College Dropout Converts an OLD SCHOOL BUS into the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE VEHICLE

College Dropout Converts an OLD SCHOOL BUS into the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE VEHICLE

4 210 510 views | 15 Feb. 2019

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Where's the poo-poo area and stove?

Talauren Dixon

But like I high key wanna do this

Amber Young-Ripplinger

Dude that looks like a 50k at least build

Uncle Lexie

How did you go about the windows on the side with the counter??? i saw you chose to cover the bottom half.


AWESOME your skills are so Superb!!


I am building a kart and need one of those seats

Sean Toohy

Dude awesome build!

Asmera 45

this was a great video, BUT I had some thoughts on a few things I might have done differently. We all know that weight is a big issue when doing a build out. I would have done steel beams instead of wood (lighter and no need to drill holes, they already have them! we did this in our basement, they are cheaper too) And white beadboard (again, think weight) instead of wood paneling that you ended up painting white anyway, I might have done something different for seating materials, not sure what though...oh I know! bean bag chairs! lol!!

Mattias Åhman

Really really cool

Mama & Skylee

How much it cost you in total including the bus and the transformation?


That things a death trap. School busses are extremely fragile in car crash situations since they are thin metal

Dante Russo


Mackenzie Karl

Hey! I think I saw you building around an under seat heater! Is that safe to do? we want to keep the one in our new bus. It’s in the “kitchen area” and I was wondering if I could build a cabinet around it? I don’t wanna start any fires in my home lol

safa mehdi

You guys did an amazing work there! thanks for sharing this video..

Terry huckabee

What did you Anchor two in the ceiling

IDK You Pick My Name

I want to do welding as a job until retirement and try to make something like this an tour the country


whoever is reading this you will have a good day and if you don't you need to like

owen playz

that looks like my bus

Nolan Stephens

How often does your bus tend to break down/need Engine repairs?

Debra Winn

Real neat work

Mike Taylor

You are a LEGEND. that is beautiful. An RV school bus is my dream project. Although, I am only qualified to build a short bus. It looks beautiful. The paint is on it!


Is this song called "Eric"

Madeleine Moran

how many watts are your solar panels

Beanie Bots

I am always in AWE when in the presence of such great craftsmen.

Troy Redinger

The college drop out part seems unnecessary. Really cool conversation


Haha short bus

Kittywampus Drums

The metal hold down on that battery will corrode over time put rubber between it and the battery.

Olivia O

We’ve all sinned, and fallen short of God’s Glory. And the wages of sin is death, meaning we must be punished for our sins.

Juarez braga da silva


julie chumlea


Eren Yaegar

Watch the video at 2x speed

Ian Lindsay

Now this is how you combine home and auto

Jame Sam

Love this video but that fc tho


That rx7


Man I would worry about that wiring arrangement through the frame at about 4 minutes. That wire will eventually wear through and maybe fairly quickly.


the first three minutes of music is H.O.T......TTTTT

ASMR Cindy & Sound Healing

I had to watch again because this music is making me really happy. I can’t remember the last time I smiled.

Tuxedo Mechanic

I really wish I built one of these instead of living in a dorm room in college.

Shauna Langley

Spoke too soon, just saw you insulated over the metal sides instead of removing them. Some say it can cause moisture in the walls? Did you experience this? The bus looks great just trying to plan for my own build.

Stan Walsh it!

IIA Target Analyst

benny's hill vid

Gwendolyn Jackson


Justin Akers

Wish I had that much motivation. Mines still yellow, and probably will be forever

G Mathis

Do you have to have a CDL, after the Conversion, since it's no longer a Passenger Vehicle?

Jimmy Grizz

These boys are too cute. I need them to work with less clothes on, and maybe a nude makeout after completing the project.

Yazmin Penaloza

How do u dp all the wiring i have no clue


I’m pretty sure it took him longer than 11:26 to build this

Hailee Valdivia

he rides a short bus no wonder why he dropped out

Daniel AMG

Finally a person who is not logan paul customising cars

Just Keep On Moving

Great job ! Thanks for sharing !

Mini Mouse

Damn, i was hoping to see the finish work at the end of the video.

