What If James Harden Never Left the Thunder

What If James Harden Never Left the Thunder

111 276 views | 6 Dec. 2020

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Infinit Zero

He'd still be a 6th man.


I was with you until you said they would lose to the 73-9 warriors.. bruh they had Andre Roberson starting & shooting threes.. ew. No one else on that team could score off of the dribble or make a damn free throw besides Russ and KD. They aren't losing!

Zadid Aziz

cp3, embiid, butler, oladipo... i support houston and i wish this was real.

Grant Custer

As a Thunder fan, right now, I'd 100% take the one championship over the brighter future we have now.

Then again, ask me in 10 years.

Mimic 15

Lebron losses a ring when he lost against the thunder

Harsh Paradkar

I really enjoyed this one,
You're a legend bruh !!

Gabriel Suazo

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Akhil Nakka

1 chip any day. That's what you play for

Trevor Labrecque

Good vid

WaLdO _

Its a loss for the Thunder, Ive never thought that trio would have stayed together not because of the types of players they were, just the types of people they were. 3 Big egos would never work out, at least not for long lol. As a thunder fan I prefer the present because we got a brighter future right now.


Anyone here after the Harden trade ?

Devin Rhode

Let's go!

Marco Mancinelli

Mmmm..... i don’t think that’s realistic:
The bulls would never trade jimmy in 2015 (they were final contenders), all the draft picks are a bit too fan Made ecc.. As a all, I think this what if is just an unrealistic vision made too create some crazy teams.
No hating just my opinion, but I appreciate the editing

max cop

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Darth Fader

I.... I miss them young fellas...

Dan Pewpewman

you know he think his video nice when he premieres it

Chopstewie Nasty

No Steven Adams,no Draymond Kick,no Suspension, 3-1 Lead still blown cause Ky & Bron still go off for 82 in game 5 and game 6 is still secured cause of home court energy

Mang Hua

I think KD could've still won mvp in 2019-20 because Irving is out some time and also Paul George out quite some time and as you say, kd avgd 40 pre injury in the playoffs so maybe hell avg 31 8 and 6

Shawn Adams20


Lucas Vieira Galvão

You underrated Curry too much in this what if, you act like the only reason the warriors won the other two titles is because of Durant. People forget that in the 2016 finals Curry wasn't 100% healthy, Draymond got suspended, and it was against the 2nd best player of all time. Both in 2017 and 18 Curry could've won finals MVP, and argue that he should've in 18, but people couldn't look past game 3. People actually don't see how much Curry influenced Durant having so much space and opportunity, because the defense had Curry to worry about, and don't forget klay. This KD was the savior of the warriors narrative is bs, and even in you scenario, GS still would've gonna to the finals, and if klay didn't get hurt they win against Toronto. Steph and Klay get too much disrespect.


Need more please!

The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory

Bye Harden

Infinit Zero

He's still be a 6th man.

Nathan Neo

so what happens to lebron

James Montgomery

makes you appreciate Curry, one of the most decorated players right now never having to have the "oh well what if he doesn't have the ball in his hands as much?" like lesser players are given entire franchises because they can't "be to the best of their ability" without the ball, but Curry gets clowned because 'ThE GReAtESt ScoReR' wanted to play with him lol.

elie kazmouz

as much as i like this trio thank god harden didnt resign i didnt want him to stay a six


Man Great Video Kudos bro, By the way love your hat BRXTN where can I get those?

Eric Gomez

Pain I’m a rockets fan btw

Varunski’s Take

Doing any what if video is impossible because it implies time traveling to the past, with the butterfly effect, taking affect immediately. Therefore no assumotions can be made based on the real time line.

Nicolas Mayer

I think he would’ve gone down as one of the best 6th mans of all time


Dude the Jazz aren’t picking Trae Young that high he was projected to go way lower but the hawks reached on him at that time

Azphalazl Seprimanium

Vic, CP3, Joel, & Jimmy G. Buckets as Houston Rockets... Mike D'Antoni and Darryl Morey would stay there for at least a decade. They become the new San Antonio Spurs if everything goes well, 10 straight playoff appearances and maybe 3 or 4 more NBA titles. That Core Four will most likely retire there considering they won together. The Lakers on the other hand are too much w/ Kawhi, Pat Riley might rebuild just for that & James Dolan will be able to salvage his legacy or what's left of it lol.

Lulu Pui

I like this video expressly because Chris Paul gets two rings and two FMVP’s

Spiderman 420

This automatically became the best what if ever when cp3 won a ring and FMVP


I disagree, Jeremy Lin is a great player 3:34

I Am That I Am

What if the Seattle supersonic stayed

Aura Laphai

This What If is actually crazy

Great video, BSOLZ!!


Players grow a lot over time. If Durant, Westbrook, Harden, and even Serge Ibaka and Jeff Green didn't move around and have different experiences, they would never have evolved in to who they are today. Houston allowed Harden to grow.


Id love to see one of these for MJ and the Rockets.

Basically according to Hakeem the Blazers offered the Rockets Drexler and the 2nd pick in exchange for Ralph Sampson and according to Hakeem the Rockets would have selected MJ.

Basically we could have gotten a trio of MJ, Drexler and Hakeem all as very young players.

Anish Badithe

love to see cp3 win chips at least in 2k

Jack Dexter

This is one of the best most well constructed vids I’ve ever seen. Good shit BSolz. You killed it bro

Sean King

this would suck

Bonsu The Tiger

Wow 1.13 hours of Audacity audio

La'Nairus Gadsden

Do more of these


Great video!! Just a slight correction, the Thunder pick in 2018 was lottery protected, so they would have kept it.

