Renovated House Tour

Renovated House Tour

114 754 views | 1 Feb. 2020

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Today I'm excited to finally share our 2020 home tour with you.

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Love your aesthetic! Where is your couch from?

Special K



Beautiful home! You all did a great job with the renovations. We are considering adding faux beams to the ceilings but I'm concerned that it will make the space feel too cozy. How tall are your ceilings in the family room?

Nina Jo

I looooove.....

Jen MV

3 things I love
1. All the plants
2. The bench in the master bedroom. Cool that it's on the side of the room rather than at the end of the bed.
3. I love the little tiny bench with plant in the bathroom. Cute!

Maria Platzer

Beautiful home.

MomDas Life Handmade

I really like how you decorated your home. I am visiting this video for the second time and loved it even more.


Pud idddd doff and puddddidddd off

Chelsea Frances

omg I absolutely love those DIY beams you did! Definitely do a tutorial on those! pretty please.

hamida moudir

Nice home

lisa oliver

Beautiful! Truly blessed. Suggest dark green for bathroom ascent wall or wall paper. Not a big commitment! Lol!

Roxana Ramirez

Your home is exactly how I want my home to look like! Finally someone I can relate too! ❤️

Katya Bannikova

Beautiful! you did amazing job!

Алексей Прокопов

Стильно и уютно!

Sabach Sa

Piękny dom ale dlaczego nie posadzisz żywych kwiatów
te plastikowe są okropne. Sorry


Katie, you are a natural when it comes to interior design, spacing, color and neutral cohesion while adding beautiful accent pieces that compliment it altogether. Love your style and knack for combining Boho Chic with contemporary, and mid century modern decor. You inspire me!

Monica Molina

Very nice house


It look 100% better!!! Good looked like a old lady house. Very creative.

Patricia Coetzer

Love your home, looks so fresh and bright.


Nice work, beautiful home. Where did you get your back frame and how big is it?


Your home is beautiful.

Farah Riaz

V nice. Excellent choice, especially the wooden decoration items n baskets. ♥

reyna ayala

Would love to see a video on those DIY Beams!!

Treniece Harris

Where did you purchase the fireplace in the family room? It looks amazing

Soraya Bejar

Hello from Australia. Beautiful home Katie. A perfect blend of modern & vintage. You've done a great job making it warm, cozy & inviting. I love your channel!

Eve Gem

Where did you get the hats on your bedroom wall ?

Pineapple DECOR

Wow very nice transformation, natural tones are win!


Your home is a beautifully styled and serene space. Be Blessed

Ruth Goddard

Wow cool home.beautiful and so homey


Love your interior


Where is the dining table set from?

Mukhamed Ismoilov

Real plants would have truly made the space look like home, instead of those plastic fakes.

Plumer CRS

Wow! Very nice! I love all of the wood elements. Your taste is simple and your house is clean and well put together.

SportAngel V


vinita dew

Its beautiiiiiiiiiiifullllllllll......

Rom Tom

What a phenomenal transformation. Great job! Please tell me where the master bath rug is from.

Cristal Sanchez

Hermoso! Your decor is exactly what I what in my new apartment. Please, please do the tutorial for the beams. Besos y Abrazos

tanarki Nicholson

where is your dining room table from? it is so pretty!

Miriam M.

Finally a realistic family home. Beautiful and practical. Well done! Thanks for the inspiration!

Zoe Sognon

I was like "wow that entryway tile wall must have been expensive and difficult to put up" and then i found out it was paint marker and I was FLOORED! It looks so good! I'll definitely have to try this one day!

benaiche benyamina

Wow! It's beautiful.

Sherrell Jefferson

hi Katie,
thank you for this look into your home. Your home is absolutely beautiful and the size is perfect. I've been looking for some thrift finds that go with this exact look. You've given me some great ideas!

Patricia Poole

Your home looks beautiful you’re decorating with them natural elements is great

Win Win

Wow, everything looks so beautiful, good job!


Applaud ya, so amazing

Kathy Vang

I just love everything you’ve done! Looks so warm and inviting.


