Why Dana White and Tyron Woodley Don't Get Along | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

Why Dana White and Tyron Woodley Don't Get Along | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

81 693 views | 12 Dec. 2018

UFC President Dana White recently expressed yet more dissatisfaction with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Yet, White's criticisms aren't exactly fair and worse, seem selective. Why do White and Woodley seem to be if not enemies, certainly incapable of getting along? Here's my theory.

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Man Zample

If there is one thing Dana can’t do, that is hide how he really feels about something. He can’t hide his adoration for Conor. And he surely can’t hide his disdain for Tyron.


Where do I get that shirt??!

emmy lite

Dana is a guy that should be REMOVED from his position immediately ! He really comes across as a arrogant & pompous fool and i think he doesn't see his talent as human beings but as property/cattle !


The intro image doesn't look anything like you, it needs to be fatter and more teddy bear like.

alejandro allen

Cuz Dana is a loud mouth bully and Tyrone is an awkward complainer. There you go everyone.

Horten Ojongtambia

It’s because Woolley is a smart black man who doesn’t kiss ass so higher ups hate people like that. It can appear sometimes Woolley sounds smarter than Dana why I’m sure their conversations end with Dana thinking he is a smart-Ass spoiled brat and Woolley thinks Dana is a hard worker tho; now climbing up tho where Dana is, tends to power-trip and try to control the narrative as his own. A self-serving type of guy though the fans come first. Dana fuckin up tho and now with other MMA platforms coming; UFC will not be the special one but just another one



trev N

He bought himself some time with the good Till fight but the Maia and Wonderboy fights where Boring AF and he probably demanded Huge money even though he is not bringing it in. Who knows what Tyron says behind closed doors. The fact he thinks he is the GOAT WW LOL Though does make me think maybe he is a Pompus ass behind closed doors. He does deserve more though after fighting alot and trying to actually beat Till not just point it out

Poetic Gangsta

DANA will never give Tyron his respect!! Dana hasnt yet gave Tyron any props for destorying his golden boy Daren Till.

Tyron defended his his 4 times more then any male champ at this time. Tyron was right all along its gota be racist treatment.

Giles Merlin

Dana White is an egomaniac that gets off on financially subjugating a company of men that could kill him with their barehands in seconds.

beslan daur

Two ads in 10 minuets are kidding me Luke


It should be able the fighters needs and not Dana White's needs and let's be clear dana's need don't always align with the UFC needs as he has disagreements with fighters that could be avoided.

el taierrible

Dana just hates people who can think for themselves


Lot's of BS comments coming from people like ME, who also don't know the facts (news flash - we never will)... sometimes 2 people just don't get along. It's really that simple. Move along, nothing to see here. If Dana doesn't like Tyron, wgaf... It happens.

Ollie C

Where's that Diaz tee from?


its not always the ufc,its fans too, ty wants super fights,he said that,there are no super fights at 170,ty beats everyone at 170,plus ty is a complainer, he needed to fight at 185 ,ty walks aroud at 200 anyway....tys super fight is whitticker.....no one want gsp fight


That's why I hate Dana White. He is a promoter!!! He should be on the same level as the other promoters. Not in charge on the whole fucking show!!! I am slowly loosing interest in the UFC because of little boy white trying to put on big boys shoes. I actually won't buy a UFC ppv until he's gone.


Tyron doesnt do what dana wants and his fights are boring thats why

Cody R

Tyron Woodley isn’t a draw because of his attitude. Being lectured all time about how everyone is racist towards him isn’t a good way to get the UFC fans to like him imagine that

Kenneth Jackson

Conor fought all those times because he needed the money he wasn’t as big yet

steven claggion jr

Thanks for the explanation it fills in all the blanks in a complete way. Even of you are off a bit this makes sense and I also think tyron is right


Dana is just not a good boss, his a bully!!

He should be thanking Woodley.

No drama
Family man
Fight analyst
Massive following
Delivers knockout par the Mia fight, Mia is straight up boring lol

Dana is a bully end of !!!!

Wasup Fool

Dana always throws his fighters under the bus when they don’t kiss his ass. Started with Randy Couture.


