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Curling iron I used and size:

Araya Smith

My day gets so much better when you post a video

D.I.Y Dolls

Subscribe everyone to my channel

Navkeerat Jawanda

you have such amazing hair. Also, another great hair/body product is argan oil. I get it from the ogx brand, and it is supposed to be used for hair, but I put it on my skin, and it leaves my skin really soft and glowing. And it helps your hair stay nice and shiny, soft, and it strengthens it too. <3

Madeline Leon

Thank you for making this video!! I have extremely curly hair, and since you started your no heat challenge I have been keeping my hair in braids while it’s wet and it’s making my hair grow so much! I colored my hair black a while ago, and I’m starting to see my natural color shine through, and my curls to weigh down! Love you so much!

callie coletti

What brand of shower head filter do you use? Im looking for one. Thank you for your amazing videos! Your hair is gorgeous!

Brittany Halford

You and Milabu convinced me on the Dyson airwrap and my husband got me one for Christmas! I love it so much.


seriously how are you so stunning

Behind the Chair with Darlene Dagostino

I would get a turbo twisty to put your hair in after washing. It absorbs more water and is not as heavy so it won’t pull on your wet hair. I have been a cosmetologist for 30 years and I wouldn’t dry my hair without it

Laurel Gonz

Wujuuuuuu! New video, finally


What did you use when you air dry it?

Zeyna Nd

You should use serum first and oil last because oil seals off the skin, the serum can't get through.

Russia Zamarripa

I just ordered your rose quartz necklace!! I’ve been obsessed with it for the longest

samantha Buckson

I love new hair style it suits you well


Sam!! What do you do with your hair when you’re going to sleep? I find that when I’m sleeping is when my hair gets most oily and sooo messy it’s hard to come back from in the morning. What do you do??

Alexi Benner

been looking forward to this video all day

what Cheap

Hi sweety❤️ Revlon Hair Dryer & Volumizer only $28 :

Elena Fit

OMG I just get so genuinely happy and excited when I get a notification about your videos!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
You’re definitely one of the my MOST favorite youtubers and just women I look up to and want to learn from

CalebAndrea Zylstra

I do do most of these tips too! For years now...

amanda velez

Your hair is so gorgeous


Ok you’re spot on with heat protectant! It’s a scam lol... I watched one of Malibu’s videos and she and her husband did a test on real hair extensions with a strand with heat protectant and one without and the one with heat protectant broke off first

Ashley Cruz



When my energy feels a bit off, I watch your videos. It always helps my headspace. I've been sick for a week and my mental health has been affected by me not being able to be physically active and outside. I love watching your videos when I'm in a bit of a funk, they just have really cleansing energy that I can't explain. <3

Hannah Faith

i love your hair


Do you respond to the negative comments or do you just ignore them?

Amanda 23

I’m guilty, I mean 15 min with you is good, but I could watch you also for an hour and more ☀️❤️

Parveen Sohal

Hi Sam! I just wanted to say you have such a genuinely uplifting vibe!!! You always put me in a better mood ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for all the positive energy =)

Anna Marschall

Where did u get your towel

Tab Taylor

I love your videos!

Kelly James

Love your videos! You radiate such positive energy and are so authentic, its just so nice to see and definitely has a ripple effect


I wish I could get into a hair style routine. Makeup and Hair styling stresses me out!

melanie mitchell

Love you, but brushing dry hair is the absolute worst thing you can do (especially if you have curls) you should look up the curly girl method. It has restored my hair to a whole another level.

Myka Stauffer

Your hair always looks so beautiful!

D.I.Y Dolls

Great vid!

Stephanie Vidal

Your Are insane freaking brushing dry hair dry hair


What do you think of double shampooing? I do it every time I shampoo my hair. I feel like the second time lathers up more and so many hairdressers have told me to double shampoo. Hair doesn’t get oily as quickly. First wash to lift the dirt, second wash to cleanse the dirt, then condition. You have thicker hair than mine so you might not need for the oily part but give it a go!

Caitlin Dunne

Your hair and skin are always looking flawless and beautiful ❤

Gabby Goo

You are like if Ashley Tisdale and Jessie James Decker had a baby lol you are so pretty!


Great video! What shampoo do you use?

Katrina Kelly

Yey gorgeous!!!!! X

Nikki Standley

I only wash my hair twice a week as I have long hair, just below my bra but sometimes I only wash it once too. I’ve always had long hair and let the natural oils do their thing. Love you curls/waves, I’m just rubbish at the

Kimberly Holzerland

What do you do the next day after you sleep on it? Do you have to touch up with a curling iron? Do you use product to give your hair fullness again? From my experience curls go limp after sleeping on it in a low ponytail. Then you also get that crease in your hair from the hair tie. Please explain what you do each morning for a week. Also if you try to curl hair with product in it such as hair spray you end up burning the hair, and it gets crispy lol.. what do you do?


What shower head/filter do you have? I have been looking at some but I’m not sure which kind to buy. Do you have to replace the filter on it?


Hey Sam! How do you wear your hair to bed every night?

Giselle Rhruby

What is pretty water?

Bridget Carroll

My favorite YouTuber!! Love you Sam ❤️


Yes! Needed this!

