Amazon Must Haves You Need!

Amazon Must Haves You Need!

157 022 views | 14 Dec. 2020

Hey guys! Changing things up a bit for Vlogmas day 13! Decided to do a part 2 to my Amazon must haves. Everything I show in this video is linked below as well as the rest of my Amazon favs! #AMAZONMUSTHAVES #AMAZONMUSTHAVES2020 #AMAZON













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I love the Amazon videos! Please more!!❤️

Courtney Curley

I'm definitely gonna get those shoes and keep mines by the door lol


日本から見てる人いる?love from Japan

Courtney Falconer

am I the only one that wants to know what the bird does in the intro when the water touches it

Sarah Ward

Anyone else watching this after chrismas


There's a car phone holder with the same magnetic technology that you add to the fans on your car dash!! It works so well imo. Double use for that phone stand :)

marina c-g

loved this video!!!!!

Abbi Salter

You litro got. A shih-tzu and a dachshund exactly like me

Celine Bertomeu

where is your clock in your room from?


this was my sign to buy crocs THANK YOU ASH

Immy Mercer

yes i love this

Mai Pham

Can you link the white TV trays with the rack please?

Gaby Garay

I bought the knock off version of the alarm clock on Amazon & can I say this is amazing ! I’m not a morning person but waking up with light & a soft tune is awesome ! You wake up so refreshed

Gabriela Rios

I don't know how I didnt found you earlier love your contentttt

Cristina Antoniuc

This video is a literally A GEM

Adara Nova Tse

With our tv stand movie nights we stand

Sharon Shebangs

That alarm clock is amazing! Not only is it a gentler way to wake up, but because of the use of light, it could potentially reset your sleep-wake cycle!

Britt J

The phone magnet mount. Can that be used in your car on the dash?

Yuritzi .O

Do a plant tour

Nicole Sawyer

my whole childhood included tv trays and we used them for literally everything!

Diana Davalos

hi Ash! Where are the TV trays from? Thank you!

Rokaya Enafi El Metni

i feel like the break ashley took was soo good for her

Ashley Tackett

Hey We have the same first and middle name. Spelled the same way too. Just had to say because I don’t see to many people spell there middle name the same way.

Elias Wilson

Thanks to coderlouis5
On Instagram for helping me recover my account back. He's super fast.

z e e n a t h

Ashley definitely has this natural glow like girl HOW are you so beautiful


i need to be studying but this is important right now

Shea Scanlon

I have crocs from the 11th grade that I refuse to get rid of. They’re my door crocs! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this

Lucy Leahey

you spelt crocs wrong

Yumna Bahgat

unrelated but I cannot get over how good this colour looks on ash

anna weitzenkorn

yes!!! could not wait for this! ordering off amazon now

Oli Abbas


Ruth Wagner

Wow very budget friendly things too. Love that. Thank you. I have 3 girls and shoes shoes shoes. I need to buy all theses things to make 2021 better for us.

Julia Ruth

hey! I'm 18 and moving out in the summer! I have been watching your videos for a while, and I'm incredibly curious; who pays for all the home decor and groceries? how do you split all that? because it seems like Ashly gets most of it, so how does she get reimbursed? Haha I love stuff like this! lol just curious!

Kirby benson

I've been looking for help to recover my lost account. All thanks to coderlouis5 On Instagram, he's a legit hacker.


ashleyyy , can you please tell me where you got that clock on your dressing table , the one that looks really cool , because i'd love to have one

Ksenia K

Ashley is so much U N D E R R A T E D it's hurts!

thank you queen! have a great day and can't wait for vlogmas day 14!!!

J Fuentes

You should do a video about your neighbour's chickens!

Mureed Nassif

Avoid Remington at all costs. And buy the best product instead. Called Wahl Barricudda Aqua Blade


OMG I need the TV trays!! Not sure if you linked them :((

El Haul de Jearim

Fan fan fa Mexicanaaa

K Rob1n

Thank you for keeping it simple and I have a person who needs one of these!

steve ascension

Rang Australia Amazon for sign in help, told call center operator my
problem, then I told him my age & he hung up. It looks like if your
over 50 they don't want to know you.

Simone T

How did you do the writing at the beginning of the video it’s so pretty

Ayra Javid

Love it


who’s waching thise in 2021

ag jb

is no one talking about how she misspelled CROCS as "CROCKS"

Ambers Vice

I was 100% subscribed but idk why suddenly I wasn’t. YouTube


Omg I need that daylight alarm, my significant other would hate me for it though


the clock is so cute!! besides annoying alarms, bright lights also wake me up so i’ll definitely buy that.