1). Robbie lawler was not champion when he fought RDA.
2). Tyrone waited and sat out for 2 years to fight Robbie lawler for the title.
3). If you become champion for the first time, they do not strip you of the belt for a year.
4). Dominic Cruz is the only champion who has been humble enough to not complain about being stripped of the belt. He did not want to hold up the division.
5). I believe that if 5 months have past. You haven't defended the title. There should be an interim title.

Captain Sunday

Elefant in the room that Luke does his best to talk around. Tyron is a boring personality and boring fighter. This video could have been 30 seconds long.


Not defending Dana but Tyrone is a little stooge snitch for mentioning other fighters by name. You don't need to bury other fighters just to prove your point in the Dana beef.


Dana really hates Tyron, sometimes people hate each other and there's not much to it. Childish behavior by Dana as always.


Dana messed up
233 was a good card.

William Mullinax

Tyron definitely has earned a pass in my opinion. One of the most active champions .

jim Assalone

Sorry, everybody fights hard and often on the way up. Once they are Champion things change. McGregor refused to defend his belts once he got them and it was all about him. Name one black fighter That Dana White has a bond with. Cormier because he plays the game but even now Cormier is doing what Cormier wants not Dana White.


Tyron is black and Dana is white, what is there not to understand???

Bvmbøø Spl!ff

All the answers u seek lead to racism

Reggie Rightwing

Luke Thomas is a fukn parasite. Who listens to this dummy ?


Tyron for One Championship

Scott 300

Well, Luke tried to put it as politically correct as possible rather than just stating the facts. Everything that is happening to Tyron has been brought on by himself. Constantly being a drama queen, pulling the race card and always crying "why me". He's a great athlete and fighter, but the image he portrays reflects a sense of entitlement with a certain cockiness/smugness that just doesn't go over well with the fans or the boss. Every fighter and most hardcore fans know that Dana loves it when fighters are blowing up his phone looking to fight and that anywhere, anytime attitude, but when he has to chase fighters and has constant issues with negotiations, he's going to let be known. Whether right or wrong, he's the boss, and if you want special treatment, you better not piss off the boss. There are so many examples of this with the fighters: Diaz brothers and GSP are big draws and make a lot of money for the company, but are hard to deal with so they are frowned upon. Joanna, DC, & Max are also big draws, but they are easy to work with and take all the fights hence they are praised. Sure, they are all independent contractors, but if you want to play in UFC's sandbox, there are some stipulations that may warrant swallowing your pride like in mostly every company on earth.

Q Tip

Dana doesn't like fighters who push back...Tyron is outspoken and he's black....That's why dana doesn't like him

GHOST _4466

Tyron should come out wearing a shirt that says "DANA IS MY BITCH" in his next fight at the weigh ins


Cuz hes black


Does anyone know where to get Luke's shirt???

don't deny my righteousness truth

It's ridiculous to think they have a bad relationship because of Woodley. White acts like Woodley doesn't fight. When he is active. He's a dominant champion. They put him against the toughest matchups rightfully so. Did he put McGregor against all the best challenges? People kill me with the it's not about race. You really believe that? So black men get the benefit of doubt.

Matt Brown

Lol @ Luke using clips from Ariel's show since no one goes on either of his shows.

Liberty Biased

Tyron has notn4 times in the last 12 months....

Geoff Brown

I think arguing is just how Dana and Tyron communicate with each other.


I asked Luke where he got the shirt, and he said "Nowhere, I'm afraid. It's a personal design. Not for sale".

Very sad

David G

It's simple, DW doesn't like whiners, and Tyron can't open his mouth without playing the victim, and whining about something. Tryon brings all of this shit on himself.

Tampa Montana Beats

It’s really simple
Tyrone has no equal
His only rival is Dana White
He smoked all competition
The Dana Beef is The Rivalry
It’s basically keeping tyrone relevant
All publicly is good Publicity ⚠️

Daniel Kirkman

Champion versus Champions killing the sport
It ties up two Champions
two divisions

Gregory Cardullo

Tyron is one of the best fighters and his personality has been better. But those years of whining about not getting superfights and blaming the race card for not getting his way when never built up his market to worthy super fights. Super fight athletes want to fight against someone with a brand and not someone that could just ruin their name which Tyron could.

