UFC on ABC (Max Holloway vs Calvin Kattar): Results and Reaction

UFC on ABC (Max Holloway vs Calvin Kattar): Results and Reaction

34 948 views | 17 Jan. 2021

Here are my instant reactions and results for the exciting UFC on ABC card headlined by Max Holloway vs Calvin Kattar.


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Johnny Bacon

Idono if im more impressed with Holloway's performance, or Kattar's ability to survive.. insanity at its finest

Sea Horse

Dude it was the end of the 5th Rd when Max was trolling and Kattar was an actual zombie. Not very difficult to troll a zombie and a jab him in his already broken nose. Stop acting like he's Ali LOL C'mon.

Ricardo DeMatteo

Buckley is the Overeem of Middleweight

Smith Slow

Zabit was something i never saw before and so was this version of Holloway.

Moonlight Covers

man Herb Again with his "if he dies he dies" mentality! he should have stopped it in the third when calvin was woblly

Renel Bustos

That is why he is the real champ! that paper champ Volkanovski is a fake!


You’re giving Kattar way too much credit. Max is a beast but this isn’t shit. He didn’t put him out, and that’s what matters. Dont call this the best showing off all time, he got rocked too

bozo o

Disagree about his volks loses
Especially 2
Just my opinion

Amir Malik

Weasle what is your opinion about corners throwing in the towel. I think they should have thrown it mid 4th round. Seems like he didn't have the power to KO Max or the ability to take him down.


Alex lost the second fight max is the people’s champ


T.j vs barao 1 was the greatest performance ive seen this and mcgregor eddie

Nabil Abdulrashid

“Greatest fighter I’ve ever seen” is going a bit far.. Roy Jones did this as did James Toney

Pitch Rich

So people still think Zabit can beat him?


Max with hair is another beast

John R. Sørlie

Wow, just Wow... Max is a Beast, we all know tthat. but lately hes been unlucky. This was poetry in motion, a perfect display of skills and dedication.

Landon Cube

I really didnt expect Max to dominate the way he did. He made Kattar look like he didnt even belong in the UFC. Skill wise

Mark Croft

Just how many more UFC fans have we just picked up from that card of ABC. Just incredible fights if I was a betting man I would have no shirt on my back right now. That's the beauty of this crazy sport we all love. Thank you guys for an amazing show. Incredible thank you once again.


Weasle : How did Volkanovski beat Max, how does anyone beat this guy
Me : Leg kicks and Wrestling.
Kattar is just a boxer

Robert Smith

Weasel always said that Tony would beat Max because of the size difference. I don’t know though, even a few years ago I think Max would win. Still hard to believe Dustin beat him.


There is a bunch of people who talk to people why fighting bruh

Abraham Farraj

LITERALLY the only thing Max doesn't have is a put-away punch. He'll absolutely decimate some of these guys, but he's never KO'd anyone cold. No hate though, I love Max and just how damn good he is. Between him and Poirier, I'd say their boxing technique is the best in the game.

George Hale

That little shuffle feint into a spinning side kick to the body he kept landing was sick.

bhondex DeRothschild

Martial mind ?

Kenny G 1607

This is hyperbole, who you beat matters, Max would piece me up for ever that would ot make it a great performance.


I am the best boxer in the ufc. Wow bro amazing

Limited Infinity

The Last IslandBender, Max "Ultra Instinct" Holloway.

Picasso Kwanele

Rush must've been hyped AF seeing his dad become and anime character like that.


Hey weasel if you look back , Holloway wasn't just slipping punches and talking to DC, he also landed a good punch in mid expressions


This was in the top 5 fights of all time for me. Diaz vs Mcgregor 1, Costa vs romero, Joanna vs Weili, Adesanya vs Gastelum, and Holloway vs Kattar in no particular order... they are all tied for first haha.


