Chael Sonnen: The American Gangster’s Trash Talking Highlights

Chael Sonnen: The American Gangster’s Trash Talking Highlights

382 413 views | 16 Jun. 2019

As Chael Sonnen officially hung up his gloves and retired from mma competition this weekend, we compiled videos spanning over 15 years in celebration of the "people's champ" who brought it inside and outside of the cage. Here is a compilation of some of his best trash talking highlights.


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Christian Horcher

“Can the UFC become the biggest sport in the world?”

Watch all of the major sports leagues become a bunch of kiss-ass, spineless woke crybabies and it can happen very easily.

Dr. Mutilation

He is far smarter, more classy, and way more of a man than conner.

Tubby Montana

Man am I glad he has a YouTube channel I could listen to him talk all day he has the skill to kill on the mic Conor talks louder but what Chael says is actually insulting funny and genius that’s real good shit

Joel Thomas

The best to do iy

Joey McWilliams

Chael's mouth is a national treasure.

Clide Sou

He should’ve starred in a Superman movie in his younger years


Chael makes mcgregor, sean o malley and israel look like 12 year old wannabies

StarCrossedWarrior Esyale

“I hope business picks up and you can get a real one soon.”


King of banter

Brett Pierce

Chael for President

Dwayne Vega

The goat


This is may new favourite video

Chintan Tiwari

man is a joke himself

Jón Bjarnason

This guy got me interested in a sport that doesn't exist in my country.
This isn't "shit talk" this is high level mental warfare and comic genius selling a sport that greatly needed it. And I love him for it.
Now go and feed that bus a carrot ;-)

Arshad Ayoob

That steroid shit he jut talked feast your eyes and fantasise moment was the the best one. Chael just showed guys who caught doing T, how to talk

Kyle Taylor

damn he was really tryna smash Rousey tho

TC Swag

Such a gift to the sport .

Pulkit mani

Imagine him and conor arguing.

Peter Teal

"Bill Small Wood from oklahoma" LMFAOOOO


Chaels shit talk is WWE style. With the silly rhymes and cheesy metaphors. It’s a funny act. Where Conor is legit talking shit and making fun of the person. There’s no way you can say chael is better unless you’re a WWE fan or a Conor hater

Nicklas Emil Jensen



1:15 Kenny's reaction

nick wild

3:38 thats not at all embarrassing Chael you the best a champion


The guy at 9:31 rightfully gets rekt.


He did exactly what he said against Anderson the first time for 24 min straight and got caught ina hold last second taking a loss.. as pissed as Anderson was later he respected the hell of what a Chael could do after that first fight...

mabobo bona

Never lost a round

The Rtisan

this is supposed to be good trash talk???? clearly most of you never went to public school

Sicarius Angelus

Calling the Portuguese language "pig latin", is a great piece of trash talk.


“Im under the weather over trained under motivated and Im still tough enough to beat this guy” is the best quote ever

kalid bruce

I would like Rhonda rousy to leg sweep me in an empty room

Barney Trouble


Johnny Boydianno

Dnt care what his record is I'd pay just to hear him talk

Cucklord 666

'feast your eyes and fantasize!' hahaha i'm fucking done

Nate UFC4

Chael "Beat It NEXT QUESTION" Sonnen

zile Khan

If he had some how survived that first fight against silva ...i can only imagine what he could've achieved with that confidence

Mike Tython

how is this man not in comedy??

gare krishna

implying that mma is bigger than football. absolutely delusional


didn’t he lose to jones?

Johnny Batinich

The best damn middleweight to ever live

That Guy

The true goat


I’ve watched this video 15 times and it’s still as entertaining as the first time I watched it

Mitchell Bowman

Is that RC? Or some type of Mountain Dew? Chael has weird choices of favorite sodas

alejandro veiga

That last guy is a real legend

Dylan Barker

Goddamn he went in on that dude in the press were he tried to talk shit

Lee Pyke

The last one was gold

Djuro Milovic

Inagine if this dude was undefeated and won all those fights....


Big fan, the dude has a lot of humour. Respect for a career of being a bad ass!

Luke Brown

Chael would've been great in the WWE


Chael is under rated

Bongani Mazibuko

Chael wears his scars so beautifully

MeidoVegeta 9000

The best trash talk he received came from the guy at the end paying him compliments by reciting his quotes.