Josh Thorpe

I really wanted to hear Luke say that Dana hates the blacks. How wild of a story would that turn into.

Israel A

delete delete delete UFC followed by obsolete.....OBSOLETE

Will B.

Dana White is an american nationalist megalomaniac capitalist . . . he'll pay lip service to money makers from other countries, but his leniency towards foriegn fighters is obviously lacking. And if your black and your name isn't Daniel Cormier, he'll shit on you A.S.A.P....
MAGA bitch! ....
But it isn't really a color thing as much as its a money thing.
Imagine if Woodley had an opponent like Lesnar, Jones, Conor, etc.. you think he'd still be talking shit about Woodley for his recovery process?
As soon as Ngannou lost.... Ngannou hype from dana was as well...

Tim Munro

Amazing how many belt holders (or recent ones) Dana has had beefs with Stipe, Woodley, Mighty mouse, even Whittaker (wanting more media exposure from him).

kiely 456

Dana is just the bitter type who holds long term grudges over trivial things, Ariel Helwani for example

David McElroy

This is bullshit what you said about Connor is untrue. As soon as he got a b lt he dictated terms. Which ufc champ has defended a belt 4 times in 12 months. Name 1...... I’ll be waiting for the answer for all of the woodley haters to try to find one champion who’s done that.

Qasim ANwar

Tyron Woodley is a sports killers dana has to cancel 233


Dana is a massive scumbag.

James Ashbrook

Tyron Woodley is the most active champion in UFC and one of best fighters in the company but Dana White doesn't support him SMH

River Trash

Woodley is one of the goats at 170, but he gets no respect.

It's getting so ridiculous I'm convinced Dana is just playing the heel now to get Tyron sympathy from fans.

There's just no way anyone who pays attention to the ufc can actually think Tyron is ducking fights.

don't deny my righteousness truth

Yeah Dana White treats Woodley Fair. When Woodley ready to go he should fight Colby. But now the UFC doesn't want that. They know Colby will get dispatched quickly. A fight that a lot of people would want to see. Dana White has hated Woodley for some reason ever since he got into the UFC. He even complained that Woodley did not really beat Condit. Make that make sense. The dude injured his knee directly from a Woodley kick.

Faceless Man

Blah, blah, blah...... It’s because I’m black......blah, blah, blah...... it’s because I’m black.......

Alex Howard

Very interesting take Luke.

The Poltical One

Blatantly racist


connor fought guys we thought he would luz too....thats bifg

Esteban Andres Villanueva


UFC doesn't pay its fighters enough to take undue risks. Simple

Dustin Sirois

i agree and disagee.. Dana is just a douche man. Like he doesn't and hasn't seemed to have a great releationship with GSP and look at the shit that guy did for the UFC. Dana just has his favourites man plain and simply. Sometimes there isn't really any real logic to it he just vibes with some people and doesn't with others and allows more latitude to the ones he vibes with.


Dana White has a nasty problem! Its an open secret and all the fighters know it. What promoter talks down his champion or trys to set up a defeat for that champ. Ask Demettrius Johnson what Dana's problem is.Its very cowardly for you to pretend to not know or to make excuses for his behavior.

Nick Navarra

Does anyone think the UFC ever pays fighters to take dives?


Trump's racism is rubbing off on Dana White.

Tony Gbaya

Dude defended his title 4 times in one year, (who else did that?) Spent his own money rehabing his shoulder, over 70k. Comes back and starches Till and makes it look easy and hurts his thumb. What the fuck does Dana want? Just jump in a fight when your injured? It's all good saying "I like people that fight any one at any time" but the only people that do that are people that have fuck all to lose.


All that talking and explaining and you still missed it Luke. Because he comes off like a whiny annoying prick is the main reason. Either that or Dana White just knows how to push his talents buttons so they remain relevant. I tried to be a fan of Woodley's, but he is such a whiner.
People who have to point out how they are always being disrespected do not deserve much respect. Respect is earned and maintained by actions. As a fighter Tyrone is great, but Tyrone's constant bitchin and moanin outside the cage loses my respect for him every time!



