10 Fighters Who Made Absolutely Ridiculous Excuses For Losing

10 Fighters Who Made Absolutely Ridiculous Excuses For Losing

667 139 views | 15 Nov. 2020

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Guy sounds like he belongs on the announcers desk lmao

One Time Bear

In all fairness to Jonny 'Moans' Jones, the 12-6 elbow rule is stupid.

Chase Commenter

Bob fox with the cameo

0% Liberal

Update...Tony Ferguson is now on this list after the Olivara fight..

the Anomaly

Love watching Diego Sanchez lose.. especially after the Matt Brown Knock out.. beat moment ever

Mr Dipz Gaming

I know this man didn’t just say raw beef was ok to eat (ecoli much??)

Tom Burley

Fucking GSP... how can ya not love that dude lol

Marvin Lewis

Spinal- Mike tyson

Matt mck19

naw people do that to food that even happens in 12u states baseball lmao

Paul Gencuski

Nobody goes into fight night 100% healthy?


Mike did break that guy's back...


Love the Game Of Thrones bits

Wilson Eckert

I love MMA WatchMojo

Jason Swanson

So what you're saying is you're LYINGGGGG

MR Yamaha

Mike tyson my back broken conor my foot is broken


Logan Paul: “I woke and sneezed 3 times”


I broke my back. My back is broken. Spinal.

Hazel Bell

A broken foot is a ridiculous excuse? Ok lmao


I agree with Joe, it's crazy they interview KO'd fighters. The only time I've ever had the shit kicked out of me bad enough to be out the first thing I remember is walking down the street 5 minutes later as my friends are trying to explain I got shit kicked.

Sam Martinez

That fried green tomatoes reference was hilarious

Bo Ansiel

Play the all the Sound bites

robert solimanm

Love your vids tommy toe hold

Dead Man

I didnt see khabib losing that round, I think it was the third he supposedly lost.

Luke Vickery

Why do u have to talk so long just play the clips


Add a future spot for Logan Paul in 2021


"Smoking Dick Pill" would be an awesome band name.

Gary Angel

The rampage one reminds me of nick saying someone drugged his IV before the GSP fight

krystian d

The cool thing about Chael P. Sonnen is that he never had to make any excuses. Undefeated & undisputed.


The Infamous Dick Pills Excuse, Jones at his best. I gotta use that when my rent is late..Srysly I don't have the money because of Dick Pills, Landlord "Yeah I can see that, ok we'll let it slide till next month"

fatal X claw

when saint piere said the abuduction gamma joke; thats ironic cause he has been busted for doping.


Overeem should not be on this list.....when your clock gets cleaned you tend to lose reality for a bit.

Christian hockx

no excuse accepted other than Logan Paul who sneezed 3 times


Gotta love GSP's sense of humor

Khanyisa Ncamiso

What about Colby Covington after losing to Kamaru usman

Butter Chuggins

I totally would have won but you attacked me all wrong


“I woke up and sneezed three times” - Logan Paul


Comment 1000!!!!

The Protestor

1000th comment

Shyann Hodson

I honestly thought stipe tapped I was like nooooooooo

Austin Trumbull

“I woke up and sneezed 3 times”

Yogesh Rao

How and when did Mc Chicken win a round on Khabib?

Vexana's cursed zombie


Joe D

"I clearly felt the tap... against my face repeatedly"

fatal X claw

i have a cracked skull from a young age, its healed but feels odd around my left eyebrow and up towards the "widows peak"

Salmon Stone

This video deserves some kind af an award. It's fucking hilarious

Mark G

You love jon jones? I shall never subscribe now


U forgot logan paul's excuse of sneezing 3 time's

Bosco _ FPS

Poor poor Tito. He is a bonkers person.

Javi Car

Hey , try not to use clips that will spoil shows like at 3:04 . I mean I finished the show already but some people haven’t

Will Reese

Trump after the election 4:19

Yaku Tone

Too much editing, and your voice is annoying

stephen cohen

Rampage was fucked with in Japan they are nuts over there FFS the Yakuza were involved.

Moe Ga

I think khabib broke his 2 weeks before fighting justin and still beat him

Landon Miles

GSP is just the best. He just is.

