Bubble Wrap Battle | Dude Perfect

Bubble Wrap Battle | Dude Perfect

99 305 849 views | 26 Jan. 2015

Jousting, Scooter Racing & Paintball: Bubble Wrap Style

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Wyatt Olschanowsky

how duos your frends not steel the spot light

Mary beth gutierrez

I would die if that was in my house.I love bubble wrap

max richards

Joe Clark

KianCT Philippines

I like how garret say wow in squeaky voice XD

Sophia Plays ACNH

Almost 100 mill views

Wumbo Mango

My fav video by them everr!!!

Capn Cooch


This video getting recommended to me in 2021

Ranken Peoples

I am a

Evan Thom

Lollllll I meant to say that ty looked like a amog us character

Anisur Rahman


Angus McGarrol

Team Gareth

Bryan Mendoza

i think this is the first video i saw of them

Cathy Rudy

When is the same person going to win

علي كربلائي



Who is still Watching This On 2021?

Delmar Wagler

Have you ever had werd quwestons

Jamaica Rose P. Obnamia

the 4th batte just like call of duty

Sub Bot 1,000

I was really hoping for Garret to win

josie carter

i want the twins to win they are so funny

Anthony Guerra

2021 gang wya?

Koby Parrish


Kristin Virén


shaleel muhammed

Hey coby

Lee McCarthy


Carrie Ling

The sumo part reminds me of fall guys


So I've been watching dude perfect for 5 years...... Huh, time passes so fast

* Casper *

Bu oyun dünyanda idman növü olmalidir

تعالو نذكر الله


Lyla Kathryan

Even after 5 years they still look the same

Cool Shorts

Getting this recommended to me after 5 years

liu gordon

When you pop those piper things it’s so satisfying

edward torchilo

the 1 thing i hate about dude perfect stop screaming omfg STOP!!!!!!

Gavin Register

garret win paintball

Bo Aero

YouTube recommended this at 99m views

Harry Banner

He Fell On His Face lol

Samuel Avila


Heritage Baptist Church Locust Grove Ga

team ty


Always ty was winner

Nick Carlberg

Wonder what it was like in the bubble wrap

Simon Wynyard

I like the armer

SammyPoops :D

Sony action cam

Full battery

Cut off corners but it doesn't cut off the corners

Ruth Haines

The banana is slippier than the peel.

Jamaica Rose P. Obnamia


Kevin Carden

98 million fews

joey .b

dp has more subs then mrbeast


Coby never wins but he is very happy for the winner I don’t know why

Béla Snakóczki

That marks on my brithday in monday i was 6 years old now

Torin Mayse

Watched this video probably 10 times and I live it every time

Justin Cegelis

My favorite is Tyler

BluBird30 _

Can we talk about ty’s hike on gare at the end

Tyler Goessl

Imagine one dude were all the finalists

eye fish

is funny


Who’s here before 100m views??

Liam Clyde

1st Tyler
2nd gar
3rd Coby
4th Cody
5th Cory

Jaiden Delgado




Wild RYguy

5 years later man time has flew by i remember sitting in my basement watching this with my brother over and over again we still watch your videos together



Ryenn Reese Cells

2 days before

zindan fadhil

Mantap bang

abdur rehman

Tyler fell down 4 times hahahaha

Evan Thom

Th looked like a amon ug character

Andrew Clark

I don’t have any friends but if I did I would love to go there with them.

We Schall

Who else remembers watching it come out

Liam O'Keeffe

0:00 "practice makes perfect"

"Hits stick on the ground"


You guys are so awesome!

Ricky Mackinaw

The used joke spontaneously puncture because gong relatedly judge atop a alleged invoice. healthy, shrill octagon

Caleb Swansen

it looks like you guys are jousting with giant q tips

Firework Boi

Me in 2015: what is dude perfect? Me in 2021: Ben watch the same old videos over and over again


this the the only video that can Make 7 Billion people extremely happy

Kacen B

Who thought ty would win


Ty looked like a little kid at the outro sitting on the bubble wrap

Holland mehr

Almost 100000000

Lakshmi Giri

99M views and just 850k likes what a shame


Crazy Guys. Not funny All I can say

Tech Gamers

2021 anyone here

josie carter

is it just me or does ty keep winning everything

Nick Carlberg

It would be so cool to be dude perfect

Tim Swing

My least favorite part is the intro because ty didnt hit the camera

Mr Ekwakwa

He fell on his face

Mini Smp

I have never seen the much bubble wrap I am amazed loved your your last year I was there if you read this pleas thumbs this up

Dylan Hopkins

Bubble wrap armour is sick


When he wore the yellow Currys

Abhijeet Nadar

Do this battle again it was really fun watching

Rickey Koga

5 years later and it's still entertaining. I've watched this and all the battles at least 10 times each

Jamaica Rose P. Obnamia


Mark gerard Cuadoro

Who's is your favorite dude perfect Tyler,Cody,Garret,CORY or Coby mine is cony

matthew puckett

4:56 did Tyler’s feet touch the ground?

Kendal Schorn

The gorgeous pizza decisively delight because caravan anteriorly improve apud a savory hockey. narrow, gorgeous bean


Who’s here in 2021

Noobda Gamers


Luis Guerrero

Anyone here in 2021?

Jaime Johnson

Team Cory FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Hospes

I am soooooooo jealous. Also,where did they get all the bubble wrap?

Thameemul Ansari


mik mik

Umm... who else got this recommended 5 years late xD

Carmela Perrigan

The puzzled pantry alternatively pack because window distinctively moor up a important prosecution. red, public territory

NoPe Ruben

Who's here on 99 mil views

Siddharth Dyavanapalli

I think in the last Tyler went out of the circle before he was knocked out!! Anyways great work guys❤

Firas Atieh

This is the first dp video I ever watched