we Gave each Minecraft Mob a SECRET Rare Variant

we Gave each Minecraft Mob a SECRET Rare Variant

509 931 views | 15 Nov. 2020

These NEW Rare Mobs are sure to spice up your world. Definitely want to keep an eye out for them. Which one was your favorite?

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Today we’re looking at 15 rare mob variants in Minecraft. Be on the lookout when you’re searching for pandas, as you could find yourself Bamboozled by the Bamboozler! This rare panda will throw a smoke bomb to blind you and then disappear, leaving only bamboo behind. If you want something you can see a little better, look for the Cow Pig lurking in fields of cows. Or perhaps you should hunt for the Chicken Chicken, who’s scared of you, but could leave you diamonds if you leave it alone. If you’re looking for more challenge, look no further than the Raging Ravager. After you kill 10 ravagers, a new one will spawn who destroys blocks. Or the Crystal Dragon, who can make End Crystals respawn after you destroy them. Or you could fight a Double Trident Drowned, who can attack you twice as fast, but always drops a trident. Which mob variant is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

we gave each Mob a SECRET Rare Varient

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Elijah Garcia

You should make the rare magma cube variant an ice cube lol

Dino Dude


ChryssJames Malicdem

hey i have an idea how about god mobs when you like breed a mob then kill the baby theres a chance to make the baby sheep a god that will kill you

Elaina Hetland

Yes you should make a new adventure series with the rare mobs

Tanner Breedon


Roaring Thunder115

I love the look of the Spitter, the Raging Ravager, and City Enderman.

Brodie Coleman

I like the golem look like the viligers are rich

Karma Lama

I like to see bird

quack quack quack

Pink sheep

Murillo Silva


tanya gabettie

By the way I play on Xbox


My only annoyence with this vid is the fact that every two seconds he zoomed in to his face taking up half the screen

Mark Williamsen

Hey you hear me I'm going to say this I want and it never update or the number update you can in the forest the number for us you can find the springtrap one or the springtrap pretty office you need a data pack for seeing the things for it happens you can you see the springtrap suit and you wear it you can turn springtrap and your name gets walking away only your name too knockout Watson you burn in a fire with it you can have your name Watson and still you can't have your name you need to in your have your name change to springtrap yeah yeah please in mine and PS for this oh yeah I'm not done yet you can zombies and one River skeleton you can get zombie blood and River skeleton blood you mix them with it you can get worse skeleton zombie blood you mix it with a iron sword you can get spring chat knife and you can get completion of the suit and you happens you need to find this in the never update please don't ask why in one thing there's something guarding it piglins for nobody takes their favorite gold the special gold nightmare gold they tried to you don't need to shoot they going to type you in dead you burn it they get scared of the fire making you springtrap turning and making them scared you killed them you can set off the alarm and every pregnant comes they're going to get scared of you and no they're not going to attack you and the new ever update is this piglets now have homes and now they can now they can hide in their homes for not getting attacked you in your vision is a little bit blindness you have a little bit of blindness you can see still easily and you had the slowness ability you can't move ever again you have your mask open you have this watch and corner your face yeah this is why and I going to tell you my name PS for this Orion PS

Aysar Hazidy

iron farm put lava and make a iron golem spawner
emmerald farm the same thing but yrah

Pyar Mo

You never heard of fireball in Minecraft?


Not lore friendly

bibo hamed

Is this a mod

Warface boy Love you guys

That is so cool I love your videos


Hmm in minecraft you say????

TheMaster22 Dude

The Bamboozler more like THE GONGOOZLER
(If you get the reference you get the reference)


isis creeper

สุจิตรา ราษี


Eric Koehl

I actually love this skin better than your old skin!


Basically pokemon shinies?

•Plague_Dr Girl•

- Tyler 2020

tanya gabettie

I have Your Loch Ness monster map and Alexdanoob Survival map

Rujin Pagkaliwangan

Im not to sure in 1.17 never added???

Haewon An

Hey mr.logdotzip can you make a magma sword the recipe is the way to make a sword but instead you use blaze rod as sitcks and magma blocks as it blade

R zar

healing creeper?that creeper will run away form player,and heal hostle mob,that is my idea


9:36 who saw that rare death message

Joel Williams

Tango Tek after hearing about raging ravager:

Truc Nguyen



Jade Fish

So cool

Jaden Bright

The end city enderman should have a chance to drop its shulker armour when its killed


This is what mojang needs to add.. like for real.. but now days with every idea in mod form mojang doesn't want to touch 99.999% of suggestions.

