Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier off air DEATH THREATS on ESPN

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier off air DEATH THREATS on ESPN

3 231 058 views | 9 Aug. 2014

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier off air death threats / exchange on ESPN


Fairly certain if jon hadn't discovered mma he would be a serial killer.

ijustmight 69her

Hey Pussy you still there?

James Timtoes

I fucking love Jon Jones !!!!



Mukhar Ghosh

Jon shouldn't hide his true self. That side is entertaining.

3 Knives

I heard it best that, "Psychopaths are born, Sociopaths are made!"

Gambit The Exiled

Bones a psycho on drugs.

Gkgkjg Hi guggg

Grow up

Jasmine H

Jon said "hey pu$$y u still there" and dc said "im here" he agree he is a pu$$y


I'm starting to think Jones wasn't lying after he chased a dude away from his property with a shotgun lmao.


Bones > DC

John Menyhard

Very sad


Jon Jones in a punk ass roiding bitch.

David paredes

Lmfaooo hands down the greatest rivalry ever

puskar thapa

I'm not trying to act like a pussy but the way Jones looked around before giving a death threat is very PSYCHOPATHIC....


I guess he doesnt support BLM

Ochaki J

These mfs hate themselves!

Preston Trump

DC I'm here with that smile is so funny gotta love the daddest man on the planet

jahbril plays games and stuff

According to Jon jones haters if a guy spits on you don't say I'll kill you or your a psychopath coming from the psychiatrist

Trevor Price

Two of the deadliest dudes on the planet at the time.. this is hilarious

Andy Ozzie

DC likes everyone to think he’s this real nice guy, but he’s so fake. So happy Bones and Stipe both beat him twice. And made him cry.

Meshal Alanazi

Man jon is a legit psychopath

JB Cheema

dc just cant believe how fake he is. Like a psycho

Donald Gaddis

Tbh if a nigga spit in my face I will kill them to that’s the most disrespectful thing ever

Brendon Baut

I love dc

hello there

"Hey female genitalia, are you still there?"

Giggagaming g

At the end of the day Jones could make DC his slave if he wanted

Soroush Sharafzadeh

You think I’m just going to sit here and let you kill me Jon ?”


I still can't forget old Daniel concussed, confused, and crying after getting knocked out by Jon. Worst thing I ever seen. Old dan took a lose forever for that.

Vu Ville

DC puts JOnes in his place in a about 6 seconds flat. Had no come back. LOL.

Alfredo Santoscoy

This rivalry officially made me a fan of the UFC

Dont worry

i prefer dc but jones a straight killer

demarcus ruffin

Jon- “Hey pussy, are you still there”. DC- Smiles “Im here”


I don't think Jon was joking when he said he'd kill him , the man is a narcissist he would probably leave DC's corpse in the street and go and play cards like nothing ever happened.

John-Michael Dooley

The Jon Jones fake nice guy act is probably one of the most underrated gimmicks in the UFC

Jon Jones On gas station dick pills

You know he's being serious aswel

Ben Zeltser

This rivalry is the proof that the bad guy always win

Jack Ria

damn i was 1 of those people who were foold into cheering for jon at the time sorry dc shudv been more aware

Trio Pharaoh

Jon - “Hey pussy u still there”

DC - “:) I’m here”


Jon Jones: the Homelander of UFC



Scott Selin

“I’m here”

Instant L for DC haha

TheRealDLo TV

Well safe to say if Big Jon didn't stop the fight he could have literally killed DC

Patrick Sanders

bruh DC is so much more likable


Essentially they're the same guys. Nerdish black guys.

Ty _thecreator24.

It’s like when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Dc is one of the greatest all time around no doubt about it but..Jon was just the only person he couldn’t beat

Benjamin Yang

Hey pussy, you still there?

.... Yes, I'm here....


just scrolling

This could be a scene from stepbrothers or something


I'd kill D.C. for spitting in my face, or anyone for that matter. I mean what the fuck do you expect a grown man to do when you spit in his face?