The Saurus AKA [sick] AKA The OMC

You just simulated the Darkest NBA Timeline, bruh...

Pablo Saucedo

Siting here 4 am dabbing hash rosin. Thanks for keeping me entertained man

Patrick Sassi


Frank Portes

Man that Utah jazz team was so overlooked in this video

Roni Smith

Your forgeting that harden wouldn't be as good as he actually is and Westbrook,harden, and Durant are the worst fit ever

Sebastian Valasek

Love this bro keep it up

Hitachi Haruno

as an okc fan i would rather have current timeline mainly because it would mean more to me so see us win than look back cuz i was younger and didnt pay attention during the time we could've won

Aaron Ryan

Great video but ... no way KD beats lebron in 2014 with roughly equal rosters

Bryce Lipman

you should make more what ifs

Colin Kreutzer

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Dylan Murray - 9

I'm a Raptors fan and the way I got into basketball is when the Raptors won the ring so if james harden didn't get traded then I wouldn't be watch this video

Alex Hennigh

No way Westbrook is a top 10 PG of all-time. Not yet anyways.

Nomiia keroxiaza

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Giovanni Ramirez

Yo Bsolz u should do more what ifs. These are

Grey Oakes

This was great

Carter Famoly

As a Chris Paul fan that became a rockets fan cause he landed in Houston I wish that they just kept that young core together in okc

JaKarr Sampson

Completely unrealistic I didn't take over the leauge

Emmanuel Lambrakis

Seeing the 2018 Rockets win the title as a Rockets fan hurts.

Darth Fader

Hold up. you think kd would still go to Golden State, and Harden would leave to Miami??? even though he would go from 1/3rd main touches to half! Thats dumb bruh. You gonna tell me the Thunder would lose KD and James Harden For NOTHING??? 2 two of the top guys in the leage??? And KYRIE ALSO!!!! WTF B! Do you know who SAM (THE MAN) PRESTI IS????
Good quality video though my guy.


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93 Til Infinity Steez47


Victor IV

.... u mean what if Oklahoma would have PAID him.


This is genuinely one of the best basketball videos I've ever seen

Hanif Ballard

The whole thing about ball dominant players not being able to share the ball isn't really that true if they really want to win. KD can definitely share the ball. James Harden can do it if he trusts the people he plays with and Russ just needs to make better decisions.

Also me being a Warriors fan I still can't see them losing.

Irving Montalvo

Man Jacob Batalon has a basketball youtube channel?! Subscribed!!


It would be lit


as a knicks fan i’m sobbing

Killzone_99 Balls

soo you hate russ right? getting the short end of the stick every time

byron andujar

Lets goooo my knicks were a superteam!!!! But we lost


We need more what ifs like this bro. Take Korzemba's throne

steve salswizel

I love this alternate as a rockets fan i would take jimmy butler!! Dude is a stud awesomw work ethic and plays D! Jimmys from H town hometown player! Just don't make him unhappy u see how that went!

Urbain Delva

Wonderful video. A few things though:
1) I don't believe CP3 would win Finals MVP for playing only 3 games of a 5-game series
2) LeBron and Russ would NEVER fit together
3) I would not have Mike D'Antoni as the coach of THAT roster with THOSE personalities (except Oladipo)
4) A 43-win team as a 6th seed in the WEST? C'mon, BSOLZ. Lol

hib470mep ;ren'fap

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Meph Hendrikssen

>Westbrick a top 10 PG
Yeah, what about no.

Rafael Khodorovskiy

do a brandon roy greg oden lamarcus aldridge one that would be cool

Tyler Lam

Yo what is that soundtrack at the very beginning! That was sick

Roberto Bermudez

Wow they should of stood together

Kaleb Pacheco

Do a what if on kawhi with the spurs

Bryan Dubon

So harden was a cancer to houston.... I agree

Bill Pap.

How did Houston manage to trade for CP3 if Oladipo, Butler & Embiid as well as the rest of their core (Gordon, PJ, Ariza) remained on the team???


I’m sorry but why tf would the Knicks in round 2

NotAidan Hartley

why julius randle.

Is Mayonnaise An Instrument

Dipo is now a Rocket.

Connor Williams

My dude look like the kid from ice age

Joe mutha Ogga bogga

NGL I wished this happened

Ian So

well this is making me salty as a jazz fan with luka being my second favourite player behind mitchell, though...this is hypothetical

Iron Throne THEÐłNGBAT

Bro this timeline would have made the NBA although I think that those Rockets with that defense would have beaten LeLakers

Uno Paz

im still salty about KD


If this core stayed together I think they could’ve won 4-5 titles

Viper 24-7

love the pop filter

Trash Cuber

one more month and now 2/3 of the ore is back together

Space Invader

Harden in Miami


The stretch here is that Harden gets slotted at PG when Westbrook is injured. It was the genius move of D'Antoni and the Rockets that made Harden become what he is. It would be so easy for Harden to be slotted conventionally at SG/SF. Another one is the assumption of attitudes and injuries; none of which are inevitable.


Can you make a vid discussing which NBA Rookies/2nd year players have the most potential of growth in the next few years?

BostonSports Fan2004

Imagine if they signed harden and Ibaka and drafted Govert in 2013