MMA Media Needs to Be Honest With Itself | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

MMA Media Needs to Be Honest With Itself | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

29 838 views | 7 Dec. 2018

After MMA media were apparently told not to ask questions about Greg Hardy being on the same card as Rachael Ostovich at the UFC 231 presser, there's been lots of hand wringing about what the media response should be. The Mixed Martial Arts Journalists Association (MMAJA) did some work in pushing back against the organization, but there's a broader discussion to be had, namely, why there is so much anti-media feeling and what organizations like the MMAJA can do to restore faith in the practice. While I believe there are concrete steps that can be taken to fix many of the problems, I'm less convinced the organization as it currently operates is the one to do it. Moreover, to really restore public trust, MMA media needs to be honest with itself about why there's a credibility gap to begin with.

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Mohammed Abdullah

Talk about Khabib's pathetic statement on women. TALK ABOUT IT.

The Ghost

You don't have to do shit that gets views, Luke. You can report ONE's finances if you want to. Nobody is forcing you to do something, you're just choosing to do what brings you the most revenue.

Nicholas Maher

Weird way to end the video, mid sentence. But you're right, Luke.


what the hell are you blathering on about blah blah

Guybrush Threepwood

Luke throwing that shade Ariels way


Greg hardy didn't beat her ass

Nekro Dean FrogZwell

pissing people off is fine/normal.
trying to tap dance around to serve multiple masters is abnormal.
Too many people are content with conforming to abnormality.


Most of the journalist/reporter people including you Luke Thomas want to become famous.


I’d just stick with talking about the fights.

Gravey Davey

Luke Thomas is the white knight Rachael Ostovich never asked for.

Lobster Eleven

Mma journalism is a joke.


So most of u guys are MMA "pundits"?

robert blake

cage fighting funny


Luke, you lost your touch and you're out of touch with mma fans

Bill Nye

Man, the IQ is hitting an all time low in this comment section.

Ryan O'Ceiglah

"personality driven opinion content" that explains a lot.

Damian John

I believe it's morroco shhhhh


Put your money where your mouth is Luke and for once ask Dana a "tough" question.

Jarmo Heinonen

This is weird. A lot. Usually I agree with Luke, but this time I think he is way off. Weird. Maybe he has history of domestic violence maybe her sister or friend or someone experienced that and that is why he overreacting or something.

Would understand the controversy if Gregg Hardy would be her ex but he is not. What is going on. This is not issue. Not bews

A Joseph

Luke " I'm very tired" Thomas.

Za Za

With respect sports journalism isn’t really the same as journalism.
You quite simply don’t have the same people involved with sports as you would say political journalism as an example.
I disagree with Luke.
I would consider him a sort of journalist.
He breaks story’s and writes articles but his articles are spoken word in the form of you tube snippets etc.
Don’t sell your self short Luke.
I think the sport of MMA isn’t really set up for legitimate journalism.

A Joseph

MMA media= fanboys who want backstage passes.


Thanks Luke. Saying it the way it is, Thats why we Love your content and your pretty cool also. lol

Bobbynotthingham lmao


This, is why your my favorite in MMA Media.


I wonder if Luke & mma media will be honest about their SBNation colleague Iain Kidd


Maybe stop making mountains out of molehills which is what everyone does in this day and age. Its why everyone walks on fucking eggshells these days as they are bound to upset SOMEONE no matter what they do...

Philippe H.

Talk about a person who knows they are not 100% fact driven and goes 'entertainment'/'personality'-driven content for his channel. Gratz Luke! More ''journalists'' must realize they don't enjoy writing the facts... they are hungering for opinions / columns. So they must drop pure journalism. Journalism is not entertaining, (the 7 W's, no opinion, no societal commentary) ... too many forget the tenants of sticking to facts in the pseudo-journalistic mindset of the interwebs

Scott Hafele

It’s not mma media it’s all media


Let's see how many outlets talk about Khabib's comments on women

Anthony martinez

Stupid conversation!

Scott Tillman

A video of Luke Thomas talking about himself. Nothing new. Surprised he didn't mention how his wife is from South American. That's his, "I got a black friend" move.

DA Master

SHUT THE FLYING FK UP , How many times does the UFC or DANA have to answer the same FKN question? what do you want them to do or say? stfu and be happy you have the opportunity to cover the sport. Fighters don't need the Media because there more than enough media to go around and anyone would be happy to do that job , YOU WONT BE FINE WITHOUT UFC your channel would die

brian griffith

Luke refusing to join the mma journalist association and yet keeps harping the fighters for not creating a union. I don't know why I still listen to this guy

did not

Luke it's YOU too. You've called yourself a journalist in the past and have NEVER asked a tough question to the UFC regarding any real issues.
It's EVERYONE involved in MMA "journalism"


Luke Thomas apparently doesn't realize that he's a journalist. If you're putting yourself out there and publish news or stuff related to news to a mass audience - be it in written form, in video form, in audio form or whatever, you are a journalist period.
It doesn't matter if you're just reporting news, doing some heavily investigative stuff, publishing your opinion or whatever. The quality of the stuff you put out there doesn't matter, either.

John Smith

There’s nothing more appealing than media talking about itself. Tasty

Random User

Shoutout Sean ranklin

Don Flamenco

SJW of mma

N Wils

You lost me at 'defend the media'. Gimp.


dat Iain Kidd doe.....

gimme the loot

Allah akbar!!!!!


the media in general is a dying breed bc they report on biased stories with little to no research. For example, the nba has a baby momma epidemic that no one talks about. The whole greg hardy thing is nothing bc he was never convicted. As a woman, if you are willing to just take money instead of press charges, then it wasn't that bad - sorry.

