Minecraft, but Item Drops Keep Multiplying

Minecraft, but Item Drops Keep Multiplying

1 628 567 views | 21 Nov. 2019


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Not an Original Idea, credit goes to the two below:

Dream's Original Video (check it out):

"Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time..."


Phoenix SC's Datapack Video (check it out):

"Minecraft but Items Drops Keep Multiplying [Datapack]"


This is minecraft, but all item drops are multiplied! Credit to the two guys above, Dream's idea, and Phoenix's Item Drops Multiply datapack. The rules are simple... breaking blocks double item drops, and breaking blocks increases item drops. Is it possible... beating minecraft when item drops multiply? That is the question I seek to answer today!


"G'day guys, my name is WadZee"



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...minecraft but item drops are random, next???

Alexander Knodel

Blursed ender pearls at 12:00


Wadzee it would have taken 5 minutes with handbrake to convert the file...

Alexis Martinez

one whole year ago already

Oliver the sunflower

Ah yes, PhOeNIx xD

gaming with U

9:36 64 ender pearls

Leo Kirby

I love how when u got the ender pearls it gave u 64 when the actual total is normally 16

Jeffjeff Jeff

Car a is a bitch

Ebals Album

facts: when he killed an enderman and dropped pearls it showed not 16 per slot but 64 per slot

Eryk Eryk

Did i hear "Phoenix XD" or am I just stupid ....

brag Fox


ofisial gaal

lmao he shouted dream out.

Matthew Davis

The aberrant bengal finally embarrass because sunshine peroperatively trip including a shut rise. unbiased, necessary fiction


it’s weird that dream gained 10s of millions of subs in 1 year...

mine_ gamez

Wah wah week have no fire content. Because all your videos are the BEST

Maxwell Schneider

5:00 why didn't you just kill the iron golem for iron

Scavor TheSpaceCowboy

Dream be like: oops! Guess im just lucky

Hadrien Lackner

you could've just killed the iron golem lol

Lukas Babcanik

12:00 what is that? Enderpearls stacked to 64. Wadzee you are hacker

SuperFan Nbr1

au moins t'a vu:

2 Forteress du Nether

1Forteress de L'Overworld


When wadzee was making wood planks he could’ve made only 4 and placed one and when he breaks it it will be 6 stacks


why does the video look so terrible

Minecraft Survival Series

hi I'm a small Minecraft youtuber uploading

quality content with 3 subs if u subscribe it would really mean a lot thanks


Crazy seeing dream at 902k subs he grew so fast - I was subbed to him before he had 100k

Derrick Sun

9:38 ender pearl 64 not 16omg


One thing the ores multiplied so shouldn't killing mobs and mining ores give lots off xp

Иван Ведерников

Why you don’t killed iron golem in village cause u can multiply iron because it’s 100% chance of dropping 2 iron from iron golem?

Barky Tron

wadzee: we need coal before we can smelt anything
his inventory: i have a billion wood blocks here you can use me

Meatshit Mountain

You really went about this challenge in a very weird way. It's very triggering to watch.


BTW if u kill the iron golem u got infinite iron


u cheated

Annelit Varela

How your cool Wadzee you wadzee and Dream r good Youtuber’s

rajesh sharma

Hey wadzee do a challenge in which all crafting recipes are swapped or changed


“Since when are nether fortress’s this rare’’
1.16 giggles

Patrick Viney

"And Pheonix XD

fish 603

Wadzee: it isn't that hard to find a fortress.
1.17: hehe boi


You should have cooked the pig with the lava before you killed it

Owen Zhang

Hold up 64 ender pearls

Arka Purusatama

I Appreciate that Tell Who Inspires you and The Datapack #WatchNoSkip


Can Someone Tell Me What Was The Name Of The Song He Used At 3:56

Kirstin Repass

i tried it at home:/


The tyler1 machine gun is such cringe it’s in ever video


When dream only had 1mil subs

Luciferone99six Ign

I got bored so I'm re watching all your videos

TheFly1nggEye x

Cant believe this was in 2019


Why u didnt Killed iron golem lulw

Oliver the sunflower

He could have duped items by putting them into a chest and breaking the chests!

Vihaan Vijayvargiya

Ur a cheater


this was his first time cheating

Car Shel

Cheats were on...

Juliana Tryba

Did anybody else see the 3 STACKS of 64 enderpearls in his inventory at 9:38?

Ning Lun

i love your vids


I say it at the end of the video, but sorry for the visual quality being poor in this video, I messed up with my OBS settings as I was in a rush!
Next video will be crisp I promise xx

Justin Gaming

9:39 64 ender pearls

Meatshit Mountain

Why didn't you kill that golem in the village for iron?????


9:39 cursed Minecraft pearls?!?!


What was the seed for the first world with the illager tower

Eryk Eryk

U have 2.14 mil and u did face reweal wtf

electric eagle

Woah, dream with less than 1 mil


11:47 every among us lobby

Game for fun

Lol, if you just mine 8 blocks of wood and then kill iron golem
Big Brain

Jafar Nayouf

Pheonix Xd?

Onni the gamer

Why you din't kill the Iron golem to get like More than four stack of iron

The Name 1708

Pls tell me how do it on bedrock

Paridhi Chawla

"We are gonna need coal though before we start Smelting"
Wood:- Am I a joke to you?


This would be perfect for 7 year old me creating a cobblestone castle

Oof King

I found a vid where he accidentally showed his for for 2 seconds



Rohit Singh

Hey in this video enderpearl stacks up to 64 that's illegal

Slime Monster

5:09 you should've broken the chest, you would have been full diamond so early

ishra the gamer


Swiggo Swampert

He did not killed iron Golem


Why you didn’t use wood for furnaces


If anybody noticed there are 64 enderpearl stack 9:38


Ninko 1020

money add then multiply


Just a year ago dream was at 902k but now he’s at 15 mil...

dead_ wolf

12:00 64 ender pearls? that's ilegal


Did anyone else saw that in the begging he could have just killed the golem instead of mining lol

Rexford Pan

When you realize that the ender pearls stack up to 64.

That's not right....

kingcrab 4

9:38 did anyone see that in those stacks of ender pearls were 64 not 16

Raman Yadav

That's why this vedio is so blur

Annabel Diggle

did u realise there were 64 pearls in a stack

B kid’s 479

That’s do illegal when you had three stacks of 64 pearls!? Your only able to hold 16

Daniel Luksic

You are big cheater

The Name 1708

How do this on bedrock?


I just realized that you could use 9 iron to do the Block and then break the Block and have thousands of already smelted iron

Paddy- Cake

New challenge---
Complete minecraft without using cheats

Sameer Chatani

Mine ancient debris with this i mean like ur netherite beacon would be so easy

Ace Studio2

Lol dream


Wadzee cheater


when dream was only 900K subs

Evelyn Quezada

Uhhhh he has a stake of ender purls

Randomly selected Tie Fighter

Why does he have cheats enabled

James Jerico Sainz

Finding iron isnt hard thing. Kill the iron golem haha

Owen Lind20

pheonix XD

shiba inu boi

dream had 900k subs

Jared Dato

Wait what? 64 ender pearls is that a bug?


Imagine finding ancient debris-

Jesse Rua

“Phoenix XD”

Sorry but still it’s funny

) : )


You could have just used the wood for fuel


Man really went looking for iron when he could have just got iron ingots from the iron golem