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Sonalika Gupta

Happy birthday Sammy! Love you ❤️

Cait Moffet

I love SO much that this is a “I want to feel my best approach” rather than lose weight and diet culture- I’m so happy to see this growth in you, it’s so huge!!


I really appreciate that even when you do sponsored videos you still put a lot of non sponsored content in the videos. Some you tubers make it so obvious they’re just doing it for the money in the sponsored videos and you never do that. I love the real authentic Sam but obvi girl’s gotta make a living!

Amanda Czerwieniec

Hiya babe! Just wanted to let you know while doing Romanian deadlifts keep your back neutral. You tend to arch your back which isn't proper form. It's a hinge at the hips exercise with shoulders back and a neutral spine.

Martina Monti

1. Self-discipline
2. Fat with every meal
3. Curb sweet tooth cravings
4. New workout routine

yamina snntg

Sam you are such a big role model, so inspiring

Brigi T

Happy Birthday!!!!! Thank you for being so inspiring to all of us. I hope this is another amazing year for you! Can’t wait to see your what I eat in a week vídeo and of course your wedding! Sending you a big hug from Northern California!

Summaiya Robi

I seen one off your vids Sam u said your partner gets eczema all over when he has processed food how does he treat his eczema could u share ❣️ does he use anything tht helps him thank you

Tari A

I love your top Sam ! Where is it from ?

erika kelsi

Hey girl, it sort of looks like you had your knees locked out when you were doing those dumbbell dead lifts. Please keep a bend in the knee! Not bending the knee made you have to curl your back which isn't good form, and can lead to injury! <3 only commenting this to make sure you are working out nice and safely :)

B Kind

Happy Birthday Sam! Lots of

Ange Cee

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s different about your makeup bc ur looking so good! But it’s that ur face is leaner

Iwona Markowska

The link doesnt work

Sophia Arevalo

Girl I love your lashes!! Could you film a video of your lash care and makeup with lashes?

Zainab Kermali

When’s the wedding?

Monse Macias


Laura Ramos Delgado

Thank you for the tips. You are looking phenomenal.Really looking forward for the wedding vids!


Loved this video! Great tips! I've been struggling with losing fat and I feel like these tips are so helpful. Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on COPPA and the FTC with how it's going to affect youtube in 2020.

Erika Schwoyer

finally catching up on all your videos! but when doing those deadlifts, bend your knees and flatten your back! the way youre doing it will hurt your low back!

Ash Nikole

Happy birthday gorgeous!



Omg... you sleep in... socks? Just when I thought you were relatable! (JK, love you and your channel! But for real, how do you do that??)

Eman Hs

Happy birthday Sam

Abigail Taylor

You’re my absolute favorite.
Literally inspire me every. day.
I’ve officially been watching for over a year!

Vee Plopez

Happy Birthday!!!!

Gladys Lopez

You look so beautiful and glowing

Eva Antonia

Happy belated birthday!<3 And thank you for the advice:)

Tina Dail

I love your hair. How to you get that piecey wavey look?


I'm a little confused about the whipped cream. She said it uses real sugar and then says it has no carbs and sugar.

Laura Elfstrom

This video helped me so much!!!

Magick Moon Goddess

Thank you for the discount!!! I am going order some now :)


I would love a video on what you actually do as fat as weights go... I dont go to a gym and find weights intimidating! Any tips for a quick at home routine? And do you warm up with cardio first or jump right in? Thanks girl!!! ❤ congrats on the progress!

Sandy Garcia

What brand electric kettle do you use mamas?


Hey Sam! I agree with the weights thing but I don’t go to the gym I do weight lifting at home just with dumbbells and body weight, and I started with 21 day fix workout dvds and they have an app which I just go on my laptop and it’s kinda HIT style but yea I saw like the best results from weights then cardio

Jenn Payzant

I'd like to say thank you! You are such an inspiring person, you've really helped me on my journey to becoming healthier & losing weight. Keep doing what you're doing!

Candice Gopaul

Loving your hair. Are you taking any vitamins to help keep it healthy?

Natalie Agarkov

I love getting Sam Ozkural video notifications ❤️

Kristen Martinez

Where is this top from? Love it!

Sabrina P

This was amazing and super helpful! You know, it’s funny Bc I feel like recently I’ve been hearing ppl say that lifting weights is helping with loosing fat! Ppl think you’ll get bulkier but really it helps to tone and lean you out! I recently have been getting into it too and now I CRAVE weightlifting sessions

Daniela Battistel

Love your energy

Stephanie Lake

Happy birthday

sharon samuel

“Is it me at this point, or is it you?”

amy costelloflute

Congrats, you are doing awesome! What great advice! Enjoy your holidays as you are getting ready for your wedding!

Teny Yaghobi

You’re so beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

Erica Parise

You should try putting coconut butter in your smoothies!

Melissa McGilloway

you look so incredible. i have a really similar physique to you and sometimes it's so difficult to lose fat when you're petite but have an athletic/curvy build. i love your content, you're amazing!

Carley LeMahieu

Happy birthday! You are an inspiration!

Khushboo Khatri

Happy birthday ❤️your videos are always inspiring!


I do keto and love it

Humble Daughter

ugh women these days no shame, proud to be immodest and objectified . Disgraceful nude pants, have some dignity!!!