Kevin Sharpe

Always bitching and crying about something .


If there is no agenda behind it journalism is fine. But all too often it just gets digusting, always searching for the bad. Always looking to ruin someone. Honest journalism isn't common anymore in this day and age

Chris Markcum

Great video Luke


It's refreshing to see someone prominent of the mma media actually respect journalism like you do. That is very pleasent and sadly, I would say, even a bit rare these days.


to get better journalism in MMA media, find more Chuck Mindenhalls and Karim Zadans. their articles are always a good read

Good Luck

Luke doesn't attend those things anymore because he gets shunned by all the fighters and people don't want to talk to him


Luke firing shots at Ariel lol


Holloway is going to beat Ortega.

Nig -

What if Hardy starts dating luke, they get an apartment together and Hardy decides beats him up? Is that domestic violence and will it effect his UFC employment? These are the questions we want to know.

Hilton Dottin-Quesada

Good John S. Nash easter egg at around 9:00 min.


sometimes in life we just have to accept that we are not the best at what we do

WrongWhey Bro

Dumb click bait topic

really real

11:30 - john morgan


Youre smarter and more virtuous than everyone.

Dominique Vijarro

Your the media foo

M U N C H News

Honest and briliant show.I take back the bad vibes I had about L Thomas. from a decade ago.


You guys (media) are covering A BUSINESS. Right? Sure there is some Bellator, etc, but UFC is pretty much it. You have no website business without UFC coverage. You are covering a business, not a sport in that sense. You can crap on the company you're writing about, but when it's about all you got, then it's a STUPID BUSINESS MOVE to pry and annoy the UFC. Stand on your journalist pedestal while you get shafted by the UFC and you have no website or credentials. It's called? Needing flexibility.

Joseph Gabiola

The media is the only ones making a big deal out of this. Rachel is fine with it, Greg hardy and UFC is fine with it.
What's the problem?


jour·nal·ist /ˈjərn(ə)ləst/ noun
a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast.

Is MMAFighting not a news website? Going to J school does not make you a journalist, it's the work you do that does.
Ariel did the same work as Luke writing and on video but went to J school, he is not more of a journalist than Luke.
Two of the best and most honest war reporters are John Pilger and Esprit de Corps' Scott Taylor and both are miles superior to the embedded propaganda mouthpieces the war mongering press uses. Taylor is a jarhead by trade but his magazine work and on ground reporting made him a great reporter.

Richie Santiago


R. Matey

In my mind... 
Media reports on stories that are being served up through press releases, statements, social media or a story done by a journalist.
A journalist goes out to dig up the stories (or the other side of a story) that will not be heard otherwise.
But I might have oversimplified it.

Locker Room Talk

What Luke is missing is that She didn’t want this fight to be about her domestic abuse. She is more than that it doesn’t define her

Eduardo Bueno

I agree with Luke but for different reasons. MMA is hated because they pick sides but have fear to deffend their own ideas.

Is cool to play Mr Anti UFC , make jokes about Reebok or interimn titles but when they have the chance to face the UFC about thoses subjects, they choose tô kiss Dana's ass 24/7.

Not to mention "journalists" being biased about popular fighters.

Tickled Cynic

Scared of Muslims much? :O

Tony Gonzalez

good point brother. also thanks got your service, big fan

Big Jon Cash

Luke y u so gay


Why don't you ask any fighters represented by Ali Abdelaziz any hard questions about him


The MMA media is infatuated with Greg Hardy. And the fighters forming a union. And fighters missing weight. The MMA media needs to report on the sport and not be a bunch of fanboys or critics.


Do you want the clicks, site views and pay or do you want to be a journalist? Seems these days it is pretty tough to do both.

Aslan Judah

Great video. Honest perspective. Stick to mma your way but stick to it. I heard some other video you saying there is no God. Don’t go down that road.


Shame Luke Thomas is slowly becoming annoying and a gibberish machine. A result of too many shows and nothing interesting to talk about.


Yep. If this was journalism someone would work with actual facts rather than just rehash twitter and interviews into articles and videos. Would look into actual MMA finances or get context from unknown people about USADA violations. Maybe you know just test PEDs and their effects. Have a good conversation about weight cutting that is not just dumbass opinion-fest. Pretty much actively do anything other than just reformatting what is fed to them.

 But I am not expecting it. Nobody who studies journalism wants to become a sports journalist. It is for bottom feeders. If your talent pool is crap then performance won't be much different.

J Tevo

Insert Comments Saying:
‘All obligatory Media hate’ quotes
Etc etc

I wonder if I can get bingo?

Krakkin 89

The mmaja seems like a big circle jerk for beta males


When I think of the comment "Look in the Mirror" I think about a William Cooper speech.

Tickled Cynic

Uhhhh... Luke... I love you bro, genuinely think your one of the best (if not THE best) pundit in MMA today. But.....The Eagle just fucked up in public and theres nothing on MMA fighting about it.... Please comment on Khabib situation dude.. the silence is DEAFENING!

The Ghost

That absolute sycophantic weasel Ariel walks around with the fake humble act and wins MMA Journalist of the Year each time yet Karim Zidan out here with no recognition. The world is mad.