Minecraft UHC but you can craft a "Giant Netherite Sword"..

Minecraft UHC but you can craft a "Giant Netherite Sword"..

624 304 views | 11 Jan. 2021

Minecraft UHC but you can craft a "Giant Netherite Sword"..

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Texture Pack: Default Minecraft UHC

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lalchawiliani pachuau

I wan to know

Brandon Bosley

giant Netherite armour

Cameron P

I can’t sub


8:42 he said reach hacks do youre thing :/

Jordan Wyatt

Idea nether Wright block block block block block block

Lowkey . . kall

That world is the same seed as my world

Crazy Lightning

Something that needs 43 netherite and does 10 damage when an axe with 3 netherite does more with sharpness

Ink Sans Nah nah nahh

I have a Suggestion for You:) Minecraft Uhc With a Giant Giant Giant Giant Giant Gian Giant Giant GIANT GIANT GIANT Netherite Sword


Please don’t do a bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow


Minecraft Manhunt Idea : two hundred hunters but the YouTube army that is nextrio,Kiigitng Bionic and graser team

Bryce Hamlin

xnesters videos are so awesome

maximiliano reyes gutierrez

Giant armor


Minecraft UHc but it’s 1.9 pvp

Ethan game123

Idea lava and water blocks and can make lava and water armour and is better than netherite

Armando Mancheño

Yes bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow pls

Shaun aragon

What!? The thumbnail is confusing in my downloads the thumblnail is a big sword with skull but in normal video stack of swords what!?

Fadinglaughter -

Has he ever died in his MC UHCs?


You don't even have 36 inventory slots...
if you have that many slots you are definitely gonna fill your inventory with bows.. swords..and pickaxes..

Like if I am right and comment if I am wrong

Pavol Valaska

ting wang


Aiden Sandieson

its 42 netherite 5:35

Damien Ekman

To have a giant infininty gantlet sorry if i spelled it wrong

Owen Craven-Pasternak

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Jericho Butler-Steele



7:21 wow dem voice cracks


"thats not how you make a netherite sword" makes a diamond sword the same way somehow

mayrose ngoruh

Bow ×6 ok

The gamer siblings Tecson

Do u watch anime? If u love it i will make multiple accounts and subscribe and like every video u have but i will know if ur a weeb so say as many japanese words you know

Yaboizgaming Roblox

Lol he missed diamonds at around the 3:25 point

Tristan Dela Vega

Its 39 netherite ingots + 9 diamonds

Earny gamer

Do the bow bow bow x36

Dominic Anthony


laurin neptune

Make a rainbow big sword

Deshawn of the Akatsuki

How about you make the giant sword sword sword LOL

Malay Biswas

I think this is world's strongest Netherite sword

Duane Gian Macuro

u know i have a very very stong sword called god sword

Oliver Eldøy

bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bowbow bow bow bow bow bow bowbow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow


I would not have found out about that server without you, thanks lol

Hydra Playz

Guys were so close to 1.1M subs nestorio here at 1.04M he gains like 20k a day tho

Bobcatboy 5678

You need to do a UHC but you make a multi tool that is a pickax an axis sword a hoe a bow a fishing rod

casey vaughn g. saluib

make a gaiant nertherite sword x 30
lol xD

clayton putsey

i died when u said encant thebig chunkges sword


i hate him... why are his video ideas so fucking good goddamn it

Cameron P

It won’t let me


My no is beau lol


make a dragonite sword but giant (also that was 43 netherite)

Cookieplayszy1 Gaming

Hotpick + merch = The hottest merch in the game

U should make 2 netherite giant sword for ur other hand


Do bow bow bow times 36

Muhammed Naeem

He missed diamond at 3:21

Gerald Starkey

At 3:24 he missed a diamond

Jena La

Did nester really just went to his invitory to check his netherite but it was in his hot bar?

Pretend I was never here

A giant hot pick?


I want see Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow


Me:Hits my brothers with wooden sword

Him:Describes the pain from a diamond sword


Tom Ever

make a golden apple golden apple golden apple

MatheoJohan DeHoyos

This guy is a lot like graser the other minecraft youtuber

Brian Marcelino

Then "i said thiz iz addon or möd"

hola craft

to make this sword you need 38 netherite,8 diamonds,and 5 stiks :0

bacon man

23 diamond huh

Khoko Zoé Piña palacios

Is his server premium?


Hey dude u should make admin sword being used command blocks u make a command block with a very rare ore and the make it 3x3


Dominykas Varnas

Do giants armors plz

Rex jr Bisenio

Iam your bigest fan

Trisha Pohland

ive watched all of your vids

ewa chargot

I think I know how long it was it to go or you showed that diamond chestplate thingy I thought it was 7 months ago I didn't watch the video I just saw it is xD

Gotta Gamer

@xNestorio when the last cute animal video at tho. :/

Laurence Joaquin C Ocampo

Sana all mqy jowa

X Tokos

Bow bow bow bow bow bow

Megarobot 66

Wow you cant solve a math problem anyways it 36.but make the pickaxe,pickaxe,pickaxe

Micah Smith

I’m really surprised that no one gave a time stamp and said that’s what she said

zachary minick

36 bow bow bow bow bow bowbow

Sam Popma

What about giant netherite boots. They could make you really tall or really fast

Miraji Imena

2:21 a it's a holiday

Buu Long Tran

U missed diamonds


is it just me or he miss some diamond in 3:24-3:25

Kendrick Alexander

Lol this is cloud in a nutshell


giant pp

Luke Candalera

Big sword with small stick


How to buy Minecraft on G2a?

hussin baraka


Devon Carney

In total the table was 8, there were 4 ingots for the swords, 3 blocks of 9 ingots plus 8 more ingots. So in total there were 47 Netherite ingots all to gather

[¿Jamie Sparks¿]

breaks the stick below

Emeraldkid Boi

Yes we need the bowx36

anano gelashvili

Can you make the world can time stop and rush and blood suck and road roller and throw knife (road roller deal 2000 damge

Lucas Tsui

This is a voiceover. Video cuts and his voice is still going clean.

200IQ Or is it

Lol u did

bacon man

he is da dog

Farrona Saunders-Samuel

Yes make the bow bow bow x 36

Gaming Gamer

So remind me of the time you said, "Here comes the pp" on a family-friemdly

Trisha Pohland

you need 44 netherrite just to maake the sword not the crafting table

Gaming Gamer

Y o u t u b e r C h a n n k e s

Shazia Khan

i would like to see Giant netherite armor



Edith Dela Cruz

Why didnt u give the final fight a chance is it becouse you suck?

Caleb Fowler

Giant sword sword sword X36


6:52 x-ray hax go br

Pixel Pokémon trainer

Yes 36 now

Ameer ali khan

Why u don't make cold pixase

Prim Henry

I love you