7 Times Your Precious Stealth Skills Meant Nothing

7 Times Your Precious Stealth Skills Meant Nothing

169 895 views | 12 Jan. 2021

Your carefully crafted stealth build was no match for these times a game forced you to go loud, uh oh.


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Faylinn MystiqueRose

To be fair, Cyberpunk still allows you to use your quickhacks in the middle of a heated combat, you don't have to rely on shooting or stabbing, and explosives alone, although I can't deny that in this particular mission I did have to reload a couple of times before I was able to get through it.

Darrell G

Mirror's Edge got so damn annoying at that part of the game. I died more during that one part than the rest of the game combined.

David Bacera

Episode 29 and 46 of MGSV Phantom Pain. Forced encounters on stealth games are as bad as forcing stealth sections on non-stealth games.

MNK 90

Outside Xtra: "you may find yourself very much out of practice for this reckless noisy slaughter"...
Me: "Ahm, yes, no, totally..." *drops M4 with drum magazines as silently as possible and pretends to never have rampaged through "A new life".

Sadman Alavi Seyam

Who told you guys Sam Fisher is boringly named hero?

Honor Guard

Half life 1 xen ,has a stealth section that is hard to find

Hypergrizzly 47

This is why i play metal gear solid

Ryan Buickus

What about spider-man ps4?
When doing a Fisk territory or any other hideout when you choose to be stealth they end up finding you anyway no matter how hidden you are


I never got why people dislike the boss fights in deus ex. I liked it. It broke up the gameplay so it wasn't boring. I actually missed them in mankind divided.

Wild Hero

Ac valhalla when you spend most of the act stealth killing everyone just to end up in a massive battle for the fort

Clarence Alger

I'm not sure since I've only player it once, but Dishonored 2 gave me that experience. I avoid combat at all times but Delilah's 2-part boss battle seems "combat-only". I really have no idea which button does which combo.

Let there be Dragons

I was just throwing grenades and mines at the bosses in Deus Ex HR. Worked perfectly.

Robert Harvey

When your on deaths door step in Assassin's Creed during the Al mulim fight you are supposed to hit him with a throwing knife before you engage to get your health bar back lol.

Jorge Zenteno

In Deus Ex case: How bad did you balance a freaking boss fight that you have to rebalance it for the Wii-U? This is probably the saddest thing I have ever heard. Oh and also the rest of the platforms. Man, you suck.


first time i played the first assassin creed it glitched and made it impossible to actually fight the final boss put me off the whole series


What about In spider-man ps4 when enemies in the hideouts instantly know where you are and force you into combat, even if you manage to clear the first wave of enemies unnoticed, you still get forced into a fight


To be honest that fight in Nash's hideout was hard, whatever you did with your points. My character is a two legged meatgrinder and I still died like 6-7 times before I could kill those bastards...


Why isn't Alpha protocol's boss fights on here? I mean in the game you can train yourself in stealth and gadgetry, but all that flies out the window once you face a boss.

This Fucking Guy

What about that time in the saboteur when you stealth your way onto Kurt Dierker's zeplin only for him to somehow already know you're there.

Jon D

Assassins Creed Origins the entire game. Sneak up on a SLEEPING opponent who is 3 maybe 4 levels higher stab them IN THEIR SLEEP and all it does is piss them off. I stopped playing after that. Liked the new combat but they were way to focused on level. Have they corrected this? Are all the new ones so level locked? I stopped playing after that

Christopher Lewis

Seems like so many game designs forget some of us like non tank builds.

Yifan Pan

Speaking of Hitman, what about the Colombian missions in Codename 47

James Washbuirn

cyberpunk 2077: Nash was easy to kill, he was sitting in a burning car (I think he glitched in there) so just had to wait for him to burn to death, his second in command was a different matter (100 shotgun blasts to the back of the head before he died)


The entire metal gear series

Sam Soresire

The Ratking can GFSF.


Alpha Protocol has four main areas in the game. In the first area, there's only one boss, and he can be stealthed. Every other boss is immune to stealth. And if you put your extra skill points into martial arts like I did, most of the bosses are resistant to martial arts!


Having to "Mike" your way through a stealth game.


What about the Metal Gear Solid V main story mission entitled "Where do the Bees Sleep?" My least favorite mission. Coincidentally, the exact mission my save decided it would corrupt and would not save beyond that mission. Every time I turned the game on, I would have to start with that mission and replay the next few hours and rebuild Mother Base and redevelop everything just so it could delete as soon as I turned off my Xbox. The power kept surging at the time too and would randomly cut out after hours of playing.


MGS V: you're rewarded to play stealth and thus, mostly upgrade stealth weapons.
And suddenly, BAM! a fight where you need the biggest firepower available in the game (sahelantropus and a fight againts entire batallion)

Owen Hughes

Fighting sasquach in cyberpunk was 'fun' as a stealth hacker. She battered me like a runaway truck until I remembered I could just turn off her legs and frantically shoot her in the face before running away squealing.

