Dragon Ball Deliverance Episode 3 | FAN MADE SERIES | - Acquired

Dragon Ball Deliverance Episode 3 | FAN MADE SERIES | - Acquired

2 277 978 views | 12 Sep. 2020

This production was undoubtly on the highest level we could achieve, almost impossible to describe it with words ...more than a year of work, something you have to experience in order to understand.

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♦ Voice actors/ actresses:

Monty Thompson : Vegeta/Piccolo/Narrator/Didger


Emma Breezy : Pan/Bra


Gavin Ej Neal : Majuub


Shadow of Chaos : Broly

Rus : Moori/Buu

Princely : Bulma

Steve Israel : CD


Tyrone Manguse : Mysterious namekian


After accepting a request from a mysterious group, it seems they cannot be trusted. In the blink of an eye, the Z-fighters got scattered across Namek. Each of them facing their own adversary.

Majuub quickly overpowered his opponent. After losing his will to fight, he decided to take his own life over being captured.

Bra and Pan have gathered their courage and decide to face their opponent head on.

Goten and Trunks have decided to pool their powers together and bring forth Gotenks, but even that wasn’t enough, receiving devastating blows in the process.

And as for Gohan, his fate is taking a turn for the worse!

What happened to Gohan, what is Hydra, and what is this ancient world? Time to find out!

Thanks for watching evryone!

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DragonBall Deliverance is a non-profit video being made for private use. It is in no way affiliated with, or sponsored or approved, by Akira Toriyama, Toei, Shueisha, FUNimation,20th Century Fox or any of their respective affiliates or licensees. We make no claim to any characters, storylines, names, logos or situations that are trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected by federal, state, international or other intellectual property law. This work is produced solely for the personal, uncompensated enjoyment of ourselves and other DragonBall Z fans.

Steven Louis

Pan will NEVER have children

Thanks Gohan

Azaaz Shah

This is animated and looks way better than super

Aj Harris


dbz animator

I mean you guys did a really nice job but I think ssb is just a way too underated transformation now days people hate it I don't know why

Jeffrey Johnson

When is episode 4 coming out I can't stand waiting any longer I have to know what happens

ghostride wawik

this is what vegeta deserved not like on cannon, losing like a chump on every villain

SL4L Nate

Just Freaking Amazing... It's so outstanding that Toei Animation may see this as a threat .

John Riley

The idea of an ancient namekian golden age is mindboggling


Best ssj4 scene ever animated

O.G Rio

This is dope. You guys should bring your own fighters to the ring..keep goin.


im blown away that a team of fans animated this legit incredible for the most part feels like youre watching an official toei release!

Darrius Marshall

Where is episode 4?

The Notorious Luke

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Eat myshorts

So when can we expect episode 4?

Scythian Lechita

Great production! But when is the 4th part ?? How long will you keep you waiting? How much time will the wait go on?

Gabriel Santelices

Se supone que Broly leda una paliza a Vegeta

Kevatchi Ralzin

Put some respect on SSJ4 name the day this becomes canon wooooooo lol


Ir Toei only didáctico half oficial this

Bryson Jones

When is part 4


Such an amazing story....how did they make us like female saiyans we don't even know that much about yet?
We like them more than caulifa and kefla

João Santana


Kuzzin Kru

Pan looks like ssj4 goku in this panel 13:06


Si el o los animadores ven esto, SON MIS IDOLOS, EXELENTE TRABAJO SON GRANDES


You are the only one to make anything CLOSE to dragonball

Pierre Scarbrough

God bless whoever made this

Rajan Warke

This how Broly supposed to be evil maniacal powerhouse

TC Sinatra

That would NEVER happen to Broly.... especially not by one Z Warrior

CJ Greek

"Dragon ball deliverance" all I can hear is banjos.

Max Vegito

Piccolo is Back

AaXXlost?!88 990

Pls dbd 4



True Gamer

this is soo well animate omg, i hope more episodes come out, i cant even compare this fight scene with the dragon ball super broly movie, their both good but this is just a fan made video, insane

Monette Cartwright

Royal spear suites the prince perfectly.

Juvese Williams

How is super saiyan 4 vegeta stronger than legendary super saiyan 3 broly
How tho
Legendary super saiyan broly was almost stronger than goku who absorbed trunk, Gohan, vegeta and piccolo

Ivan Cubillas

4 full cartoon

New beast

This is amazing

Kain Beatbox

Plz make more DBD plz

Talha Shahid

This episode cannot be defined in words....the fight between vegeta and broly,is on another level

Tomi Animations


Tomi Animations

“Yeah it sucks that we as fans love dbs dbz so much, we put our hard work into something that we won’t ever own. Just to showcase our passion for.

