(Movie) The Diary Of A Street Fighter Starring UFC's Jorge Masvidal

(Movie) The Diary Of A Street Fighter Starring UFC's Jorge Masvidal

3 602 539 views | 15 Nov. 2019

Follow MMA star Jorge Masvidal on his journey to become 'The Baddest MotherF**ker' in the UFC as he documents his journey from Kimbo Slice's Backyard scraps with Ray, to his Madison Square Garden main event with Nate Diaz.

Produced By Genghis Con Films

Filmed By:

Isaac Kesington

Daniela Roger

Niviana Campos

Edited By: Isaac Kesington

Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgdHmnWiJ_pClYQpzyn6bgA?sub_confirmation=1

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Jorge has a weird fighting style Ik most ufc guys do as well

Allan Art

That Askren knockout will forever be legendary!!!


Great documentary. The soundtrack is dope


I definitely use to watch him in his backyard days. I followed Kimbo Slice platforms pretty heavy back in the day. I didn't realize who he was until he built his name up in MMA. Great to see the journey and story of a great fighter.

Vincent Williams

This documentary reminds me of Madonna's "Blond Ambition".

michael nguyen

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Celeste Seraphi

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Ashish Gurung

Please some one tell me what’s the name of that back ground music

Jorge Masvidal

WATCH THE NEW SERIES "Fulltime Fighter" AT: http://www.jorgemasvidal.com

Nicolas Detore

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Toca Boca

No lie I started watching Masvidal about a week ago didn’t make you right but I’ll help keep you rich. Ben Askren than 3 piece and a soda sucked me in bro. Masvidal fight marathons are under way.

Joe Pike

Nobody's takin my lunch money

Daniel Mironenko

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Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

Yo you got to get rid of that Gloria Estefan come on baby don't you want to do that Conga know you can't control yourself in there longer yeah get rid of that s***

Andrew Martinez

You're the man, heart of a warrior. Respect.

Kevin Lee

Brick City Newark NJ l always said there's no one like game bread keep kicking ass dude


Dude you just gained a new fan i love your work ethic and your loyalty to your day 1 s G! LFG

Helt Fläng

One of the last real fighters in the UFC for sure, gonna suck when he is gone. Team Gamebred!

Dimas Wicaksono

I like masvidal, khabib and zabit

Ashutosh Garg

Jorge (horhey) Masvidal!


Vicente Flores Jr

The Best fighter in the World


kinda scared for you bro. Florida like the worst place to stay after you come up out of the hood

VVS Loading

Yo the fuccen beat fire

Ricardo Santos Bezerra

Masvidal vs Ferguson coooooolllll

George F

I love watching you, you became amazing fighter. May you have many years of championships and wins! Rest In Peace Kimbo Slice

Mohammad Porky Haram

I'm an old boy from north Ontario Canada. I've been to 2 shows in Montreal and 2 in Toronto. Jorge is my number 1 favorite character in all of mma history

Justina Filgueira

Soy tu fan masvidal sigo toda tu carrera eres el tipo más bravo q hay en la ufc

Lithuania Denmar

37:16 any jiu jitsu experts that can explain this technique/move to me?

Oliver Arias

Jorge I'm à huge fan bro how come you don't fight more often let's go bro you have to beat mcgregor

Anon Pure

Instrumentals and stuff? I love the music

Piotr Maicher

This documentary is amazing!
Could anybody let me know the name of the song @13:46? Thank you so much

stephen cohen

JORGE is such a fukin

Pray4dreams I

Thanks for the diet tips

Isaac Chacon

Can't wait for that Usman rematch proper camp it's a wrap for Usman

Vincent Williams

I totally dig this file at 1:10:57; they are chilling while Jorge is busting it out. A solid guy right there.

alex hebert

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Cara Capelouto

Love Roberto Duran

Justina Filgueira

Mi esposo y yo fans d el

Will Joo

Huge fan.but as most young guys.he mocks nutrition.beware brother..time creeps on us all.how do u make the best better.
Run better fuel.

johnnyboy 123

Love the song at 21:40 ish, anyone know the track?

May Palmer

Very insightful and intelligent man right here. Love how he shares his mindset at the end

Noah Daily

I didn’t know Jorge had a daughter

Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

I always loved fighting to get The Knockout but I could never stand the smell of another dude f**** sweat or the smell of his f**** ass or any of that s*** so therefore I don't ever f**** around I don't want to smell the next motherfuker

Kwame Rosario

bro....get me this jake or luke paul fight, idgaf

Karr0t Gaming

subscribe or he will knock you out

Chase Snoochieboochies

Fuck ya the

Gonzalo Palacio

Gracias a tí Jorge, Cuba libre !!!