Day Breaker

ah yes the piece of shit route don't remind me "also I really enjoy your stuff"

Tina Maslanko

Let's not forget the final battle in Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines. You have no choice but to fight the giant Kuei Jin monster, so your stealthy yet squishy Nosferatu build, or your charisma-based Toreador character ends up pretty useless.

Elijah Stewart

should have added insurgency sandstorm, not because there are planned sections of non stealth but because the devs dont know how to make consistent stealth ai

Vito's Vids

9:01 this is satifying. Have my like Oxtra.

David Collins, Jr

So basically, "7 times that were the exact opposite of that time GTA San Andreas made me sneak through a rappers mansion"

Tucker Cooper

Grenades grenades and grenades under the cars is how you survive Panam’s idiotic charge

AllGains Gaming

LOU2 sucked anyways

Justin Eidenier

Stealth works fine on Barrett. Just gotta huck a green barrel, then a red barrel at him twice! Or did they add that later?

Devin S. Wright Sr.

What if CDPR trolled us all and the crashes and glitches in cyberpunk are intentional. Like, they're living in a world full of cybernetics and hacking and the game crashes because of how unstable the world is
I know it's not, but some pc games do that, and it'd be less disappointing

Joss Norton

Yeah the barret fight on give me deux ex is a bitch

Mango Dango

Uncharted 2 has entered the chat

Andras Petersen

I never completed Deus ex Human Revolution, i was so pissed at the bosses.

Joao Mello

I stopped playing Deus Ex as soon as I found Lawrence Barret.
Lost total interest in the game at that point. That's not the gameplay I was expecting at all... it felt like playing donkey kong.

Esther Mathison

"if your sword skills are a little bit rusty." I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

sokumo tanaka

That hitman one was really dark, woof buried alive , that's one of the worse.

dreg font

Slide kicks and drop kicks make the last game alot more fun


i heard ya'll kids talkin smack about Assassin's Creed 1. That game was the best Assassin's creed every created the combat was fun and it looked(still looks) amazing

Lukis Triskis

the fucking tomb raider games...

Garet Handy

The only way I beat barret was because he blew himself up with his own grenades

Raabie Pator

Assassin's creed is all about timing and counters, if you cant do that, the final fight is obviously difficult


Barrett is the reason I didn't finish Deus Ex.

Ty Corriveau

Scraping the bottom the barrel

Torin Hays

like almost every Metro game.

Chiang Edison 江鴻霆

No mention for certain payday 2 levels? Some are not stealth-able, no mercy pretends you have stealth and the secret ending being an absolute show of guns and marksmanship. Being a game where intricate planning and coordination, getting one shop by random cops are surprisingly common

Hei Zuijin

I mean, what about Skyrim? Stealth Archer is arguably the most overpowered build in the game but in the fight against Alduin the World Eater you literally have to shout him out of the sky. A whole lot of good leveling the sneak skill does ya then noisy Dragonborn bastard.

cincinnatixd XD

I wish list would stop using the Last of Us 2 we seen enough of the shrill fest.

luke sutton

The Cyberpunk entry can be skipped by being a jerk to panam

Luna Royal Games

I'm pretty sure there should be a Batman Arkham game on that list.

Magnitude Fallout

deus ex boss fights are a joke, even with a stealth build, you can get out of the sight and go for sentry override.

Atomos Vrial

Flamethrower was the easiest way to beat the rat king.

Gabby Hefner

the entire Assassins creed series has such a basic stealth gameplay that Ubisoft figured out they can just apply it to everything else and ruin their other stealth games as well...

Blue Coyote

I'm interrupting my intended statement of I want that Palmer woman's car to say I assume her name is Panam and she's not named after an defunct airline that's going to make me feel sad and old.

Jorge Zenteno

Shadows of War: The Nazgul. - Although the combat system is not terrible, figthing the nazgul in the game is a pain: you can't use stealth, domination, nor the normal combat because they receive almost no damage, most of your techniques are worthless and usually you are fighting many at once and they are supported by a bunch of other orcs, so you either have the superhuman sense of pressing Y to parry at time (which is basicly how you hurt them) while evading all the other attacks or you are gonna eat a lot of punishment.

James Forgie

So, in conclusion: forced firefights are about as fun as forced stealth.

Sijtze Roar


Gaurav Gaur

I haven't played it but that Deus Ex sequence looks the most annoying one.

Vykyrie Valkyrie

Tbh my first thought was AC Odyssey, where all my points are in stealth, but I can't stab a bitch that's asleep without him suddenly getting up like he didn't just get stabbed and the entire area and 10 mercenaries getting alerted...

Omar Kaj

If the last level of "Deus Ex: The Fall" isn't on the list (not counting the robot boss), I'll be disappointed. Those guys could potentially tell you're on the other side of the wall for some reason, and then start firing.