Me I got a whole anime written up, characters, storyboard. Ect. I just need a solid team behind character development and it should shine bright”. - Kayce Brown.


The fact the animation is better than supers is amazing.

Drake Jones

its been 4 monthsss


Why does this fan-made series look like it has a higher budget than complete DBS??


Why does broly sound like muscle man lmao

Numan RKO

Episode 04

Storm Capital

You just should have started out with the Vegeta and Broly fight and leave all that other dumb shit alone.


I want my part 4

Chandan Das

I'm waiting to video bro cam fast and happy

Storm Capital

Nothing like dragon ball at all the feel is totally off the animation is off everything


This animation bruh oh my god. Too good.

Maria Luzia


Mark joseph Villalon

Wheres the part 4?

Pls make the part 4

Derp Ataur

Okay first off, the animation you guys are putting down is fucking awesome. You guys have done an amazing job of making the badguys complete badasses. Absolutely love it. I will say the sakura sob story of "oh I don't wanna be useless and need to be saved" trope is kinda lame... It would have been way more awesome if the girls just beat the whole ass out of that dude right out the gate.

Purple Wrld

Yo this is amazing cant wait for episode 4

Hola Burger

This is...actually fucking amazing.

Tony Star

can i use this for a german live watch with ny community?


This was fkn amazing!!! Incredible work! Waiting for the next

Edinson Perezcabarcas

para cuando el siguiente capitulo

Josue Ortiz

how does this channel only have 270 k subscribers.


The best Broly will ever exist in my life

Storm Capital

The Vegeta Broly fight was good it was real good but then you went right back to stupid dialog and shit that don't make sense


What is that version of vegeta's theme is that when he turns ssj4?

Shaaz Andrade

The anamation style deffonatly improved congrats man I hope you'll be make them big bucks soon

Munaz Khan Shaheb

Whens the next episode coming out!!!!!!!!!

Tia Andriamilofo Razafinanahary

Graphically, its amazing

Umang Srivastav

Hyped for episode 4..


Piccolo with that Namekian God drip

Albert Tjornehoj

I can’t believe this episode is made by fans! It’s awesome


Okay, I've finally seen all three episodes. The level with this last work has obviously increased, however I have noticed how good animations have alternated, in moments of action, with other decidedly revisable ones (for example, when the characters are still and speak). I understand this because 40 minutes of animation are heavy as hell. it is impossible to expand the excellent quality for such a duration, if you are an independent production.
The story is intriguing, however.

Double CC

Greatness! When does the next episode come out

Leon Andres Rojas Martinez

Vegeta's SSJ4 transformation was just the best transformation on all dragon ball history.

MG Savage 956

Are You Making More Episodes?

King Lewis S.S.B

Hail vegeta... you guys need to do the story line for dbs

MG Savage 956

You Are Amazing

Numan RKO

Next episode plz


Why isn't this an official anime?

Spiritwalker ES

Holy shit, this is actually really f*cking good


I wonder when more episodes could be released

Jugg Dekaprio

The fact this is better than GT is insane lol

David_ Lozan_49

Someone call Akira Toriyama and tell him to canonize the royal spear

Ángel Tengoku

It was great


Big cookie Boy


Fellype Alves Oficial

Lança mais mano, Deixe os personagens com poderes de alterar a realidade, destruir universo. Por aí vai bem apelão

Leon Andres Rojas Martinez

I just love it the boo and oob relationship! amazing twist! and the fight between broly and ssj4 vegeta... JUST FREAKING AMAZING!!!

Hart Joe Vinay

The animation is Amazing.
But I have a question, why not using DBZ sound effects(Hidenori Arai's). They are so much better than DBS sound effects.

Edinson Perezcabarcas

esta genial

John Robert Artist

Insane animation mennn
Auto subcribe

marled animefan

This was beautiful !!!

Monette Cartwright

Animation an perspective work is on point ,an it shows the love for the anime.thanks for the exceptional effort ,an i can see this is more than fan work .keep going!!


Oh my God that was the most epic epic powerbomb I have ever seen in my life that was so amazing he gave him the business he stomped a mud hole in him and walk him dry cuz Stone Cold said so

Vasili Mawey

Does someone know when the 4th épisode will ? Men it is fucking great job ! A way better than dragon ball super !! Even the drawing are perfect !

Skhuh Maphanga

Wooow picalow save the day!!

MG Savage 956

You Revived My Childhood In A Unexplainable Way

falsafah mahkota wira tunggal pendekar laut


Jesús Anzures

Que programa usan para la animación?

Ash Lastname

The beastly roar at 24:02 is easily one of my favorite parts of this whole thing


This is hands down an amazing creation.

New beast

Royal spear is new and vvvv cool

Esau Ocampo Alegria

When will the next episode be available?my first time i watched is