Evo Sagan

Soy Irlandés. Me gusta mucho Gamebred. He's a great bunch of lads


Real OG no doubt about it


5:53 I'm trying to get on that Gamebred meal plan

Dr Dewwwd

This makes me wish I grew up in Florida

E Pang

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Asad Marji

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Brando Commando

Homeboy faded after all that hype, handpicking at its finest


Jorge es un perro elegante y me encantan los perros!

Manna Summons

In retrospect, I wish Jorge would’ve not bitten that bait for the last min title fight with Usman. Of course, if so, the question rises: would he actually have gotten another chance? I’d say yes. Jorge had the leverage on all that momentum that he was riding. It took me a while, cause he has had his ups and downs, but now I truly believe Jorge has evolved as a fighter, especially seeing how he handled the most of his situation against Usman

Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

Dude at the end in Gray is gay as f***

Света Волкодав

я фанат диаза и хорхе диаз лучьше

N Lee

G’ Damn, it looks like fun, hangin’ with the BMF & crew!

Matthew Rybak


Matthew Neufer

I always debating with the casual fan of mma fan boy !!! about how they believe that Jeorge can't beat Conner then I have to remind them on how Nate beat Conner two times in real life and mention what he (Jeorge) had done did to Nate and that usually shuts them up! This man is too much man for that little Leprechaun. I need a dollar dollar is what I need !!

Will Joo

What he describes at 42:30 is why hes called gamebred..

alex hebert

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marc drobile

Love being able to see a sneak peak into the life of a fighter! One of my favorites of all time too. Keep the content comin imma keep watching

Lightweight Lucas

notice he is wearing black airforces in his streetfight

Marijan Nikolic

Any playlist for this savage tunes ??

Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

Yeah you really got to love the smell of another man's balls to do this s*** f*** all that

IsThisRealL1fe EPIC

This dude called masvidal a former street thug? Lol it doesn’t get much cringier then that


Alan silvestri blue parrot

Palerouss Gaming

Won't lie I love you now man at first I saw you in the UFC and said who tf is this? He better not be disappointing he's a street fighter he don't know real martial arts and I was wrong, you compete and leave it in the ring and respect every fighter, I now will vote for you in every fight I see you in good luck with life and your fights man

Allan Art

"Why does this feel so natural?" 50:35 hahaha! Hilarious

John Morales

I know thats All Good...but where's the beat download

Saravuth Chhou

Jorge masvidal is born to fights, he is truly the best, I don't think nobody can beat him.


Based Prodigy song at about 19 minutes in.

Anon Pure

Whats all the songs playing


This is how men are supposed to be. If you cant handle your own business, you are not a man.

Mohammad Porky Haram

fukn love you Jorge Masvidal


https://youtu.be/St4IPC2UCVM looks like an amateur here lol

Ilo Lorusso

Whats the soundtrack name used right in the beginning of the show ?

souhaiel grami

7:17 2020 vs Me

Rasmus Nyman

this guy gonna go far

IsThisRealL1fe EPIC

Did he really say Nate beat Conor twice ? lol Conor knocked Nate down 3 times in the first round alone so in what world did Nate win that fight

K_ag F_iller

Edwards and Covington called you out

Bet money you dodge Leon until the world ends


Jorge we gotta kick it sometime..if your ever in Detroit i got u.


this movie doesnt get the credit it deserves, you the man jorge

Chaz Tranchina

The hoc comb shortly trouble because factory actually impress including a scandalous india. spiky, dark chest


lol the miami locals seem crazier than jorge who is a mma fighter

Shot Like Harden

Chill ass dude and patriotic for our country. Much love

Leroy Jackson

Colby is gonna open a can of whoop ass. After that ass whoopin', then he can face Nick.

Diana Castillo

Masvidal is fu*** Handsome

Jorge Yong

Felicidades! Ojala recibas otro chance al titulo

maya blackman

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I'm Tom Cruise

I like Jorge but quit acting like u can’t get beat


bad boy fighter from the streets of miama as the final touches of foundation are brushed onto his face by another grown ass man lmao

JOHN canonio


Justina Filgueira

Me encanta el mejor


For a while, I thought Paulino was Jorge’s dad lol

Jimmy Beam

Anyone getting sick of commercials every 3 1/2 minutes?