Bro Buck

The real Bangbus.....hehe

David Howell


Armando Ramos

I am surprised how talented you are to be able to this by yourself. You did a great job and the results are amazing. The paint you chose is very nice and stealthy. Great job, thanks for sharing.

Geoffrey Stephenson

you bought this on my bday no joke

Ethan Mena

How Much you pay for the Short bus? How much do bus’s even go for

Jacob Hernandez

What paint did you use for the bus??



Gency door


Please weather proof this unless you want it to rot and rust away within a decade

Simo P


Faith s so sad there isn't storage in that seat

TruckerEnoch 88

It was a REALLY wise choice going straight for the grinder! Trying to remove bus seats with a socket wrench and torch is a fools game!!! Trust me!

Galgo Carreras

Just the soundtrack in this video is worth the price of admittance. Watching the electrics being installed is also very educational. (Perhaps subtitles?) Fabulous tracks! You a musician/DJ?

Daniel H.

I think he just wanted an excuse to make glue squiggles...

John Baldwin

perfect pimp ride .. OMG SORRY

John Green

Pimped out school bus 10:53


Iowa State represent!


"College Dropout" yet has much better workmanship than most of the "skilled" tradesmen I've worked with

The Rando

It’s just a fucking ADVENTURE CAR it’s not his real home.

William Buffong

like the tune.. who is it?!

Robert Mendez

Might as well buy one for cheaper

Daphne Duck

Where is the bathroom/shower?

Lyhotphot ruanwanli


If you guys ever wanted to help support the channel, PLEASE take a moment to share this video!!! It REALLY helps out and I really appreciate it :)
With that being said, THANK YOU! This build wouldn't of been possible without every single one of you. <3


Love how you added that clip of cutting the wood and it falling off and knocking down the lamp... Haha

Eufel John Labordo

The fact that He single handedly worked hard for finishing the inside but when it was almost finished then his friends suddenly appear but they didn't even helped him

Will Swinney

I've always had a question when it comes to converting old vehicles into livable spaces, autho i LOVE watching these videos and would love to do the same. When u convert something thats too old or has a lot of miles on it and you plan on living in it aren't people worried like oh s*** this is nice but it already has 200k miles in it so how long will it really last?


Great video but absolutely no explanation cant replicate.....


This could be a good family business to build

rockman fan

College is for suckers. Its a scam


THE ULTIMATE BRO..... taste in music and good with his hands.....yesssssss!!!


To those cough cough retards who are saying "what does this have to do with being a college drop-out?"

Its to prove anyone can do it


to many windows getting cold in the winter..
and the finish of it is bad.........

i rate it like 4 of of 10

garden boots

Nicely done! Loved watching the conversion process - thank you - and good luck out there!

Andrew Stolk

Final result he drop out his plan hahah

Jonathon M.B

I still want to do this to an old bus. Is this the most budget method?

Shauna Langley

Did you do any insulation? If not are you experiencing condensation with temp changes? Is it extra hot and or cold with weather change?

Craig Goebbel

Nice work.

Gina Bennett

you like iowa state, they are cool but i like the hawkeyes more

justin yelverton

Talk about a domino effect when the wood fell. Lol

Carolyn Wright

What what what

Jon Versace

What kind of screws do you use to screw the wood into the walls/floor/ceiling?

Zach Nun

Where do you go o the bathroom

boron zinc

You should add a rope or cable ladder that can hook to the floor, so you can get out of the roof exit without having a ladder. Would be an amazing place to throw a chair up for a night and sit on a cliff somewhere nice

Krista Mercedes

I'm preparing to buy a bus soon to convert, could definitely use some help on how to put together the electrical system. Any help on diagrams and instructions would be very helpful and appreciated. Thx

Ian Leahy


Mr Dobing

I remember when Gingium showed us his new shifter knob on his old focus.

Loren Klein

I hope you're still doing this kind of project! The world needs more people that can do this and maybe a few less that get arrogant because they have a Degree....and no talent.

ASMR Cindy & Sound Healing

You literally have one of the best build videos. The music is awesome your edit is amazing your video made me happy and feel good. Thank you sir

Joe's Junk

So no fuse or circuit breaker near the battery?