Javos26's official channel

WHY DIDNT U ADD ME THERE HRMMMM???? i am coming for you tyler... hrm

TheoBG Duran

i alwas wander why minecarft youtuber got plushes and cups and cloths and othe gamers got a mini toy

Ya-chen Chang

there already is a rare chicken (baby) very rare to spawn 4 chicks out of an egg.and an endermite is already rare.

Amitai Koller

And a super strength wither

Susie Keithahn

I love the miner zombies in Minecraft

lego worthiness

Tbh logdotzip is not good at game balance but its still fun.

Carter Manning

cool like me pleas

Ender Draco

Make the spider gland if used in a crafting table with iron and red stone to make a spider turret

Meme lord Sarbagya

Is this a mod ?????

Daegan Game's. OFFICIAL

I'm a super boss because I killed two million ravagers in Minecraft
But I did not record it on my YouTube channel.

Rujin Pagkaliwangan

But i like everything

Olivia Rammstein

The blaze-ghast is cursed

Raleigh McPeters



Chickendragon instead of the normal fireballs he shoots eggs.

Robert Maiatico

7:10 thats a cowig best name i could think of

Gina Bautista

Make a nuke launcher plz or I will in like

Pistol Playr

I just realized that his skin is among us

Dark Slayer

Why does he got among us skin

Among Us Kid

Giant Phantoms Are In The Another Video Too And The Color Is Green

Kaluwe Kaluwe

I want to see more villagers

Ashie Lilystar

he got beaten by the mighty mite
me: hah lol but it said it did more damage and you only took one hart per hit?
also me: releases what he had on holy.....

he was wearing netherite, FULL NETHERITE

Toad & the boys

the chicken chickens look like perry the platypus


Nice Video I Loved All The Mobs

Judah Wildrick

i am your biggest fan

Shana Myers

Me: Holy, a shiny spider.

Connor Godbey

3:46 Why is there a command block?

Darkness Strikes

Logdotzip I would have seen the chicken chicken spawned it after that I would have done a spider web on it


i like this video!

Maricel Jamero

Wooow amazing Logdotzip/tyler

TheoBG Duran

can you make a mob that is called an ender golom it can spawn in the end you can make black called ender blox

Gaming ShadowDragon

Another Ender Dragon variant please please please

victor donis

emerald golem was a bit OP but i like everything else u should definitely make a series it will be very cool


Like shiny Pokémon :)

Alexander Steel

Idea, so, what if, you could decorate your armor with crenellations and stuff like that, it wouldn’t do anything, but you could just decorate armor. Sort of like shields.

Glass of Water

I wish skeletons spawned with any melee weapon also, which in game makes them faster. I would love the sight of a full sprinting melee wielding skeleton army.

Ramiro Torres

I would like to see and Rare mob variant of the garden

Volkan Manav

Please add them to bedrock too!

Eleftheria Savva

Among us is stupid

Liam Wright

Crystal dragons was already done by ark the crystal wyverns

Your 1839

On 17:18 shulker shell,

Government Official ✓

2:48 look at the white washing bruh... He makes himself look very white in the plushie when in fact he is brown! Self hatred right there!

R zar

pls add my idea ,i spend so hard to think in my brain

R zar

and what about golden piglin,size is like iron golem ,drop golden sheild, or even rare golden piglin crown, if u wear crown piglin will protect u form other mob not zombie piglin

bladestar 9031

Nov 16 that was a while ago lol

ernestina leilany

the spiter drop is like spider man power

TheMaster22 Dude

Hey Tyler can you make these into like modpacks or datapacks or something cause these are fun

Elina Laamanen

Start a survival

Your 1839

On 8:58 Raging Raviger? More like Rageviger. And 878th comment.

Max Hooiveld

why did he say amon g us

Aiden Walters

You should make different types of creepers (for example, fire creepers, ender creepers and zombie creepers).

Derick Chen

Play with Alex mor

Beau Brooks

i found ur among us skin pack in market place

Derick Chen

Lay with Alex more

Lilly The lost SnowAngel

This adds a whole new level to the joke I’ve been making for a year now-

Ask most of my friends and they’ll tell you how I would call spiders spitters since I have arachnophobia

Billy Beasley

if needed at 1:00 you could turn them into drowned by putting them in water for a while and it will drop their items undamaged

Jessica Engle

That wrapper is so weak


cool skin!

Amitai Koller

Make a lava or water ravager

Christian B Good


Caleb Pitters

There should be a sort of letsplaty, like you said at around 13:00! One of my favorite series you have made, was the deep end survival, and I would LOVE to see something like that again.

Mango Peach

0:26 oooh is that an among us suit

Sonikku Blur

2:46 Dashie Plushie: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

louise Bohlken

7:28 I thought it was gonna be... the gongoozler


How about Creepy Creeper

Katheryne Young