D.C. stands for delusional coward

Vincent Suter

I love this

Cass Mada

The fact you are a pussy hasn’t changed


Honestly DC acts like a bigot around Jones. Jones got that rent free apartment in DC’s head.

Rahul Bhandari

Smilling dc im here im here

Jimmy monrreal

Dc is almost a foot shorter and still have him work

Kyle Petersen

I watch this about once a year to lmfao.. When DC looks up and says "you think I'm just gonna sit there and let you kill me John?"


Hey pussy u there?

martin ollett

Such a pussy he managed to kick your head off your shoulders.

Random Stuff

So u think I'm just gonna sit there and let you kill me jon?

Mav _

That’s why you don’t do steroids. Or coke.

Sean Correa

ngl, if jones said he’d kill me in that voice i’d leave the country


I had a guy in my class I hated. Biggest hypocrite I ever met. You simply couldn't trust him, he was strange in his head. He has the same eyes as Jon Jones.

YurRageee Jr

First thing I watch in 2021


Bro this bitch fought on cocaine, that dont count tf

Nuh 1997


J. C

But would he kill him? Thats the question

Jjhchaos Jj

this doesn't shock no one we all know jon jones is a bad person lol

tee jay

Anybody can kill anybody. It's not by how much physical strength you have. A bullet to the head and end it's of story!

Lille leon

Dc fat asf

Theo Huioiesin

D.C. is 100% correct about Jones. ❤️

Ricky Spice

I’m here

Coolness Over9000

It be funny af if Cormier s son marries Jon's daughter.Family dinner s be awkward af

Marquise Jackson

“You think ima just sit there and let u kill me jon?!”


Jon jones the fucking legend

Salim Abri

Tom and Jerry


coke, steroids and prostitutes, weren't enough so lets also add murder to that list lmfaoo, this mans fkin nuts

The Prick

"You still there pussy" Lmao


“Hey pussy are you still there”
☺️”I’m here”


Dam DC hurt my feelings with that. He's like my dad

Oliver Bosch

Daniel seems like he would kill jon and jon is just doing it for tv


Devesh Joshi

Me calling my ex girlfriend for the 738th time at 2am "Hey pussy are you still there?"


Jon jones got that old school call of duty trash talker mentality lol


Jon Jones is the GOAT of Steroid fighters.

Kevin Polo

This whole interview is still hilarious

Callum Molloy

Bones was so under his skin

Ll Ll

Jones-"hey pussy you still there?"

DC-"oh jeez thats me

Vishal Reddy

Feel bad for DC getting so much hate in this rivalry. Don't get me wrong Jones is one of the GOATs but he is truely a villain. DC just wanted to show the world that. Too bad he got destroyed in the ring twice.

Brandon Harrison

My girl yelling at me 0:18

Lawrence Woods

Daniel: Jon do you think I'm just going to sit there and let you kill me Jon.

Ice Cold Lemonade

Jon is a legitimate psychopath. Terrible human being.


Who’s watching this in 2021 lmao

SB 80's

Jones is successful and fake

money longer

Best MMA interaction of all time


If DC spat in Jon's face nobody would be surprised if he actually got murdered. Like Jon would just come into DC's room and murder him with bare hands and say "I said I would kill him". He's a psychopath holy shit

Isaiah Brown

When Cormier said he’d spit in Jon Jones face the silence felt like eternity

Fresh Produce

God this ending is the epitome of comedic timing

Smitty J

Izzy is the worlds only hope

Dr Dre 3009

Jon Jones would be the ultimate dragon boss for John Wick type of movie


"I am not saying I will fight you, I will kill you," delivered with all the coldness of a prime Bond villain. Damn

Nicholas B

That hit Jones hard, you dont get hurt by someone calling you a terrible person if you didn't think there was some truth to it. You would just laugh it off.