No joke, around R4, me and my buddy both looked at each other and said this resembles the McGregor vs Alvarez fight. Holloway is a fuckin legend. Kattar for sure has a broken rib or two, those spinning body kicks paid dividends later on.

Alwin Glen Papa

I want Zabit vs Yair winner gets Max and Kattar vs TKZ next. FW top 5 is good but others are just too inactive.

thomas burns

This was amazing but let's not forget kattar shelling up when under fire kinda just helped max look better, same thing ortega did so he's not able to do this exact performance to other guys who throw back aka Dustin volk Conor etc

The hitman

Hope Dustin pulls out and max steps in

Jon Price

Weasle, I think we all have one question that needs answering...
What really happened?

Kas V

You 4get what made DJ great, watch for Whitakers return with gamer-power up.

Haggrid HingleHorn

What a treat this whole card was

Jordan Thistle

He was definitely in flow state. There is no doubt about it. I think this be the best performance I have ever seen in my life. If this is the new max he will be takin that belt back real fast

Emil De Maeyer

I mean i did think Max would win... just didn’t imagine him dominating Kattar like that!

Adrián Urrusuno

Alex and Ortega are lost. They can't stop Max Holloway from winning that belt, for sure.
Kattar needs a year off after this brain damage I think. Incredible how a skinny guy with 1'80 height and 1'75 reach put out that master boxing clinic, combos and flow state for 25 minutes straight! Also one of the best takedown defense I've ever seen in featherweight division

samad khan

khabib vs holloway is the fight to make. khabib will be done.


Max treated Kattar like a Freshman

Will BrighamKHF

I respect you a tone bro but its 1-1 genuinely dont care what some dumb blind judges say

thomas burns

With max bringing up the ppv next week was that him admitting he's moving up to 155? Strange that he fixated on that rather than his own division in his octagon interview

Paul Mai Mihai

God bless all the fans that had the opportunity to watch that insane main card

Jerry Reid

Kattar referring to himself as a senior and Max as a freshman seemed to have been a motivator being that Max wanted to discuss it during the fight! Lol.

Heavy Hitterz

yo the way he popped Kattar with the right amd them slipped the counter while having a conversation with commentary was the most gangster shit I have ever seen, and Condit should Fight Cerrone next.

Hairul ZAD AMIN Amin

Damn boy Max was floating like a butterfly & I'm sure that those punches feels like a sting from a bee . Holloway looks like a man possesed by Muhammad Ali .!!

Net Guru

Hmm, Max just out struck him on robot mode. At the same time, something has to be said about the heart Kattar had to stay in this fight. I'm not to sure how he'll recover from so many blows to the head. He will sore and bruised to another level this morning. I wonder if max doesn't hit hard because if they're gonna try line him up with Conor then khabib he needs to Finish the fight. I'm not following the hype guys. Its just another person who couldn't break Max's pace and stride.

Ted Baker

The best is blessed!


One judge scored in 50-42, is that even been done before that?

Johnny Bacon

How about them fkn body shots eh!!?

Metin Ege Salter

4:45 No Weasel, Alex beat Max only once :)

Laser 12

The elbows he uses could be key to his game in the future, a well placed elbow stuns anyone no matter how much powers behind it

Abz Uk

Great work keep it up you got my sub ✊

Theshadow XJ

Guys, love max bit let's be honest, he was paired with someone too slow and meant to make him look good. Come one guys, don't be noobs.

Shed Show

So bummed I missed his card but what the fck is ABC

Hyperion808 Gaming

champions evolve.


He's dodging a wobbly Kattar who has absorbed hundreds of strikes when talking to DC. He couldn't do that in round 1.

Alex Diaz

Max "El Cucuy" Holloway

Arnold Balais Jr.

Sea Level Cain
TRT Vitor
Motivated Mcgregor

Themos Yannakou

He hasn’t fought like this since before the Edgar fight.
I have a theory that since getting badly hurt in the Porier fight he changed style to protect himself and fighting not to loose rather than not to win.

