SLAP THAT FLY (Also Known As Taurtis)

SLAP THAT FLY (Also Known As Taurtis)

1 973 660 views | 9 Nov. 2016

SLAP THAT FLY (Also Known As Taurtis) Today we're not playing minecraft, but a silly little game called slap the fly! It's kind of like who's your daddy but with a man and a fly... Pretty fun!!

Let me know what you think - I edited this video a bit differently!


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6:49. almost perfect timed sound

Kristyquaretoomd Owens

Slap that fly is kinda like gmod



Hyper Space

Grian: Plays slap the fly

Me: I play it every day without playing it

Kidtithat ???

No human here have Arachnophobia but we have Phobia of crayfish snail and crazy sh*t abomination that you create



Anime Baka

this game was epic why isn't anybody playing t any more?

GasMaskSoldier-097 InfantryLive

The spider scene is my wife when I just say “amber there is a spider in the house”

Apollo 8756

Where do you get this game

Steph Holt


_Hayden Plz_

grain when hes the spider OH MY GOD I HAVE SPIDER MAN me wat

Alakay A

3:50 WTH!
10:24 AAH NO!
14:57 NO! NOOO! NO

Rose Mary Machen

Id animate this if i could sesriesly i lafed so much my face terned RED

TangentArc Studios

"I shouldn't be laughing, I just murdered someone"
Grian, 2016

Elijah D'Arcy Dominguez

When you see a fly


i have that phobia pls dont do that again

Red Panda Ellie

The French fries are the true weapon


Everyone kneel before the might Snailobster

Evan Bookout

grian: you are going to hell

Sameera Alsulaimani


a random youtube commenter


Morphy Meh

Grian: your going to hell you realized you killed an angel
Taurtis: I also killed my son

N Ford

I’m scared because I’m Nathan and I’m scared a taurtis will barge into my room and yell at me to do homework

Joanna Venezia not


Sydney Wong

Detective Grian: “There seems to be a murder here.”
Officer Grian: “Boss, the person seems to be by.....FRENCH FRIES.
Detective Grian: “Oh my! What a murder!”
Me: “I didn’t know that you can kill a person with French fries! That fly is Superman!

Henry Smith

Lol how long do you think this comment will be. Almost there. Almost there. Lol.


Spider: Exists
Random old woman: pulls out a flamethrower

James Humphrey


Margot Bunting

"Dont insult my wings im an angel"

Heidi Shave

My friend in Minecraft found 2 creepy things in Minecraft one was a Nether whack Cross and the second one was a sign that said something about Herobrine

•*silvia Cabral•*

Who is watching this in 2020?

Alexo Tómasson

minecraft is not. slap that fly.

Best Memes

The rat is so cute


I kind of miss this Taurtis/Grian relationship, I hope they're still friends now

Mac Tilghman

Grian: *destroys humans spinal cord*


Nathan Bridges

The funny thing about this is my nathan


Grians a sadist

The Man Behind The Hair

How to kill a fly: kill 1000000 before u kill the fly - Grian

The Redstone Torch

How do you win as the bug??

Christine Lanza

Grin do you play on hrmitcraft


i hate taurtis :(

Golden Gamer

Where is the animation for the Nathan vs tartis

Ryan John Hernandez

“You just killed someone with a French Fry!”

Mario Builder

why r u named gria?

Yoonkyung kim

Me:*laughing my head off while watching*

James Westley

Mumbo was a terrible fly lol

chase goumas

Grian: DAMN PIANO!!! *literally throws it cross the room *
Me: that should do it.


Pls play this game again Grian

Nathan Lindeque

Slap the grian

Liam Wilson

Well I will try to animate this

Haley Sings 노래하는 헤일리

It’s all fun and games till granny gets the flame thrower lol

Glowing Dark Cat

I would probably develop some bad habits from this game... Also I have arachnophobia...

Jarrah Peters

Make this a series...

I love it

Susanne Lam


Grian used to be much less family firendly back in the day...
"I just murdered somone. Let's get rid of the witnesses."

Tomoyuki Hishiki

Slap the grian

lei yang

Taurtis almost called Grian a Bi**h

Ryan Phoebe

if you ever do this again, i forbid you to play spider, I have serious arachnophobia


Every time I watch this video THAT gets me

Tsuyu Asui

get rid of the witnesses

Sean King


AuzzieKidPlayzGamez !

australia be like:

ภ๏Շђเภو ๓คภ

Damn piano

Elva White

When Grian sees a fly

Picks up table
*Throws at wall

Lava Legend

“Don’t mind me I’m a shrimp snail that just witnessed a murder” -the great and wise grian


Police: Mr. Grian, why did you murder your boss?

Grian: there was a fly...

frendly orange

Slap the fly more like slap the grian

Grug The caveman

1:17 * casual homicide *

Steph Holt


Michael Montiel

Grain:eats taurtus toes

Jeff G

"So what appears to be the murder weapon?"
"detective...the brute murdered him with French fries!

John Wick 5

Rupert Abey

You just killed someone with the french fries
Taurtis - 2016

Sameera Alsulaimani



That song at 6:21 is called "Hyperfun" by Kevin Macleod.

Christopher Estella

Wow. The title: slap the fly ALSO KNOWN AS TAURTIS XDXDXD

amr321 hejazi

The ANGEL is the most horrible thing I ever saw

Josh Santos

Stranger: AaAaAaAahahhahhahHahHahah
Stranger: aAaAaAAaaAaaAaAaahahahhaah
Me: ahahahHHahahHahHahHhHa1:35


That’s what DanTDM played...
You’re better grian...

Andrei Gabriel

I love the French fry part


i have severe arachnophobia. this is terrifying

KitCat Gaming & Music

I have arachnophobia so I’m not gonna sleep well tonight.

Mario Builder

i still cant get over that crab-thing

David Rodriguez

Grandma on a subway with a flamethrower. :/


I'm watching this video 4 years late and I'm realizing that the train map is the TTC map (Toronto, Canada)

Jami Scholz

Add a public comment...

Alakay A


Marie Nella Victoria

I had fear of spiders

Ryot gaming

I got all of them right

Cool Cat Gaming

"Its a bit like Who's Your Daddy, there's an adult.
And an insect"

Josh Guo

Romans 6:23  “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of God’s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9

Rat bite Brown

Me at McDonald’s when see file: oh a flie
Grain at McDonald’s when see flie: picks up a table and barbarically smashing it on the flie

Rubix Soup

Lol the title and thumbnail


“Buzz buzz buzz, I am a bee, I’m sitting up here you can’t get me—“

Gamer Boy

Mumbo-jumbo you are afkkkkk lol

Ender Scientist64

C c d c c dcv c.

Lazerskark 9000

To you all wondering the song at 6:01 is called hyperfun

Amber Blyledge

Grian giggles are the best.

Percumattoplayz games

8:18 literal spider-man

Random Charles Fan

7:00 i thought why is everything upside down and i realized i have tilted my phone


I love this scene: an old lady swings around a flamethrower to kill a spider in a subway.