Chris Wilson

As a champ you should fight 3 times a year that's just how it is. UFC and the fans want to see title fights. Tyron has fought 4 times in the last two years. Hes trying to stretch out his rein as long as possible and it's obvious.

Backcountry Enthusiast

It's because he isn't a coke head like Jon Jones or Conor McTapout!

Chester Sykes

I think T-Wood is a great fighter. He just sounds weird, that's all. If I was him I would avoid doing press and visit a speech therapist. It would be cool if he dyed his hair orange, kinda like Dele Alli. This would bring in the younger crowd and rappers.

Pierre Lailvaux

The good Dana has done the UFC is undeniable. It probably wouldn't exist without him. However there is a saying that power corrupts and it's clearly been so with Dana and his vastly overinflated ego. There can be no denying that Dana has always had his favorites and that his treatment of fighters he doesn't like can be shockingly unfair. Tyron is the unfortunate beneficiary of just such unfair treatment.

Dana was perfectly willing to let Conor put fighters on hold for two years in a sport noted for the shortness of career spans and yet here we have Tyron who fought three months ago getting an undeserved tongue lashing from Dana because of a legitimate injury. Had Dana seen fit to create a new class at 165 he would have had his headline fight for UFC 233.

This high handed treatment he dishes out to disliked fighters might be all well and good if the UFC remains the virtual monopoly it is, but Dana has clearly cultivated the breeding ground for dissent in the UFC and in doing so is opening the door to competition in the form of Bellator (who's slowly improving) and even Golden Boy Promotions who are threatening to wave the big carrot of increased earnings to unhappy fighters at the end of their contracts. Dana's spiteful comments about drug use haven't helped in this regard. They've simply fanned the flames. This is a dangerous and largely self invited situation that could have been avoided had Dana's huge ego not got in the way in the way it has.


Woodley is racist, that’s one of the underlining problems here

Pompeii Fight Nation

Dana white isn't supposed to mix friendship and business together just shows why he needs to step down if he lets personal feeling get in the way of business then ... That said alot about y'all

Aamra Kamran

Tyron gets hated on for no reason. He has fought a lot from 2014 - 2016.


tyron doesnt always put on entertaining performances..his last one was pretty good, but hey.. thats because tyron had his back against the wall and couldnt pull that boring shit again.

Smashley Scott

Woodley is NOT an honest guy


Woodley has been way more active than several other Fighters including champions who have taken way much more time in between fights because of injuries and even without injuries. It just depends on if Dana White personally likes you if he's going to try to smear you publicly or give you an excuse for the frequency and amount the length of gaps in between fights. White has always covered for some Fighters and protect them and thrown other Fighters under the bus.


Luke “ingannu” Ngannou

Worst Episode Ever!

Not forgetting Conor did TUF inbetween the Mendez and Aldo fight. Despite not really wanting to do it.

Isaac Rodriguez

Connor needs to be the new UFC president. Foooook dana

Lil Bizcutz

Well the things gotta be he’s in a popular devison that needs to go ahead. Tyrone doesn’t see it that way


If anyone deserved an injury pass it was Tony Ferguson without a doubt!
(Not saying twood does not deserve one btw)


Because racism.
Right my fellow NPC?

Daniel Kirkman

They need to back off tire on a little he has legitimate injury the problem is Champion vs champions

Corp Will

You don't have to like a fighter for him to be the best. With all due respect.


Woodley is not wrong about anything but he is always complaining. So it makes himself look bad.

Merciless Moose

Good job for giving Tyron a fair showing in the media for once.

Marc Siosal

He's an excellent, excellent MMA journalist, but my god, Luke talks some absolute bullshit at times!


I absolutely love Ben Askren, really enjoy watching him fight but let's pump our breaks about a fight for the IC.. Let's get him at least 1-2 fights against top guy before giving him a shot at any kind of belt.


The real question is not whether Dana and Woodley hate each other, the question is where do I get one of those Nate Diaz 100 dollar bill shirts?


appealing to the public and fans

ya Boy Jonez

Simple : Dana is the UFC president and Tyron is black.

OG Jin Bling

Dana hates welterweights. He hates GSP too. I think they stole his girl or something. IDK man, it's complicated.

Jonathan C

The merch looks sick !!!

could be me maybe

Dana is making me like tyron against my will