Gustavo Passarelli

That Barret guy on Deus Ex can be stunned with the taser and there are toxic gas tanks on the walls. When I faced him, I lured him close to one, shot it open and kept him stunned on the gas cloud. Two tanks to finish him if I recall

Daena Michelle

Chapter 3 is where most people stopped playing Mirror's Edge, myself included.

Flush Gorgon

Thumb down for including CP2077 already.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint's final fight with Walker. If you dont unlock any perks outside of stealth and enemy marking, you will have a bad time


How does Panam's mission go if you invested all your points into a shouting dudes in the face? Take it from me, it goes the exact same way.


I would add XCOM 2 to the list, for those times when one of your soldiers puts exactly one arm hair into an alien's awareness area...


I love stealth game but it's only stealth until I get spotted and then I turn into shoot me up. Lol


Err... Am I the only one that played stealth but was still prepared to fight if things went loud? I.E. in Deus Ex, I carried around an assault rifle with plenty of ammo just in case things went loud.

Also, in Cyberpunk 2077, you need to dispose of the bodies or else the enemy becomes alerted anyways. You also are more than capable of invested in multiple trees. Hell, you don't even need to invest in Stealth to play stealthily. It just makes playing in stealth easier if you do invest in it.

Richard Dakazo

7:30 they said the exact same line and it still sounded 1200x more soulless when he said it


The reason so FEW people have witnessed the end of System Shock 2? The build to survive the tech enemies is completely different from the one to defeat the biological ones. Stealth your way past the technical ones, and prepare to be minced to bits in The Body of The Many.

Kitsune Gamer

Looking at you Oblivion. The Black Hand went from crafty sneaky kills, making deaths look like accidents, to having to stand toe to toe with warriors.


I freaking loved the Rat King boss. The concept for it was clever and it was genuinely terrifying. Plus it had its own specific kill animations no other enemy had. Such a badass fight.

Trey Walker

Also sometimes true with the Arkham games

O escolhido ?

Deus ex bosses are...... Assholes

Jack Fables

0:35 'Godzilla attacking Tokyo' does, in fact, go relatively unnoticed. It happens so frequently that people just find it normal for Godzilla to attack Tokyo at regular intervals. Godzilla, in a way, is hiding in plain sight. 'Godzilla attacking Tokyo' is a better 'Purloined Letter' case than Edgar Allan Poe's 'Purloined Letter'.

Little Valkyrie

My main encounter with this was AC: Odyssey, specifically the mythical creature boss fights. Medusa was the one that really gave me trouble; I had to completely change out my armor and weapons to go from an assassin to a hunter build because shooting her full of arrows was really the only way to kill her. The Hero's Strike ability that had carried me through every other fight was useless.

Charles S

Ok but how many encounters in each of those games is made trivial by stealth (except in AC1. That game is just trash)


Otherwise known as "game why did you encourage me to be Andy when clearly the way to win was to be Mike?!" XD Kinda frustrating that only ONE game on the list attempted to fix it, and then only on the Wii U. Meeeeh.


That Transit yard mission was the worst. Idk it didn't count for the "never be seen at all" trophy so I spent hours trying to get through without being detected. The pain.

Brannigan Carter

You could have added pretty much every single boss fight from Metal Gear Solid into this

Kell Antonio

Finally, one of the best lines in an Outside Xtra video:

- Ellen Rose

Jon Dowe

MGS1 The elevator scene


How about Horizon: Zero Dawn? Most of the game gives you plenty of open-world red grass to hide in and knock out enemies with stealth tactics... then randomly throws you into arenas with nowhere to hide while you fight off groups of powerful bots.

Yanuel Morales

I eventually found out that you can actually turn the Panam/Nash encounter into a half/stealth encounter. Meaning everyone will be in high alert, but you can still sneak around and do sneak attack knockdowns. It’s just very difficult and you might as well just use cover and shoot tactics.


the very last guard in the mirror's edge clips is my favorite one, you can just slide kick him and he goes falling off the building


As a Cold Blood user I enjoyed the part where I just arrived at a shoot out expecting to stealth more but being like welp... my build works either way

Mr Depressed

You forgot those missions in MGSV where you have to fight and beat the skulls

Alex Pentico

An older game, alpha protocol. The boss fight in the Russian hub, konstantin brayko. When dealt enough damage, he takes a "mysterious white powder", and chases you on the floor. Can two-hit instakill you if he catches you


During the al-mualim boss fight, you can throw a knife at him while he's standing off in the distance to regain some health so it's not an instant death when he hit you, but still an annoying fight to be sure

Lt. Basil

That "horrible giant zombie blob" reminds me why I never play zombie games... idc how good The Last of Us' story is, I don't want to look at that.

Golden Thunder

How about the Communications Tower in Metal Gear Solid 1? Don't forget that rope!


On the Cyberpunk one you can actually get the perk to temporarily blind them on initial detection, which allows you a window to engage that cave fight entirely stealthily.