UFC Champion Max Holloway Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports

UFC Champion Max Holloway Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports

617 527 views | 6 Dec. 2018

Hawaiian-native UFC champ Max Holloway has a full tribal chest tattoo which holds deeper meaning to him than you think.

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UFC Champion Max Holloway Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports

joan portillo corbalan

conor mcgregor pls


His back tatto mean?

Stokeley 18

Boom now you're blessed

julez derunnachahmlicheberg

It is what it is

Zakariya Ali

whos here after he got robbed at fight Island?

Gaming Noobies

Do jake Paul breaks down his tattos

Alan Salguero

We love u maxi


The wings on his back are sick


Suddenly you're 70 years old and you started looking like a deep sea creature. You know those creatures that doesn't know light exist.

Alexander The Great

His tattoos are dope

Travis Baguio


Soundby thesea


Jhoan Valencia

Uno de los mejores luchadores de la ufc


Just remember that if you explain your tats. You will take an L after


3:19 he ended up getting Psalm 144 tatted on that spot

Joshua Ledwell

anyone know his tattoo artist ?

May C

I love how you guys have fighters on here!! More please!!

Jhaysen Wolf

His tats are clean

Kara Souza

my grandma lives on momona place miss u grandma love u xoxo

Erik Gonzales

Where is the belt going tomorrow



Ivan Vasilev

3:12 good cover-up


Who's here after he is fighting Volkanovski again!?

Andrew Stoddart

"The chest one is close to me"

Missed chance to say "this one is close to my heart"

unknown idk

the love he has for his son is the sweetest thing. proper father son relationship!!


Hawaiian’s have the nicest tat’s


People they probably somehow tranferred some videos from the regular GQ channel to GQ sports channel thats why all comments were lost.

Sean Beads

Max has top 3 of the worst tattoos on the roster

Adam House

His back tattoo only took 4 hours? Jeez I thought each wing would be at least 8 hours minimum

MoMo_ Beatz

"The world needs peace" continues to knock brain cells out if opponents...

Brenna Uyeda

Dang, McLovin's fake ID says Momona St, but there's no such thing. Max's street is real though.

ari arkatama



Those tattoos are atrocious


Gotta love these humble people that can still end your life with a single headkick.


What's up with the comment section?



Ron Thunders

i like how mad is about his religion. 8 think thats how all religious people should be in that they dont try toforce anything down anyone’s throat and its all about how the person feels individually.


Who is here after he got robbed in the second Volkanovski fight?

Hidden Shadows

I like the concept for the wings tatts and the chest piece


Can we get Conor McGregor on here?


What he said in the intro is a fact I just recently got another tattoo and was just saying a while ago I’m chill for a little bit on tats and now I have another idea for a tattoo and going to get it next week

Cristiano Ronaldo

nothing spectacular , seen better

adore sona



Ufc cHampIon but wearing am shirt that probably cost 15$ that's honor

Jarmel `

The best is Blessed !

Joe Hemmings

Good advice at the end. If you're getting a tattoo it's gonna be worth waiting for and worth paying for.

Sohan Haridas

How dafuq does he make 145!

Jessie Nguyen

Who knows what kind of pants he wearing?

Diego ADE

Max "blessed by Poirier" Holloway

Jiu- Jitsu

Hawaiian warrior Champion

Random Gamer

Holloway blessing people with right hands.


Wtf. 10 comments??

sonic slaughter

How can you not love both of these guys fighting tonight? They are both humble, they have gentle souls but tough minds and fierce spirits and have overcome a lot. Having the fighters do the tattoo tour was a great idea and makes me want to watch it more in the future.


Ahhhhh I was praying you wouldn’t sell out from Jesus. You claim to know God, but your heart is far from Him. #repent

Ron Thunders

i would hate to be blessed by this man

Oskari Rintamäki

Ok these guys keep saying that they have these awesome tattoo artists that are booked for months and years. They tell you to do your research etc. These tattoos are so bad.

Guillaume Larue

only 4 hours for the wings. thought it would take much longer


actually like the wings


his earlier tattoos haven't aged well tbh

MagicUK 0161

Max holloway is one of baddest warriors on the planet #RESPECT

Alex Gordon

I hate tats, but his chest piece is pretty dope, actually.


Imagine complaining about the pain of tattoos when you're a UFC fighter lol, you'd think a tattoo would be nothing to him.

Daniel F

Blueface should break down his tattoos




get israel adesanya on here!

Moritz Dreyer

This shoot was in late June 2018

Shaefer Elliott

How did the entire wing tattoo take 4 hours!?

Justino The Dominican Dragon

Where the fuck are all the comments ?

Kingsten Nelson



Now that he's engaged, is he going to add another bird? :)

Younus Nasere

A lot of people axed me


What is song!!!!???


i wanted my tattoos to be done by 1 guy, but he died

rip yoji harada ;c

Charlene Cottle

Bless. Bless. Bless.

zantos o2t3a

Thumbnail had me think "rush" was kush lol

Bobby Sayer

Holloway's tattoos are amazing.

Real Talk

Max explains his tattoos and people put thumbs down. Are you serious you dogs!!!! Go Max!!!!


I met him he is so cool

Gregg o.

It's a scrub

kaayi sa

Everything was good untill they zoomed his under arm hair..

ke ne

Those tattoos are atrocious


When you giving conor a call to give a tattoo tour?

Rome Garza

I have so much more respect for Max Holloway after this video. #teamblessed

Jeovanny Sandoval

" I heard you get points on your SAT if you put your name, so I wanted to make sure I didnt misspell it " LMFAOOOOOOO


What's music name. 16th second




I feel like ufc fighters that come to GQ always lose their future fights

Kenneth Freeman

Interview deontay wilder


I love his chest tattoo. Cultural tattoos are almost always nicer.

Rhazael A

kevin hart

Is samoan better than most of all poly?

Stokeley 18

Boom now you're blessed


Do tai tuivasa...but it might be r rated lol

Khabib Nurmagumedovv

Holloway crazy..lose

Nicholas Liu

that left arm is a cover up

Randy Luthuli

Oh he's blessed!


It's funny hearing Max talk about how much tattoos hurt. Dude is a straight up savage!

Elijah Lopez

Your lines are trash and shades are not blended just all around garbage tats


Holloway is a cool dude. I enjoy watching him fight.

Dingle McCringleberry

this comment section is flooded