Jacqui Cohen

Love your videos, Sam! Your youtube channel is by far my absolute favourite and I always look forward to your videos!! I was wondering if you normally eat breakfast before or after your morning workouts??
Thanksssss <3

Kate ♡

Sam is such a pure and kindhearted soul <3

anamm khan

Yesss finallyyy!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️

Ashton Koontz

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Courtney Cronje

Sam! Please please tell me where you got the pink top in the beginning of the vid? X

Genavieve C

What’s your favorite salon now since you moved to California ?

Jocelyn Burgett

This video is awesome! I know you love natural clean products but what kind of house hold cleaners do you use. I use a variety of different products. But my favorite cleaning products come from meleluca!

Karley Cagle

What body care do you use? Natural stuff or like bath and body?


How do you keep your armpits so white?

Lacy Henry

What everyday face wash do you use?

Lexie Rose

What’s the name of your all modern white chair in your guest bedroom?? I neeeed it

Naomi Edgell

Sammm!!! It has been so long since I tuned in & I am really missing you! And girl, that outfit is cuteeee.
This was seriously helpful. I love using a hair straightener to curl my hair because I always get those crimps in it that cause my hair to break. I feel like our hair texture and thickness is very similar. And I've been trying a new routine where I only wash my hair and style once a week , if I can. I stopped using a lot of hair shampoos and conditioners because of the things in it and have been using just shampoo on my roots and then spreading it down as I rinse, to wash the product out of my hair. I haven't used conditioner except a tiny bit. And when I get out a put about a dime size of hair repair leave in conditioner in while its still wet. Then after it air drys I style it. And honestly, I was expecting a lot of breakage and stuff. But it has been so soft, so easy to style & stays that way longer, and it has grown so much! So I'm backing everything you did!
PS: your hair looks so cute as well! Much love

Jen Sweet

I’m finally first

CRuby M

Have you ever thought about trying a keratin treatment ?

Love What I Do Do What I Love

I recently started just shampooing my scalp only too!

Brandy G

Omg watching tv while watching this and the commercial is for south beach diet. You look just like Jessie Decker!!!

Angelica Moore

Love you sis

areeje Y

I had such a bad day today but watching your video has made me feel better I know it sounds silly but you have such a calming and cheerful voice thanks soo much u don't realise how much u can make a difference in someone's life ♡

Regan Broach

I know you’re trying to grow your hair back to when it was really long and healthy. I would think about what your hair routine was when your hair was growing/ how you were maintaining it :)

Rebecca May

you look like May from New Girl


Yayyyy! Made my nightttt! xx

Sofiji Water

Ahh shes back

Maria M

Your so sweet and beautiful, love your videos! Your teeth look so perfect, do you have veneers?


When i notice build up on my hair from gel, a leave in product or honestly even sweat from working out I rinse my hair with ACV or add a little to my hand with shampoo


Why do u put the band on and put your hair in a bun while you are in the shower?


Okurrrrrr Sammy

Jackie B

So much love for your videos!!!

Paige Kaiser

you really do have beautiful hair Sam!!

Ashraf Daradkeh

You're so pretty ❤️❤️
I love your thick hair.
Keep the


Pro Tip (for washing): Doing a double cleanse using your shampoo can be extremely beneficial, and is a method used by many hairstylists. The first wash should be focused on the roots and rinsed through the ends to remove oil at the scalp and most of the product build-up, and you will see it won’t foam up very much. Once you rinse that out, you will find that your second wash will be much easier. The shampoo will lather easily, spread through the hair without much effort, and you won’t have to do as much scrubbing, which can cause breakage. Also, if you use salon quality shampoo, not only will you have to use less because they are generally much more concentrated, but also it’s not likely that it will dry your hair out, especially if you have a proper haircare routine.

Kim Nham

“Less is more.” Love that! I totally agree with you about the dry shampoo. I’ve heard the same thing! Your hair is always so beautiful! I can’t believe you only wash once a week! I have extremely oily hair so I wash every other day but I’m trying to go longer. Thanks for all your awesome tip!! Love you girl! ✨


Dry hair is not stronger. De- angle in the shower after conditioning

Genesis Ortiz

What camera do you use?❤️

Saoirse Stapleton

Hey Sam, can you make a video about the Law or Attraction, specifically for if you don’t actually know what you want? Because I know that I want something, something that will make me happy, but I don’t actually know what it is so I can’t find the motivation to do things like eat healthy, work out, and study. Thank you :)

samantha Buckson

Glad to be part of the samily family

Constance Lindsey

Hi! Does hair mousse dry your hair out? I have thick long hair and just started using mousse and my hair has become very dry lately...not sure if its the heater- winter on the east coast...or my shampoo or the mousse but my hair has become really dry and full of static! Aarrggggggg!

sherry f

Thank you for this video. I cannnotttttt curl my hair with a clip. And watching this today, something just clicked. Boom

Alicia Phillips

:( your code does not work

Jen Dodson

Hey Sam, what hair brush are you using? My hair is really dry... especially the top layer I’ve been doing weekly coconut oil treatments and that seems to help


I love you so much :"

Maria k

Where did you get the shower filter from ?

destiny murray

I never use heat only on holidays do I actually put in effort

Alyssa Carter

How often do you trim your ends? ❤ thanks for the routine!