Haulover Inlet | These Captains show us how NOT to do it

Haulover Inlet | These Captains show us how NOT to do it

262 508 views | 12 Dec. 2020

Welcome to a brand new collaboration between the Haulover Channel and Haulover Daily!

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Spending hours at a time filming the boats, yachts, and PWC traveling through this dangerous inlet, Haulover Daily also see its fair share of poor seamanship and dangerous boating! In this series we'll bring you some of the worst seamanship, most dangerous conditions, and outright fails from Haulover Inlet!

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00:00 You're gonna want to adjust that trim there buddy!

00:31 The Haulover Spin Cycle

01:20 Dude abandoned his girl up there! And what was he waving at?

03:24 The back breaker! Gotta respect the aggression though

Bobby Boucher

I dont think the old guy and dog belongs on this list. Lol

BiggWill Beats

Anyone know what boat that is where Dude abandoned his girl ⁉️2:05 I guess


BvH: you gotta get your boat on plane so you dont stuff the bow

The one dude at the beginning: y e s ill become p l a n e 0:00

Dealer Services

Again with the Lake boats going thru a rough ocean inlet!!


What a bunch of idiots


Gesss there area no shortage of brainless Moran’s in boats.

Vincenzo Vollaro

Always the same videos! not good


She got her, you know, go, the thing wet.

Lisa Frank

They killed a bird in the end of the first clip

J Fox

We don't call them Floridiots for no reason.

J.J. Daniels

2 guys on a jet ski is the same as 2 guys on a motorcycle

carl carlo

the First One was like "shit" ahahaha

Wayne Tee

Trim must be broke on that first centrr console. Oh ya, its Miami.

Jairo Nieves

You chose to film one shitty boat over a tiranna? Im in a loss for words

Hot Girls Video XXX

Hi Guys


What is wrong with these people?

David Teahen

How are you not capturing drowning deaths each week? None of those morons is wearing a life jacket. Darwinism works slowly I guess.

Jack Reeves

Redundancy of crap is still crap.

BiggWill Beats

Where’s sonny boys life jacket pops


Honestly Port Everglades(Lauderdale) is worse, Haulover can be calm, but when tide is rolling toward the inlet, you have to gun it..and sadly no one is watching..plenty of near misse's..coming in is not as bad as going out, as you catch a wave and possibly ride it in, like a belly surfer, also doesnt hurt to have at least two "screws"

My_Name_Is_ Chef

Some of these boats look like they don’t belong on the other %70 of earth that is not any continent.


Help my toes got wet :D


bob the builder

This is like gta with stupid NPCs


The first guy was like “hmm more trim equal more boating lifestyle”

drakkar noir

Trim her high
Let her fly

Larry Slemp

As far as I'm concerned.....all the channels devoted to Haulover that DO NOT, repeat...Do NOT offer commentary, will most definitely lose the 'boats at Haulover' video wars!! Done deal guys!!
Get with the program.....or get GONE!!

Random 549

Wow even on a calm day this place is dangerous.

Mister Bee

Does anyone know what the boat is where he wrote "help I got my toes wet" ??

Doug Hughes

Most of these could edited better, watching a boat coming from 1000yds and creeping though the inlet is boring.

John Andrew Naylor

Big boats


Ignorant boaters


Love watching the bilge pump discharges.

Linda Butler

Trim up trim down to slow oh let's just stop duh not what to I do ,love it

Josh Steel

It’s called trim

Brad James

I'd love to dive that pass with my metal detector

Jason Johnson

Is the first guy trying to sink his boat?

Tubby Ruston

All the gear and no idea

Linda Butler

Total snafu

George Brady

Just because these jerks are behind the wheel, does NOT make them captains. Of that, I am certain! Stupid is as stupid does.

kaya miya

funny story that bag that fell out the back? i went out on memorial day rushed out didnt bring any food, i look over to my side and see a cooler floating but it looked heavy! i picked it up and it was full of food and drinks of all kind! felt bad but no one was in sight, had a great lunch and drinks that day thanks to stupid boaters like these! lol

Charlie Dougherty

Trim is not set right ,on that first boat ,amateur day at the inlet !!

Fates Messenger

Those nautic star boats with the down turned bow should NEVER go anywhere near Haulover.