Deshen Hwang

The American Gangster and The Notorious are the greatest trash-talker in sports history.

Frank East


sean regan

Those steroids gave the man a sharp tongue

Dylan Kislia



His trash talking comes out as forced and fake.

James Aguilar

How is he gangster


3:35 that was kinda metal ngl


Did anyone notice Joe Rogan mirroring Sonnen's words with his lips at 02:25 ?

(Bad) actors do the same, after they have heard the other actors lines over and over again. Any chance this was rehearsed?


Wtf he’s fucking cringe man, how does everyone like him?

Eazim Raja

He should've been in WWE , the Double legend

Nihh Nihh

Audio was garbage on half the clips


7:05 cmon of course America wouldn’t watch it, lololol literally every other country it would fill up

Jerzy Huda

King of ufc comedy hour

Eddie Campoy

Cody Klows-Kelley

Chael is the undisputed , undefeated trash talking champion.

Arthur Rahman

He could have been the king of WWE if he ever wanted to, Luckily, he chose the UFC

Hobo Bobo

Do best Tito Ortiz trash talk.


Chael is a fucking genius! I say this time and time again, cheal is the ONLY Republican I actually like. Mental warfare, him and dominic Cruz are the goats of trash talk and mental warfare

Gun em down Villy

Cheal is one of d toughest guys hands down that guy if ford tough


Chael P. Sonnen - the P stands for President

Johnny Boydianno

Uncle chael gotta love him

Canadian sport_fan

1:16 in the streets you would be dead without a ref to pull him off. Too bad the ref did stop it. Idk how half of his trash talk would sell cards tbh. If you trash talk and dont win it makes you look dumb. I guess he was winning up until the second silva fight and that's when people lost interest

Wesley Mendez

The streets of west linn oregon? lmao. I live the next town over. West linn is nothing but a bunch of tik tokking spoiled white boys lol

Taha Rasheed

Chael would've gotten an immediate title rematch in 2020 standards


Chael Sonnen should have been in WWE after his UFC retirement.


Trash talking is bad for everyone
W-l -29-16.

monstermilk man456

I love this man so much, the best trash talker and technical undefeated champion

John Macmillan

Omg that guy at the end was so good


Imagine if sonnen went straight into the wwe 2001-2020. Would have been a huge star and probably one of the goats

John Price

I want McGregor, sonnen and Covington to all trash talk each other

Nick Cariglio

This guy's got the confidence of a man who beat Bowser's big bean burrito with a blindfold on

Paraic O'Donovan


Kyle Konopka

The last clip was the best by far

Clos Colo

Still the

Stuart Damien

05:35 Looks more like Silva wants to kiss Chael than fight him the way he's licking his lips. Dude! No means no

Spencer Ainsworth

Chael had a bodybuilding death face for weigh ins


Those MMA t-shirts used to be the shit for me back in high school.


Chael is Danny Mullen of yesteryear

Jesus Saves sinner

Okay... I'm just going to type what everyone is thinking, I wish Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor were in the same weight class at the same time in the same era, because Chael Sonnen is the greatest trash talker that has ever walked the Earth, I don't know if he would beat Conor if they were the same weight class (I think he would) but I know he would make him feel like a small small Irish man on that stage

bad-quality-rap 41

"1 on 1, 2 on 1, 5 on 1, Ill make sure they all need 9-1-1" fuckin hell

TC Swag

Why on earth would you pick a battle of words with him in front of a crowd lol . dude got toasted .

Naldo _114

Chael did beat the f out of Anderson

Rachel W

I've never understood when people think he is such a good trash talker. Most of it just sounds like a bad parody of 1980s WWF.


He can trash talk but he can back it up.


2:00 now I see where Conor learned those shoulder strikes from.


My god who is the guy next to him at the start with ATROCIOUS spinal posture. Get that man to an osteopath / physio, that’s a big kyphosis

TC 501

Chael casually dripping blood talking about beating the shit out of what so many people considered the "best fighter of all time"

Jason M

Too bad his skills didn't match his mouth

Ong Xuanzong

Chael should go to WWE. Natural trash talker