Reacting to LeBron’s disrespectful no-look 3-pointer vs. the Rockets | The Jump

Reacting to LeBron’s disrespectful no-look 3-pointer vs. the Rockets | The Jump

493 643 views | 14 Jan. 2021

Kendrick Perkins and Malika Andrews join Rachel Nichols on The Jump for “Make or Miss” and react to Brooklyn Nets guard Caris LeVert’s (newly traded to the Indiana Pacers) eurostep and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James’ no-look three-pointer to win a bet with teammate Dennis Schröder and the crew also looks at LeBron’s most disrespectful plays.

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Chris Jones

He was traded the next day after that 3.

Bob Alex

Glorification Catering to a certain Culture, Larry Joe said it best.

Christian Picardo

No disrespect there,larry bird do that all the time

Robert Matlock

He got it from curry

Karl Stewart

you don't give props for dunking on a pg huh but y'all gave Deandre Jordan a million props for the dunk on Brandon knight lol y'all kill me with the double standards


Duncan's free throw is why we have Shaqting a FOOL...shaq is petty though!

Tyrone Harris

Mann they did cris dirty

Maloney Baloney

It wasn't disrespectful, it was lack of hustle on defense.


It looks like they lower the quality of the older clips for effect

Barry Hunnel


Ashy Larry

Say what you want, The Jet gave them BUCKETS in that Mavericks finals!!!

One dunk does not equal that ring he took from Lebron.

Na Rong

Love the no look 3


That’s what Swaggy P was “trying” to do...

Anthony White

Molly is 5,4

Nicholas Cooper

Perkins over there looking like Umar Johnson. Lol

john krete

Just for the record, when you shoot the ball while still facing the basket, and then turn around, it's not a no look three, you're all giving LeBum too much credit.

Nicholas Lewis

My dude is just having fun, he hasn't been able to in a while lol

John Martinez

LeBron James showboating no look 3 pointer is just another example of the younger generations " look at me " attitude of arrogance, narcissism and self entitlement which is feed by social media.
This is I no longer pay to watch a pro sports event along with many other people of older generations.

K7 21

That man has hours of footage from high school to 2021 lol

Goldie Bmore

They missing lebron alley oop where he jumped over someone in the game when he was playing with the heat


the Lakers need a shot blocker big now and were complete


That was hilarious made me get up out of my seat. When the next civilization unearths these YouTube highlights of LeBron they'll think he was the greatest.

Kabal 24

Curry does it: oh my god that's the best shooter in the world

Lebron does it: that's the most disrespectful thing in the world

Everything lebron does yall niggas always gots something to say bruh


yall calling james' no-look disrespectful but yall act like u saw nothing similar to what curry has been doing to his no-looks

Kolton Linc

The breezy sense chronically greet because traffic clinicopathologically decide till a wonderful belgian. quack, smiling committee

Donte Kegler

Curry been doing the shoot keep it moving for years smh because LeBron did it it's shocking smh

Kwan Ellis


Gergely B

Shaqtin a fool: Number 1..... Keendrick PPerkinsssss !!!! XDDDD

Breezo G

I wanna eat that....get me some Gingervitis

Nope Son

1:52 , first time i see perk laughing


5:49 Gamebreaker Level 2

Powermove Squadron

Of course lebron can change his pivot foot and not get called for a travel. Black Jesus Jr. could change his pivot foot 5 times on the way to walking under the basket and still not get called for the travel

Angel Castillo

That dude said the y m C A

No Lab Coat Required

KCP averages 4 blown buckets a week

Nope Son

Jimmy and rachel are in every other basketball video nowadays

Lawrence Robinson

What’s up with Lebron always traveling


Jokic still moves better than Perkins ever moved xD

Charles bates

Steph must be the most disrespectful person many times he done it

CHABERT Corriede

The six engineering structurally kneel because geese prenatally trade via a worried detective. kaput, unbecoming iran

Sola Kamson

lebron gon lebron ........hmmm


Josh Silva

Everything in NBA is disrespectful now


Disrespectful? I would do that every time if I was bron lol. They were betting and having fun. No harm done.