Rickwon Fraser

I’m pretty sure Brock Lesnar is the most popular fighter in MMA history not Conor McGregor

Michelle Wei

Every time the Chicago Bears would win... you would always hear sports commentators talk up the reasons why the other team lost. I was always like "come on now... give Chicago some credit!!!" Nope.. they never did.

Neon Black

The Big Nog one isn't that bad, not sure why it's so high on the list, he literally would go for a submission over GnP, which was a stupid decision but he is always more likely to go for submission above all else

Salvitori Popadillo

I lived and worked at a little sports supplement shop on Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach. One day, two guys came in. One of them was Tito Ortiz. End of story.


c'mon, doesn't dom cruz deserves at least a honorable mention?

The Trickster

My foot was like a ballewn

Iker Angel

Why is there more movie clips than actual fight clips

Gamer - Elder Scrolls and others

Ummmm, just curious, this says losses, Jon Jones only loss is the dq due to the 12-6 elbow because he allegedly didn’t know the rules which is believable cause he hadn’t been fighting for long, but the Cormier fight was called a no-contest, not a loss


I sneezed three times was good I heard

shane striegel

the notorious balloon foot.......connor megregor

Leslie Burke

And Logan Paul said " I sneezed 3 times before the fight"

Talal -

Sorry i sneezed 3 times


This guys talks way too fast.


How great is Jon Jones?

- In a compilation full of fighters making excuses to a loss in the cage, his wasn't an excuse to a loss.

Rogue Comedian

"Beef tar tar" sounds nasty as hell.
Thats what rich white people be eating??
Nah I'm good.

bob orton

"accumulative smeshing" LMAO

K Mash

Stipe tapped


I feel like tj dillashaw wouldn’t have been a bad addition to this list

Jackson Savre

12-6 elbows are stupid tho


Some of these might not be complete excuses they might just be delusional memory due TO BEING KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS

Preston Boling

& they booed him like he was from cincinnati

Jehandad Ali Khan

The way Dana stepped in to stop Jones and Gustafsson, should be a meme template.

Khaotic Biggy

U cant blame tiki for his excuse he has no memory bc he just got knocked out same with overeem

Graffiti Redd

“Ive been sick all week, first thing I did when I woke up this morning was sneeze. THREE TIMES.”

travis wamer

I believe the poison theory Yakuza use to own pride or there were allegations at least

3xtra Terrestrial

Aw man I hate getting bad tar tar


10: Deontay Wilder
9: Deontay Wilder
8: Deontay Wilder
7: Deontay Wilder
6: Deontay Wilder
5: Deontay Wilder
4: Deontay Wilder
3: Deontay Wilder
2: Deontay Wilder
1: Deontay Wilder


jacob de villiers

Wilder will still go down for the 2 worst excuses in fighting history ( The fact that he changed his lies) .Lost ALL respect for the Bronze Boner.

Mason Blake



We all know Conor did not win a round against Khabib


Everything was fine until you started talking shit about the tartare steak, nah dude too far


overeem should come up with a better excuse about his deflated body

stephen cohen

That Knobend Karo P he had that bullshit with NATE DIAZ on TUF he was Mannys cousin and even he thought he was a knob.Too Good MY GOD and of course TOTO is on here

Angelo Viorel

1000 comment

touge hero

maybe if Conor McGregor didn't use his foot to cheat through the whole fight by cleaning onto the cage he wouldn't have broke it.

Poetic Thoughts

My Foot Was A Balloon , My Foot Was A Balloon

Aziz_ The king

1:45 whats the name of that film?? Plzzz

xristos mangekyo

i am here for Costas excuses hahaha

Oscar Rodriguez

Only one person (woman) can ever describe themselves or an injury as a balloon


'If he did have a cracked skull, it healed like fucking Wolverine' I had to stop myself from shooting water up my nostrils! xD

Thomas Bangtson

I woke up, sneezed three times

MMA Shorts

Khabibs foot was also broken

appowz 1337

Nothing better than „I sneezed 3 times”

Carlos Lugo

Motivated Conor could take all ten spots in this ranking.

Garrett Roland

I mean shit look at titos head