Ruby Barnes

i just got a amazon gift card for my b day so this is perfectttt


For those asking about the tray tables, check your local Wal-Mart. Mainstays is their house brand that is also sold elsewhere. Going to store, you can check for broken tables. The one downside to the tables I’ve found is, under the table is a wire that a bar rides on to open and close the X legs. The small piece of wood that it attaches to can get stripped from the constant wiggling of the wire. Check to make sure yours isn’t already loose / broken while in store. The tables run $10 each here. Online a set of 4 with stand averages $130. So, if you don’t need the stand, buy individual. Mainstays 5 Piece Tray Table Set Folding Wood TV Game Snack Dinner Couch Laptop Stand

mamaria maruquin

Handcuffed to your BFF aka Taryne OR stuck in your room with Taryne without electronics for 24 hours!!!

Marcela Guerra

I LOVEE these amazon videos!!


Also love your room!! Where are the night stands from?

jasmin juarez

Them under eye bags are priceless

Haylie Gullett

You are amazing live you so much! Your channel has grown so much! Small question can I get a shout-out???


Amazing video....I’m now obsessed

mamaria maruquin

Who do you have set as your wallpaper?

Gabby Buckner

this new editing is vibez guys.

Eryn Odom

Ashley I love you a lot, BUT YOU SPELLED CROCS WITH A K. still love ya tho great vids

Ashley []

Ashley you have been GLOWING lately and so gorgeous omgg

Among Us Codes For You

When you finally have money when you dont want anything...

слава копылов


Ashley Talkington

I have my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in those types of amber glass bottles. Mine have labels and I love them so much!

Romina B

ash i love you but why only ten minutes!

Yoon _

yeah but i’m broke ;-; / luv ur vid!


When you said “sorry the neighbors have chickens” I peeked out of the window to check on my chickens. They’re named after the Golden Girls.

Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk NYC

Do a christmas cookie video next!

heather nicole

dude I need that alarm clock bc I suck at waking up but it’s out of stock

Blake F

"Sorry my neighbors have chickens" ummm, what?

Brandi Munguia

Every single outlet in my house has an extender. When did we all get so many electronics?

Krista Horch

Christmas baking!

hailey suarez

Love you and your sister

Anna I. H.

Daylight alarm clock is in my shopping cart

Emily Hays

i’m LIVING for the fact that Ash has her December vlog intro as a bunch of beaches and palm trees

Leah Jensen

Your skin is looking so glowy and fresh!!

Angelina Awad

Your skin is literally perfection❤️ I LOVE YOU
and thank you for this amazingly edited video!!

Nizohni R

I swear your Billies twin

Zara Vintcent

Pls could you do a wrapping presents + q and a vid!!!!! xx

Amanda Richardson

when i saw you put a k in crocs I almost stopped watching tbh

Driving Addict

I’m an Amazon addict myself lol. Funny thing is i deliver Amazon packages


I get how interesting the stuff on Amazon is, but maybe consider supporting small businesses instead of a billion dollar company that refuses to pay their workers a minimum wage :)

Erin Taylor


Carnation Boyd

I believe it’s actually not smart to have magnets by your phone. Idk why but that’s what I’ve heard.


Where is the necklace holder from????

catalina jarufe

Your hair looks so pretty!! I´m obsessed

Amaris Rodriguez

you should make a video where you ask your fans on insta what you should try buying on amazon and show how they work

Sara H

Am i the only one who saw the men at her phone?

Bhavya Singh

i genuinely loooove your videos and your aesthetic style. keep rocking gurl

Melissa Neal

I filled my house with so many of those electric extension plug-ins immediately during your video through your link!! So needed those because they condensed four needs in one for me at an awesome cost!! Thank you!

Mirna Bagus

Okay but wheres the jewelry stand from?

a s h l e y n i c h o l e

What vid do you want me to film next??

Anya Eve

love love love your videos so forking much!


Alishas videos are fun. But Ashley’s is so refreshing girlll you’re so pretty

Kelsea Reyes

I needed this video! Still Christmas shopping

Kelsie Dos Santos

I swear whenever you recommend something, I just have to purchase it..

Trin Brones

the magnic phone stand wil be perfect for the 12 because u dont need something extrea on ur phone


Great Video

K Rob1n

Gonna be honest since I know you see... the vlogmas intros are great for the first five days. Then I am ff’ing through them xoxo