Marco Barragan

Max 2.0 vs Brian 2.0

Jake Wesst

Plethora, oh my

Alejandro Martínez

No but seriously, what are you supposed to do when the guy in fron of you throws 700+ strikes and just eats your best shots like nothing

Joe t

He just put everyone on notice and showed that there is in fact, Levels, to this fight game


You need to stop nuthugging Conor. If Max survives the first two rounds with Conor, which he can do easily with his current skill set, he destroys Conor. Conor doesn't have the skillset or the cardio to survive champion rounds with Holloway


Masterclass may be an overused term....but Holloway was definitely masterclass tonight...his entire performance...bravo!

thomas burns

I felt the mma community cry when ponzinibio (butchered the spelling) lost man that's so sad if he never gets back on track then it will be the saddest mma run that could have been

Louis Baltimore

4:44 "Alexander Volkanovski beats this guy Twice".. Officially and according to The Judges mdrr.

jennifer collins

The leech!!Vary impressive lots of power.


volkow not beat max, he just get a decision, and i belive max won second fight

Al Tappo Mak Tappo

The Weasle
Conor McGregor is not the best boxer in the UFC not even close.
He is the best counter puncher and that's it.


Conor in his mind
I have to give better performance then Max, cant let him outshine me lol

Vics 7

Looking forward to the breakdown

Eric Fleming

Wrong about Calvin not getting dropped. May have been twice but not sure looked like on 1 he slipped. I have been saying for awhile I have no doubt


You've never seen Max do this to anyone?...go watch Max v Tcity...this was vintage Max...
Max v Tcity was even more brutal then this....

If you don't have the power , accuracy..and they push forward on Max..he can become a tsunami real quick


Condit vs Brown?

Sasuke Uchiha

Ortega somewhere huddled in a ball crying

Joshy Washy

Ultra instinct max melts motivated McGregor.


This and TJ vs Barao were the best performances I have ever seen in my life.

Albert Nyakundi

Conor is not the best boxer in the UFC. WTF Weasel! He beat Volkanovsky in the second fight too.

Eric Cartman

So just how high were the judges during Max v Volk 2?

Mike Mike

The best is blessed baby let's gooooo

Erik Carrillo

Does anyone else think Max just looked different. He looks stronger and even more ferocious. He seems hungry asf and he's got a craving for Gold.


Kattar would be a monster if he could kick well.

Mark France

The judges is how you beat max ... Smh ... I still think he won the last fight with volk too !

Salad Dodger

Max Holloway vs khabib at 155?


volkanovski did not beat max twice. just once.

The Council

the answer is simple: volkanavski didn't beat him twice. he beat max once and only once

Renel Bustos

Max 55' vs. Ferguson! let's settle who is better guy with a wing tattoo!

Tuomas Kallio

Jon Jones vs. Shogun was insane as well, imo the best performance ever

عايش سعيد

How to defeat him, you just have to be a short fighter

Ismail Bamchi

Max Holloways reach is some weird illusion

Iksjon Niebieski Ptak

That was some Super Sayan shit

Miguel R-1

Closest thing ive seen was floyd talking to jim lampley about betting on games while fighting

John P.

Time for Kattar to make the move up to 155. Nothing but respect for Kattar here because he's as game as they come. He just ran into a HUNGRY Max Halloway and that version of him is probably one of the most scary opponents to have to get down with. I always thought Kattar was a huge 145 anyway so seeing him in there against bigger competition will give him the speed advantage against most of those guys. Max is just that guy and I cant wait to eventually see him move up to 155 as well but he had unfinished business at 145 and I can definitely see him getting that strap back.

PA FightClub

Cody Garbrandt vs Dominic Cruz type s***

Will BrighamKHF

I mean same way Hendrix lost to GSP


This is why boxing fans r now watching ufc. The politics in boxing is destroying the sport sadly

George Hale

Nobody has beaten this Max Holloway. I don’t think anybody can beat this Max at 145.