This is one of the best home tours on Youtube. You are so creative and imaginative. You make it look so effortless and cohesive. Your designs/style is a work of art. LOVE IT! TFS

Rose Young

I would love to see how you did the beams please. Your house is beautiful

Michelle Tran

Where is your dining table from?

coral gomez


Sabrina See

DIY beam plz and Thank You

Lisa K

Your house is AMAZING

Tiny Acorn

Loved what you guys did with the place! It looks so good! New subscriber here

Siphelele Sibobi

Love how you did this house tour... Not explaining to much about where you bought the items...

Nikki Bloedel

Absolutely love it! There's no better way to ground yourself within your home than adding some bohemian-themed elements. If anybody wants to add some boho-flair to their home I suggest you check out

Lc Bell

I just subscribed the thumbnail gave me peace

Hope H*

Attention to detail is home is made up of beautiful items from charity shop's...And because I haven't spent loads of money when I feel like a change i pass it onto family or take it back ...and change my decore..Blessings

Varinder Kaur

Pls let us know to DIY beams

maude's diary

pretty home and not overly decorated

Barb Frank

Absolutely beautiful. I'm 69 yrs old and really enjoyed how you put so much love and simplicity into your home. Little Lady has such a welcoming reprieve to come too.

Tabitha Washington

Beautiful!!!! Beautiful balance of old and new without looking aged so modern and beautiful.

Larimer Family Vlogs

I just found you today and I’m obsessed with your home

Aparna Kulkarni

Lovely house!!

Win Win

Want to see how did you DIY the bins?


This decor is beautiful!


Yes!! Please post a diy on the beams

The Life of Pye

Your home is so beautiful! All of your thrifted furniture is lovely too. I'm renovating my home at the moment and documenting the journey on my channel too, I cant wait to be able to do a final house tour like this soon

Terry Elisabeth Organizing & Finances

Hi Katie. Your video showed up in my feed and I'm glad I clicked. You did a great job with your place!

Mommy Garcia

One of the best home tour ever ! No excessive gabbing ! Gorgeous boho home decor ! Great job !!

Cory Wersinger

Gorgeous. What color is the paint in your beautiful home?

Janae Crawford

What flooring color is in your master bath? I love it

Delaney Hoskins

Obsessed! I just subscribed :) you should check out my channel, we have super similar decorating styles and my husband and I remodeled our house too :)

Amran Ibrahim Rashidi

Amazing so natural!

Christine Gutierrez

LOVE this renovation how much was renovations total around with construction, design/architect and the actual decor?

Cecília Nagy

Absolutely beautiful, before-after shots are nicely done.

Ghost Malone

Boho-ly cow! Your style is truly wonderful. Where did you get that rug in the master bathroom?!

Blanchou Barthalot


Amy Hainsworth

Loooove you included before and afters!

Monica's Purple Door


Nolvia Gaspar

Beautiful! Love your style! New subscriber here

Lisa Whitney

Great job! Was the furniture in the before shots yours?

My Style My Home

Your home is beautiful looks so nice and cozy. Love love the beams

KiA 777

where can i get those dining room chairs?


Where did you get the redish bathroom rug from? Love your home! So beautiful!

Sasha George

Hello your home is beautiful!! You did amazing job!! Do mind sharing the paint colors you use


Please show how you did your beams!

Tanisha Ivana

Its really beautiful...

Shamel Stclair

Okay, that wall hanging with what looks like placements and the crossed feather thingys is CUTE! lol

G Mo

Could you please do the diy beams

Prudence Campbell

I love your home. I can’t believe those are thrifted. Natural and clean.

Crystal Mac

Love the decor! If you need fitness tips, check out my channel or just stop by to support!

Linda Wiseman

Looks fantastic! Especially the felt tip pen wall treatment. Do u gave a tutorial on that? Xxx

Kathy O'Rourke

Your house is lovely.

Faiza Septania

Those transformations are just sooo good! Love it!!

Kathryn Owens

So warm and inviting. Katie just like your personality. ❤ So, just curious, you and hubby decided against purchasing that great mid centry home you looked at a while back?

Linda Landry

Yes please do a video for how you do the beams

Sheila B

Love your home Katie !!! I just found you and subscribed. Kudos to you and your hubby for being foster parents. So hard but so rewarding. ♥️♥️♥️

Zlatinka Quinones

Has a mid century feel wow you did a great job



Nancy Barrett

Is there a video on how to diy the grouping above the master bed with placemats if so i'd love the link.
Love to see video on ceiling beams also. Just joined your channel.