Ride The Lightning (Metallica) Guitar Cover

Ride The Lightning (Metallica) Guitar Cover

131 434 views | 17 Feb. 2018

A guitar cover of Metallica's 1984 title track "Ride The Lightning" from Ride The Lightning, one of my all time favourite records. You can read about it here - https://xisuma.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/metallica-ride-lightning-1984.html

Played on my Ibanez S470DX

Original song by Metallica



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You Are Angry

Xisuma is fucking jacked lmao


Lit man! I need to see more! Can u do enter sandman?





Completely buffed man plays guitar and a block game?


why feel like i have seen you before in uk

L̶i̶n̶c̶o̶l̶n̶ ̶C̶h̶u̶g̶g̶

Ik this is gunna sound kind of cringe but this video actually changed my life. I saw my favorite minecraft youtuber, play a song called "ride the lightning" and i watched the whole video, and ended it with a smile. I got my little kindle fire and searched it up. Metallica. I had been listening to this "rap" just to sound "cool" to all my classmates. I stoppes that bc it sucked and i really didnt like rap. I was listening to Metallica on a daily basis. That was when i was 12 now im 14. Thanks dude!! Like i cant belive just a guitar cover would help cure my depression back then!! I fricken love hard rock and metal now!!

Ali Mürteza Yeşil

X going wild because neighbors can't come to complain due to quarantine.

Peeps 1007

this is so funny

Nala Adicandra

When are you gonna do a face reveal, X?? It's been years..

Mali Redikul

Don't trust him he is not the real xisuma


Pos show face

Nevara the Raven

Does Xisuma lift weights while filming or something? He's wayyy to buff for a full time minecraft youtuber

QuabbL 6

Y have u got so many scream masks

John Davey Caracut

Please do a Enter Sandman Or Master of puppet cover DX.

The loth cat

I was not expecting this of mild mannered xisuma.




Its exactly what i imagined xisuma would look like except for the face

Benjamin Fox

Can I just say that X is built way differently then he sounds

Jimmy Z

When learning guitar, this was the song and band that made me want to learn. Twenty years later my son chose to learn guitar because of the same song and same band. And we both are Minecraft addicts. Go figure. X is a good role model for all that he does and is.


stronk man

Mubeen Dewan

This guy is a Minecraft YouTuber?

Reginald Danshita

I didn’t know X played instruments


Everybody is commenting on his looks, and it's just sad how they let the amazing guitar playing go unnoticed.

Inventory Overlord



wait wtf he is so ripped

Mark Bronsema

His face is probably even better looking than his ripped body.

Eleanor Brant

I love this! I’m less of a heavy metal fan (that said I’ve been to a Rolling Stones concert and was supposed to see guns n roses this summer) but my favourite band and the only music I really listen to is by the Foo Fighters! If you were to ever record another video like this, a foo fighters song would be fantastic! Great guitar <3

Sam Perkins

Now we know he's Wight and average height and skinny
3 steps closer to finding his identity

Brendan Tunkel

You should get a doom guy mask instead

Salty Penis

Never knew that you play guitar


Who knew that X was so dang RIPPED

Logan Hillard

Hes got huge hands lol

Oh yea Yea

I only now just realized this was xisuma

Alex Z.

Wow i did not know that you could do that xumavoid. Really cool preforment


Doomguy is just xisuma but in a suit

All Father

Literally what is with British minecraft YouTubers being nothing what they sound like and R I P P E D???

Siddhant Biradar

Nice new skin, stridesuma was better

Jeysumavoid - officialjeyden

I’ll always come back here, this is my ultimate favourite. I wish for more guitar videos one day :-)

Celestial Demon

Ah typical British heater, I have several in house and they always break, it really annoying.


Poor Neighbors xDxD

Nathan Rocillo

My feed is full of Metallica and thrash metal guitar covers but I didn’t expect that a Minecraft YouTuber would do one


Yo anyone from 2020 here

Moosquagee sheep


Mr Nuthatch

Who else wants to arm wrestle X?


Oh and yeah same

Pike James

Honestly, I’m not surprised, just confused


that's some big guns


Here are a few things about this perfect man.

1. Xisuma is good at playing Minecraft.
2. Xisuma is really smart.
3. Xisuma is really funny.
4. Xisuma is really creative.
5. Xisuma is really healthy.
6. Xisuma has good looks ;).
7. Xisuma is amazing at the guitar.
8. Xisuma is a great advisor.
9. Xisuma is really friendly.
10. Xisuma is a great enterainer.