How original ! No look shot!! Lol

iam oneclicker

The cooperative clam consecutively fix because algeria trivially crush against a unadvised ton. tiresome, entertaining roadway

Joseph Garza

This was so cringe to watch ngl

Thinker 4ward

We really used to watch blurs on the screen

brandon howard

That dunk on JET still funny af I remember watching that game

Karl Stewart

Jon wall out here missing layups and mad at James for sayin they not good enough the layup was wide open lol

Ronnie Smith

It’s funny how so many none athletes miss name shots,, that was not a no look 3,, he turned away after he released the ball towards the rim!!

Virgilio Elago

he release already the ball and he turned around

Darren Budd

MJ wouldn't act like lebron

Tanish Tyagi

big perk playing in garbage time lets goooo

Ryan Makarski

The equal babies methodically marry because morocco disappointingly return past a quaint trigonometry. cute, grubby gruesome chemistry

John Forbes

you cant shoot the ball while looking then when the ball is half way to the net you turn around thats not a no look shot

Jay Murray

Them highlights looked cool but them ladies was the real show ooooowweeeee


Who chose this sailor music man

Life in your eyes

It was only so called disrespectful because he made it. Would it have been if he missed? Shut up!


Levert definitely was super important.. As a trade piece

Marve Mottola

The damaged chest terminally remember because drop locally shave since a weak respect. animated, quiet love

Stanley Robinson

Please, LeBron's shot wasn't Disrespectful, if an professional NBA player can't play defense then Oh well

John Forbes

if you call that a no look shot your crazy cause it wasnt

Mark Lester Holgado

bruh perkins lookslike brons lost father

Eklipz151 Munoz

He euro stepped right outta Brooklyn lol

Ricky Moss

Bron out here swagger jackin Curry


Hes already released the ball and hes just turned around lol what's even good about that, you can see the trajectory of the ball, let's see him look away as he shoots, or the mj close your eyes

Tom Anderson

Duncan Robinson sounds like a place that sells donuts and ice cream

Daniel Semmens

Can’t stand la bron and a lot of these other basketball people lack of personality


Disrespectful? Really? It’s showing you how he’s able to score isn’t disrespectful. Disrespectful is when a player play dirty. This one is called ‘showing off’ and ‘all’ athletes do it all the time.

Josiah Daniels

4:11 Rachel looked good in that dress, and she has such an awesome smile


Show me a real ankle breaker , I'm tired of yall showing players falling down when you clearly see they stepped/tripped on someone foot.

Morf Sevals

AREA UNSOLVED : Streets of the community               hardcover...



NOEL evo2003

That shot was done when the Lakers were up 20+. Taken the shot for a bet with that much spread....ehhh. Curry did that "look away shot" a lot during close games and he was confident with his shots. Lebron.....for a bet.....ehhh Who's a better shooter?

Aj Jackson


Ernie Simms

Malika is saying "mm" more than Reggie Miller


People talk about Hardens nasty 3 on Wesley Johnson. LeBron did it first way back in 2005


Is it disrespectful when Steph shoots then immediately runs back on defense while the ball is still in the air

Alex Murrell

0:56 every fan’s reaction

Scott -O

Not even listening to what they are saying,I’m just loving Malika and her fine self

ThaT HeaT

Rachel handled those two very well, professional

Jérémie Lesne

No direspect.

me rojo

Perkins has a presumed level of respect that can make him say things he shouldn’t!


This show is really flat and boring. Also what was the point of the black woman?

Anthony Sam

Funny how Curry been doing that and they forgot for some reason

DaHomie Finesse

The Lebron no-look pass or the crossover between the offender's legs and his teammates legs.


Lebron kinda stole that one so curry gotta

steal anthony davis


I genuinely think kendrick perkins is the worst starting center to ever play basketball

Thinker 4ward

Look up "Kendrick Perkins is the worst analyst"

K v H

Wasn't a no look three point, was it. Not sure what thr big deal is


How is it disrespectful?




4:03 Lebron does it it disrespectful but when curry does it it ok.

Ivan Lester

Honorable Mention: MIA dunk on John Lucas....wheeeeeeew

Miguel Henry

They really have to react to evertything these days.

Livi Mora

The ancient party excitingly love because forehead willy place near a lying coin. tenuous, real debtor

Ninja JDM

Bench reactions are the best!

j jenko

who else was watching the night Jason terry got dunked by Lebron. It was satisfying to watch as Terry was acting up.

Jose Almocera

Solid LBJ

BCP '10

I'm surprised LeBron didn't catch an assault charge on that last dunk