Sean Simons

He’s tinny bashing a 30+’ boat! That’s impressive


The dog is going fishing for catfish, duh

John Holms

Got to love the dumb ass on the wave runner with the dog!

Jonathan Taylor Group

At some point are they going to ban jet skis going through the inlet?? Or is it still weeding out by natural process? Stupid and dangerous to go through Haulover on a ski!! Too easy to get run over. Hard enough around the amateurs in a boat

Dwight Bernheimer

Now I know why there's so many chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons in Miami

Middle Aged White Guy.

@4:27 , Take the dog, cool, put a vest on the puppy...

Jugaloking69 Dope

that puppy dog was a win! he looked like he was having a blast

fladave99 Mills

Those first guys have their motor trim DOWN, which punches the nose into the waves. It should be UP or OUT which will get the nose up out of the water

Bessarion 1

At 3:58 is what I call "A Hollywood Crawl." You swing your arms but your head remains above water as you dramatically toss it side to side. It allowed actors and actresses to look melodramatic in water while keeping their make ups from washing off. These guys demonstrate it very well....

Anthony W Stanton

I am amazed there are not more fatalities here!

Hugo Machado

2:34 at least the bilge pumps are working good


The way these guys drive like idiots reveals something. In my childhood in the 60s nobody woulda piloted an expensive yacht like a dumb ass 12 yr old in an adults body.

Alan Robbins

Please THIS and pretty girls you’d have a million subscribers in a month. Sure we all love seeing the monied class blast out in their quad engined beauties. But this is Hilarious.


No your speakers are not broken

Ystebad VonSchlegel

3:25 - RAMMING SPEEED!!!!!

Marty Modus

So, full send isn't the best solution? ✅ Check

Matthew Tracy

That poor dog at 4:30... wtf are people thinking! Lmao

Chris Culley375

the first idiot with his motors trimmed up wrong. moron

Hugo Machado

0:48These guys are drunk for sure!!!

Shane Williams

I love the carnage

John Obiro

Didn’t see too many fails! Get your Title right!

Glenn Wedge

The start of this clip was like the first JAWS movie when all the boaties were going out to catch th e shark lmao


USA, Home of the Gun, and Land of the Dumb.



Stewart Knight

Some good examples of people who nothing about boat control, power, trim, speed, bow riders are not safe in these conditions especially when the bow digs in, motors should be trimed out to keep bow up, great video thanks.

Rudi Klein

I always wonder how these guys behave on the road.

Richard Hanson

Just watching these ,kills my back.

Kieran Casey

Man how can you own such an expensive boat and not k ow how to trim it...

xxx xxx

Poor dog has it got life jacket on ?

Blaze Nicholls

Hi from New Zealand. We are a nation of boaties. What I don't understand is why no one there wears life jackets. Is there a reason?Maritime rules here provide that it is the skipper’s legal responsibility to ensure that lifejackets are worn in situations of heightened risk, such as when crossing a bar, in rough water, during an emergency, and by non-swimmers. It certainly saves lives here. Enjoy your vids

ron Brock

4:55 This is what happens when you use Red Bull as a fuel additive.

Tom Sav

What do these Trim switches do?

Linda Butler

Wait a minute you people do all the stupid stuff you want but dont put your dog in the mix.


Honey, get me a beer. Where are they?

Javier Ferrer

I wouldn't take my boat out and choppy Waters like that

Merlin Man

Bowriders are at a serious disadvantage in swell compared to closed fronts.

Blue Light

Just because you can afford a boat doesn't mean you should buy a boat.

Brian Lampe

More Trim is the new More Cowbell

Clint Flowers

I swear just any average IDIOT can have a boat in FL.

jorge g mendez

The title of this video should have been Idiots at it's best


As a born and raised full blooded American now I see why this country is screwed ........way to many idiots out there!

outlaw25 nunya

Me thinks the first guy thinks the "trim" switch has nothing to do with the boat

potato lew44

Did not see too much wrong with the last boat, it was too light and small to plane off, he made it through without stuffing the bow. What was the issue?


Guy with dog on wave runner at 4:25 must be an A-Hole. First for taking dog out into ocean. Second in a rubbermaid container. Third with no life jacket on the dog. Looks like animal abuse to me.

j b

I cant swin.. hey let's get jet skis