Sour Patch Kids CEREAL?!

Sour Patch Kids CEREAL?!

5 066 986 views | 22 Jul. 2019

Sour Patch Kids is a perfectly acceptable candy. However the creator of Sour Patch Kids decided to turn this candy into a cereal... How does it taste? Watch to find out!


Jacquie Carlisle

I like how i spent 13 minutes of my life that i could spend on useful things but instead i watch a asian man eat sour cereal and complain about it lol

Trying to hit 1k With 1 video

Look at my name


Come with me to join the whole milk supremacy club

Darkboi the theory guy The other part of the name

Labels cups

Jacob Ainsley

Whole milk is the only milk all the others are water

Ysterhart Nel

No one:
Subtitles: NOM NOM NOM NOM.


i got some sour patch kids cereal and it was terrible

Connor Winkelman

Cabbage patch kids

Moody but real xD

I’ve not watched other people CONSUME THIS PRODUCT

Gabriel Coleman

i love how he kept sayin "cabbage" instead of "sour"

Autumn Hazlett 13

Who else got a bowl of cereal bc they watched mark eating a bowl of cereal

Wilma Andersson

I am laktos intolerant....

Judy Good

Sooo nobody else noticed he said cabbage patch kids for most of the video instead of sour patch kids

Tori in the yellow hoodie

M eating cereal: *realised were eating cereal together


Sour Patch Kids Cereals : Existing

Me : Eating Jolly Rancher Cereals



jp mini ranch

enamel ranks 5 on  scale (between steel and titanium) and has a Young's modulus of 83 GPa. Dentin, less mineralized and less brittle, 3–4 in , compensates for enamel and is necessary as a support.

Dawson Eastin

"whole milk is the only milk" got me noticing how yellow your milk is

Siens Nerd101

It guuuuud

Jan Gabriel Luus

* You ate the Sour Patch Kids Cereal
* It's better dry

Bryce Marcelle

Why did I spend my 13 minutes on this earth watching this. And why couldn’t I stop watching it

Daily Dose Of Stupidity

I got mine in store at this same time


Markiplier "cabbage patch kids

Chiyuki Miyamoto

Am I the one triggered by the fact that the milk stayed on the table the entire video?


everybody except me: talks about everything except the mad lib


Kaitlyn Woods

”It’s not that it’s bad. It’s that I don’t like it.”

Mark Fishbach, 2019

Emilia R

Some obscure website called am-a-zawn

CC Zachary

They look like multicolored Cheetos


My teeth would just die


" cabbage patch kids"

Leighton Shimko

Cabbage patch kid?

Xin Zhu Yi

I just realised that markiplier's teeth are brighter that my future


he kept calling them cabige patch kids

Moody but real xD

0:52 “I had to order this online through some obscure website called Am-a-zahn” xD

Andy E.P.

It took me an embaressingly long time to realize that these were like breaded cereal (like cherrios) and not literally just gabbage patch canda added with milk.


10:42 mark: buys the cereal
YouTube: removes 27.9M subs

Mr. MeatHead

Why did he say cabbage patch kids this makes me angy

Moody but real xD

Can anyone count how much times the camera zoomed in Mark’s face?

Jellyfish Originals

Das red

fefe fefe fefe

its sad that they look like veggie straws.

alley girl 88

Those are gross

Noah Tredeau

Bro stop making fun of dream

Presley Hanzlik



I’m at 1:11 rn and I’ve tried it and I swear it’s gonna be so nasty and disappointing I love sour patch kids but the cereal just isn’t the right move it’s not

Kai Kim

I’m not stupid, stupid right?

He was saying onomatopoeias and not verbs during the mad lib??

Sharkys ASMR

Cabbage patch kid


" cabbage patch kids"

Sams Lil’ Blob

“cabbage patch kids”

That Second Typical Gamer

The drink that he had is la clorox

jetset flare

Love the way he calls them cabbage patch kids twice and no one notices XD gg mark and for cereal this still seems strange


Drink every time he calls them “cabbage patch kids”

Squishy Squashy

"It doesn't exactly look like a cabbage patch kid "
I'm sorry a what


10:15 I had to get fruit loops or something while watching and I almost spat them everywhere lmao

I'm Garbage

¨hemorrhoid bowl¨ that shit killed me


I love each time he drops a sour patch kid they scream


I tried it and it was awful. It made the milk taste expired (sour)

Mutant Bread Monster

I once found this in my local supermarket it taste weird

sierra stratton

That cereal is disgusting


La croix danny

Catherine Jenkins

I call Cap'n'crunch Cap'n'razor blades Love it lol

Omar Al Maskari

A segment of this video has been sponsored by (tactical shovel)

XxChicken_BuddysxX OwO

Mark warheads have a thicc coating of sour, idk the name but I thing it’s called toxic waste where it’s I think made out of sour things

Gerrit Beenen

I completely agree with Mark's whole milk statement.

Eabha-Mai Daly

he kept calling them cabbage patch kids


I 100% agree on Mark’s view of milk. Whole milk or water. That’s all there is.

Iniolator 5

I love whole milk


There’s sour patch kids not cabbage patch kids

stella weinbrenner

is he even real ?

Victoria Deleon

he kept calling them cabbage past kids

Ruthl3ss Studio


Dear LalondeBii

They have a twinky cereal too. I live in an area where most ppl are generally on the heavy side so our stores carry both. The thought of eating them gives me a sugar headache

Arijoy Cosplays

I like how I'm 4:40 in and he has only once called them the correct name.. it's not cabbage patch kids.. if I remember correctly those are dolls XD

Aj the god9

Mark is definitely sponsored by la croix

Wilma Andersson


brylee Reese

Anybody else noticed he said cabbage patch kids the whole time. It’s sour patch kids. Cabbage patch kids are dolls mark...

Luke haddock

I dont believe this video is a year old now

chris_morgenstern 21

But i like it

Pepsi Man21

"you got your C A B B A G E patch kids" im sorry but i thought these were sour patch kids


Is it funny when he was showing the green sour patch I was eating the candy lol

David Blair

Mark:calls sour patch kids cabbage patch kids*
Me:mieledly frustrated

Dylan Green

Hemorid bowl hahahahaha


ok bro

Jack Trim

ya , all the 1.5 milks are white flavored milk


c a b b a g e p a t c h k i d s

Pickel Boi

One word: Ew

Jaden Kwon

Content creators struggling to get content but this man makes one cerial box a 12min video


stahp ur half way thru the vid


gamingdabox 893

I started the new year of 2021 watching this...anyone else?

Sekiro 7

Mark is like a 40 year old dad yelling at the Alexa

Luke Dela Cruz



Brendon Cauli

The captions are funny

jordan aull

seeing sour patch cereal again just makes me think of the oreo and poptart cereals i saw IN store in la lol

Loud Bois Volume 9000

Now introducing sour patch kids chips ahoy!

William Clyne

Cabbage Patch Kids?


This video is literally made on my b day
If only...

Abigail Langan

Mark: * Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch *
Me: .....
Mark: * Crunch crack crunch crack *


moriarty d

the pain i feel knowing mark drinks la croix /hj

Ellen Burke

"you can't get this in stores--"
you can buy that at FYE for like 3 bucks (FYE IS THE GREATEST).

Kayla Landin

Cabbage patch kids


I literally watched a guy eat cereal for 12 minutes and was entertained