Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 072: I FOUND GRIAN'S SECRET BASE!

Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 072: I FOUND GRIAN'S SECRET BASE!

548 126 views | 16 Jan. 2021

In this episode, we discover Grian's secret base in my base and then decide that two can play at this game, except we can keep our secret base a secret ;)

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Bodie Dachtler

No chance this guy is behind the stairs things are off

Enrique 6000



Yall snitched on grian

Killian Kelloniemi

Dont tell Grian this


16:35 light....

Darius Kyle Ledesma

i'll tell next episode

cookieman8081 freddy

can you teach me how to build like you do


Before you know grain leds an other war on HC server

Lajkon Plus cz

10 ep. later secret base wars. GG


What may have prevented the cactus in your base from growing may have been light level

Iamsued Guys

You should’nt trust the fans

Taco Beast

#not snitching gang

Ankit Pareek

You know what would be funny, if you would still act like you don’t know anything about the base

Baraking Playz

Don't believe them! They Will tell Grian


Who would even spoil this
Just let the hermits have fun


Forget Mycelium vs. Grass war. We're in the age of Secret Base wars

A.V. N

God i hate Grian so much... i wish he never joined hermitcraft...

Rachael K

You could potentially cover the ceiling in the base with trapdoors, spruce perhaps would work well.

Maia Monac

Welp guys are we reddy to do the protection plan on Grian. Like we did to impulse but this time it accualy works

Nana Yaw Owusu

Grian is going to renovate so impulse will be found

Daniel Thompson

Base off, with impuse potter

Dev Shah

Grian’s first ever spy base was in jumbos hobbit hole

Daniel Harrison

Hey Grian, Impulse has mad a base in your base. jk


Mission failed we will get him next time

Ken Ji

yo grian just built a base in ur base so he can prove to some of hes viewers that its ok to touch or build something in other hermit bases


I’m not gonna tell, but N E V E R trust the audience. They are evil. They can’t be trusted. There’s always the one that goes and spoils. “Trust No One” -Grian 2021

Misterious Gamr

Another war?...Anyone?

Dragon Slayer

After a week lol

Edit: Everyone trust other Hermits while Grian is just being snitched on all the time

Bennett O'Connor



But could impulse be doing exactly what grian done to him because he wouldnt expect it but he has another secret base but that would be 2 obvious, no.... i feel i higher power has some part in this

Chanchal M

An important note : even trust strangers but never trust youtube audience


i love how his logo carpet says Hi

Tehani Gauder

I am grain fan

Raccoonlivesmatter 15

Anyone tell grian,im breaking your kneecaps

Oskar Noor


moomy 123

I was here to hear if someone actually told grian's secret but I'm glad he knew it bcoz he's subbed

Mehmet Huseyin Karalar

i believe in you guys

That was a mistake

Landon Shatzer

I’m not a spy for grian teehee

Liene Aulika

ont look at others videos it gives it awy

DoSan 4545

Grian will take years to do the interior, he won't find you for at least 5 episodes.

Na Cl

Impulse in Grian's base: It's free real estate :)

Harrison Cable

Your melons and pumpkins are probably creating lag in the shopping district


Grian already knows

F. Shrooms

Which One Of Yous Snitched?? >:0

Javonix Patriczyo Winardi 1519034

What Hermits Do:




A random kid

Never trust comment section


When harry potter got rich and can decorate everything and can make the space infinite. Made me think about ur secret base


Impulse: I saw his video’s thumbnail because I’m subscribed to him
Grian maybe: I watched his video to see his reaction to my little prank.

Penguin’s Rule

Knowing grian there is another secret base in your base

Epsilon Rose

I hope this becomes a thing. Grian sets up a secret base in another hermit's base and, after they find it, they do the same to him. By the end of the series, his base will be 50% other people's bases.

Caleb Smith


Ethan Byrd

Impulse how do you believe in us? We are the youtube audience.

samoel červ

Impulse: i won t make same mistake and i belive in you

Seng Hour

the clown who tell the hermit everything is typing...

Shubham Rao

The only reason Grian is making more stuff in your base is because his viewers made up a little rule while he was on a break from the server. The rule that they made was that no Hermit can build inside other Hermits' bases. He is doing so to prove that there is no such rule in existence.

Muhammad Saad Imran

Season 7 Hermit War II

Gippy Gill

As Grian said TRUST NO ONE .
They gonna tell

Marvel Mahadewa

Secret between inception.

Mohammad Mahi Mukati

Grian made another thing in your base probably, since he said in signs that the base you saw was abandoned, and he is going to make another one, which means you haven't found his real secret base yet

Master Companion

Grians stairs: exists
Impulse: Free real estate



Golcre Plays

Grian: we need to keep this base secret or well have to restart


Lyv Plays Games

Impulse a/k/a Harry Potter :)


Your carpet looks a little like a fried egg in a pan
But the base is still very cool lol. Perhaps even moreso

Jett Bridger

Yes! Base!

Mathew Grubb

i am going to tell grian

Fried panini

The one mistake don’t show us

mujeeb utube

I think that impulse did not built his base behind the stairs. In fact, I think he is pranking us and grian and his base is somewhere else in grian's base.

Real Leppy

I think you messed up with the bells because he is going to look for them and probably find the secret base. Still love the vid. : )

Maia Monac

Grian took a page from Ford from Gravity Falls. Trust no one, nice reference (or maybe it wasnt a refrence but instead I am just over analysing the simple fact that Grian didnt really trust us).

Evelyn Hiatt

I knew this was going to happen. I kept thinking like, what if the other hermits see the thumbnail to a video that gives spoilers to a prank or something? Somehow, this is the first time a Hermit has said anything outright.

Edit: Grian trolled us all.

Reagan Co


Wendy E

I told grian

Djheoelle mclayn Garcia

This will become a game

Ali N

I will tell green

The tech Gamerz.


Revolutionary Excuse


Ella Scott

oh no..... Secret Base War is among us

swathi bejjanki

Impulse grian is proboly going to whach your vido to see your reation.

Louis' Music

The issue with the cactus was probably the lack off light

Freddie Booth

For the ceiling, you could add quartz slabs as a way to cover up the mansion roof but not make it feel cramped like if you had a full block.

Ažbe Marguč

Impulse: you are hidimg something. Me: what secret base

Lachlan Hoy

Bruh who dobbed

Łunnà_ møøn


Epic Flare

And so begins the secret base wars...

Jop Kort

Heyy Impulse, I have a idea. U should make a game when it's a race how Long you can hide a base Inside another!

Azzurra The Adorable Queen

You should use something that grows quicker than cacti, like saplings because they give random redstone outputs so it'll drive grian crazy sooner


I’ll tell him don’t worry impulse

Hung Nguyen

If this becomes another FULL BLOWN war on Hermitcraft, I wouldn't know what else to say.


Impulse: I believe to you guys that you won't tell Grian the secret plan, right?
Me: The war has begun

Baraking Playz

Impulse! you Should make the cactus to bamboo and call the machine BAMBOOZLED!

Reuben Johnston

Didnt last that long


I knew that you will find it rather soon!/:

Pradyut Singh

Making secreat base inside someone's base hmmmmmm I hope it doesn't wage A war

Jeremiah Whitney

Light level on cactus


impulses mistake-
grians probably going to watch this video to figure out how he found his bas

Mani S.a

I'm a grian fan.
but don't worry my mouth is close


Don’t belive in us


8:49 otay