girl who hit the phone and fell was the funniest


Yes my best friends tried to kill me and laugh while I'm pissed

Mickey Kochmann



Damn they have friends

William Hickey

If that little dog got out and bit someone he would be in a world of hurt from this generation of snowflakes.

Jorge Guberte

1:05 fake

Fareez Brent

I love that guy who was recording the slateboard.thing

alex hebert

The towering disease terminally peel because pancake subsequently poke apud a youthful dragonfly. royal, parsimonious mouth

Nishka Bhakay

1:21 HEY HEY you are not supposed to be here man!!



The Plague Road

Why is the guy petting his rat?

cinnamon hair extensions

3:04 what the hell is it with u americanz screaming yee haa woooo and stuff. Someone pls tell me. (I’m not an American hater)

Peslac Bill

The sheer stupidity displayed in this video is alarming. How on earth did we manage to last so long on this planet?

Isabel K Perez D l Rosa


Tracey britz

Demon dog

Bianca Loss

1:47 5:23

Thomas Starling Collector

I love how the Man scaring the other Man causes the other man to put his hands over his face

B Diddy

That chihuahua needs to be put down


these aren’t bad friends, these are best friends.

Asare Georgina

Chihuahuas never seems to amaze me they are so stubborn and annoying

Kira Colada

Rip lucky the lovely finger bitting dog ❤️


I don't know why but everytime i see people make prank on someone birthday it's reminding me how Evil people can be even they are the best or closest person, it's just bad I think and waste a lot of food and drinks also spoiled the mood, just pity to them

alrighty ru

Sure I'm not the first... but 2:20 is a terrible way to accidentally choke someone!

Sasha Blouse

2:05 wtf that is so messed up.

Andrew Mejia

4:18 how Spanish parties are