Andrea Salcedo

Hey girl I honestly this is the video I needed! Whenever I lose myself I always come back to your channel and you inspire me so much

Regan Broach

Happy birthday! You inspire me so much. I also haven’t followed any other YouTuber besides you for this many years in a row ! You’re the best

Nina S

You always look fantastic


you keep it so, so real. I love how you always mention what is/isn't sustainable for you...that's so important for me personally (especially as a former college athlete) and your positivity about being mentally strong but sustainable is just so relatable!! love it <3

Vee Plopez

Wow!!! Sam you look great!!!

Layla Darby

Happy birthday Sam.

MaryGaby Andrade

You definitely look amazing! Happy birthday to you! And congratulations on you marriage and future wedding! ❤

Vilma Estrada

The healthy fats are good for your body. I love protein (chicken & seafood), all types of veggies. When I reduce my carbs (breads etc.) my stomach flattens out quicker. The first week is the hardest but after that I can power through it. I always learn new tips from you. Love watching your channel Sam

amy skelton

I'm confused. I thought you already got married?

Jessica Cunningham

amazing tips! Love includig fats to keep me satiated!

Tayder Yang

You totally seem to be glowing in such a different positive way. I’m loving it.

Miceala terry

Happy Birthday Sam!!!


I really appreciated this video. Thank you!
Do you make the hot chocolate right after dinner or do you hold off until later?

Gabby Buycks

Sam how tall are you?

Abigail Valentino

I just ordered my hot chocolate.I’m not even a big fan of chocolate lol.You're just such a realistic person when it comes to health tips I love your videos can’t wait to try it.

Drama Queen's Mum

I really wish I liked working out. I'm definitely not a gym person, but I have always worked out at home. I love pilates. I'm hoping to get back on a routine. You do look great & you have great ideas. Oh, I hate mushrooms. lol. Love tea, but not mushrooms.

Melissa Villegas

Where are your earrings from? So cute!

Amanda McCabe

Cute pants! Where are they from? They Grey joggers....

Victoria Wejko

Love this thanks so much, I have 5 months to a big vacation and I need to get rid of fat in that time. This was super helpful

Ivan Eccles



I'm going to have to see if this will work for me. I'm so sick of my stomach

H&A babes

I'm going to be completely honest with you. I don't always watch your video's however when I do click on one. It lifts my mind up and leaves me feeling so motivated whether I watched a "how to be a girl boss" video or something else

Stephanie Sanchez

Thanks for describing that feeling!! I’ve been consistent with working out and IF for about 3 weeks. Today my mom noticed and asked if I had been working out because I looked thinner ! My postpartum body is still something I have to get used to loving but I’m working every day at it.
Loving the video so far Sam ❤️


Thank you Happy birthday

Debra Roth

I don’t go to the gym at all I do my work outs at our apartment and my husband Alex works out at his me too he has his own heavy weights and does his own work out. I work out five days a week on the morning try to do it in the morning time I have a toddler he’s two and half years old name is tommy

kim sowon

I wonder how u lose weight without losing your breast

Lissette Soto

I’m excited to try these!!!

Ruby Ruelas

Would someone mind listing the tips?

Nicole Edge

I have the same milk frothed & I use the so delicious almond and cashew blend (unsweetened) and it froths amazing!!!!


What would you do to curb salty food cravings or like bread and chips or pizza cravings? I'm not a sweet tooth person but have a big issue with carbs and salt

Sean Cavnah

Where is your black off the shoulder top from?

Carissa Burrows

Happy birthday!!

Alli As Always

Thanks for the daily dose of good vibes, Sam! :)


I'm on a weight loss journey right now and you talking about eating healthy fats made me feel like It wasn't just me who did it! I've always been bigger but not "Big". I just want to stop feeling bloated and tired but this lifestyle change is so hard! Im slowly going to the gym more often and it makes me feel amazing! Anyways hahaha bye for now!

J.J. Day

Thanks for your video today, Sam! I loved knowing that you share a lot of the philosophies regarding the fat issue. Also, I cheered aloud when you mentioned the bloaty-farts you both get!

Vana Bakalian

Am I the only who HATES avocado? // so excited for the wedding btw❤️ and great video!

Celeste Rizza

Where did you find the big basket behind you??

Eritze Montoya

Hi Sam! Make an updated workout video!

Kanani Karasaki

what are those cozy pants you wear to bed? i need those

Elaine Johnson

Your hair looks great. What are your tips

syd dukes

They were out of the hot chocolate but I got chai tea and coffee :) So excited!


I second the tea tip! I started drinking it about a month ago and definitely helps me stop craving snacks! ❤

Bren G

Happy Birthday!!! Love your content always

Aysha Analeise

Currently 7 months pregnant so I’m looking very large, but I can’t wait to use these tips to lose my baby weight

Elizabeth Hutchison

where's your black top from?? Luv you

Yasmin Africa

I legit create this same drink using cacao powder, almond milk, and honey. Occasionally, I’ll add vanilla extract.


is it unhealthy that for trying to lose weight I'm eating ALOT less and even if I'm really really hungry I don't eat and I fun on yogurt for 8 1/2 hours ????

madelyn grace

You're literally glowing!<3

B Muniz

You turn me onto the best health products I would Never see in my small town. Thank you!

Alissa Coffey

Cute, we have the same birthday <3 Your shoulders are POPPING, thanks for the tips!