Add more if ya like

Gabriel Hynek

Will you get a jackson guitar they look cool ( better then ibanez :-)) (you can play what u want but jacksons are cool)

Peanut Poodle

Love da vids

George Schreyer

Guys this is so.... hardcore he sounds so calm in his videos


Xisuma is low key buff

JaxDeAxe 5412


Macenth Divij K

I want to hear Xisuma play Time by Pink Floyd on his guitar. Petition. Like if you agree.

Jintastic Shoulders

Not gonna lie, I saw this and was confusion. X? Metallica? Was not expecting that XD

taco sandwich

for anyone confused about the contrast between his calm personality and his music taste, using metal as an outlet to get frustration out is really therapeutic. stuffing emotions down generally doesn't solve them, so why not embrace them and let them run their course through a song rather than in life.


You got some muskels

Ether Arch

X: I make Minecraft videos for kids on YouTube! : D ... also X: Metal AF.

Ronald Noah Cruzeiro Steenblik

wow he has great muscles


Who else noticed that Xisuma is pretty buff?

Ian Byrne

At the start he was like 1/32 note off the track and I was really annoyed by it, but it’s a good cover overall


Can you do a cover of Foreplay/Longtime by Boston?

Domenic Fatone

I have had this song stuck in my head all day

The Bruhther

He's a bit buff.

Pichu Master1164

Xisuma on hermitcraft: friendly English man who is a derp and likes bees
Xisuma irl: buff dude who plays metillaca and wears a scream mask

Noel Hann

What’s your exercise routine, X?

Dante Melillo

xiumavoid body reveal


those are some long arms

Name. exe Not Found

oh shit is he ripped

Leon Cai

this is the closest we will get to a face reveal

Амир Ахмет

X: yea I’d say I’m a average player

Also X:

Jackson Galante

This is the same person that says sooo i did a derp or oh dear i made a mess??
No offence x but u look like you could walk into a bank and people wound stat handing you cash

AsteroidAnt64 minecraft

I thought xisuma was like 40 but this makes him look 23


Estas mamadisimo que pdp

Ryan S

Xisuma be shredded tho. Ever thought of making a workout channel? I'd subscribe

ITS Purge



Xisuma is the absolute last person i’d expect to be playing games like doom eternal, and listening to metallica. He seems too innocent


Hey X, great job. I want to say that you have singlehandedly introduced me to metal and electric guitar and I love it to bits! I recently started learning to play the electric guitar myself as well and it is going alright, even though I still have finetune my rhythm on quarter, triplets, 8ths and such and my technique. I'm also still figuring out how to set everything up for songs like these. I have set my next milestone to play some metallica songs, and I was wondering where you got these tablatures from. Would appreciate if anyone could tell me!


Xisumas Buff Or is he..?

Yael Fierro

I mean, if his face is as good as his body and guitar skills, oh boy, are we in trouble

Joe The Juggalo

Haha! Was trying to find your music channel xisuma and I came across this old video. Didn't know this video exist until now.
Awesone take on the song. Cheers brother from the US.

Acinraz _

Xisuma on his main channel:
chill and playing minecraft
Xisuma on xisumatvo:
intense crazy guitar playing

Jeysumavoid - officialjeyden

And I’m back again, this song and Escape remind me heavily of these covers by Xisuma!! \m/

Matthew Tolliver

At the rate of what Xisuma looks like he could just as well be the Doom guy.... Wait... THE SIMILARITIES ARE ALIGNING!! X IS TYE DOOM GUY!!,


no way this is the same guy


This hits hard

Athena Williams

Breh the Minecraft dude is a ripped rocker.

mr. smooth7121

Hes so hot ! :o

Midship plays

Is it possible to achieve this skill

Jeff Rahmon

I refuse to believe this is the same person on the xisumavoid channel




Pls do more


Still has masks for a face. He really is still taking them off.

Tallulah Mars

I has no idea X had these vids. This is freaking sick!


Dang my guys got huge hands

Paul Orion

Good song

Seanybearscouts -Sean

Well well well almost end of the year cool i never thought that Xisuma is a heavy metal because of how heart warming his minecraft videos are

Mar Hf

9 years you never reveal
your face

David Bakke

He stronk


X in 2018: Oh yeah! I am a metalhead! Look at me, shredding Metallica!
X some time later: "X gonna give it to ya! Yeah, I give it to ya! X gonna give it to ya, whaaat... "