UFC 178 Press Conference (FULL, Post-Fight)

UFC 178 Press Conference (FULL, Post-Fight)

24 746 views | 28 Sep. 2014

http://www.MMAWeekly.com/ -- See Demetrious Johnson, Conor McGregor, Donald Cerrone, Dominick Cruz, Cat Zingano, Yoel Romero and Dana White address the crowd at the UFC 178 press conference (Post-Fight)

Rick Kan

Dana definitely has moved up at least two weight classes since ufc 178


Gwan Conor mcgregor

Kota Highlights

A lot of OGs


It's so funny to see Conor shut these haters up! He is the real deal, great charisma, great skillset and exciting to watch! Future champ right here, hope he gets a wrestler next ( Frankie would be a great match up after the Swanson fight ) and shuts these haters up for once and for all. War McGregor! 

Lee Taylor

I would love to motorboat Cat Zingano


Dana it wasn't the part where he took too long to get Vaseline bro, it was the fucking fact he sat there knowing he was supposed to get up and took an extra 30 seconds longer after that to even get up off his seat !!! language barrier my ass !!! the ref was telling him to get up and he wasn't. Romero is a low life cheating fucking piece of shit !!!!


I was in the mcgregor train till he started talking about aldo, aldo will destroy him!

SoKal __

Karyn Bryant is on at 15:48, love her.


Romero should have been disqualified for what he did at the beginning of that round !!!
he blatently cheated to recover when he was still rocked and took too much extra time, he sat there knowing exactly what he was doing. it was a disgrace to mma !!!!
that was one of the lowest things ive ever seen a so called fighter do !!!!

Haydyn Robinson

All you haters out there on conner but there no one who can take him let's have it right.


Conor McGregor is an absolute fucking cockhead looking forward to him getting the cuntkicked out of him.

ram o

conner is hilarious the new Chael but better COMEDIAN.The part about Chad Mendes WAS FUNNY. Conner is legit 


Were did Dustin get to?


This proves what Cowboy was talking about on his latest interview about UFC 246.

Bush Stebbins

and Romero you just lost all your fans,me included, u should have stood up and taken your beating like a man 
the ref should have stopped the fight at the end of the 2nd anyway, he was being too gracious 

braden lane

dana chewing his jaw off

ugu lugu

the fat guy has been asking the 1st questions since 2014 at least... sheeeshh!