Max Holloway & Mini Blessed talk UFC 231 | Ariel & The Bad Guy

Max Holloway & Mini Blessed talk UFC 231 | Ariel & The Bad Guy

304 194 views | 9 Dec. 2018

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and his son Rush, aka Mini Blessed, speak with Ariel Helwani after UFC 231 where Max beat Brian Ortega via TKO. (2:37) Mini Blessed gives his thoughts on the fight, saying his favorite part was when the doctor called off the fight after the fourth round. (4:40) Holloway discusses a potential matchup vs. Frankie Edgar, (5:23) this being his best weight cut and (7:55) how they’re celebrating the win.

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I AM Pharaoh

Gj Blessed

V Williams

Man pleaseee stop it with this GOAT talk. Its not even CLOSE. he has won a few fights but GOAT come on man. Smh. So u mean to tell me he is better than jon jones, daniel cormier, george st pierre, mighty mouse, anderson silva, khabib etc etc. He is not better than tj dillishaw. he is not better than tony ferguson either...And ALOT of more fighters. Its a NEW (goat) EVERY other week after somebody wins. Smh people get so caught up in the hype and start going wayyyyy overboard. im not saying that max isnt a decent fighter but come on man the GOAT is just CRAZY. And im sure alot of people would keep using (13 fight win streak) as the reason to say he is the goat. But anderson silva had like (19) title defenses..13 and (19) aint even CLOSE. Jon jones AND gsp is tied for 13 titles defenses and we ALL know that gsp OR jon jones if active wld be wayyy past 13 right now. And cant NOBODY beat daniel cormier at light OR heavy weight except jon jones but yet max is better than dc to i guess. Just a few weeks ago cormier was the goat, a month or so ago khabib was the goat, a few months before that GSP was the goat, a few months before that mighty mouse was the goat, for the past 10 YEARS anderson silva was the GOAT, and of courseeee lets not forget the over exxageration of CONOR MCGREGOR being the GOAT crazy talk for the past 1 or 2 years... and so on and so on... Now people are going overboard saying max is the goat..smh Man pleaseee stop it with this GOAT crazzzzy foolish talk. Not even CLOSE to a goat. I like max as a fighter but lets be REAL man. SMH


True warrior

wasted cocoy

Wow! Max Holloway, never thought he'd be on the spotlight following he's MMA career, i mean look at the hardwork he'd been through and it pays off! He became a champ. A complete fighter that the guys on his division will think twice facing him

Hilding Axelsson

Great interview


Mini blessed has the baddest dad on earth

Daniel Willis

Max and Tony are the baddest fighters on the planet.


Poor Mini Blessed, tired as f*** =D

julez derunnachahmlicheberg



Tony Ferguson vs Holloway make it happen

Viktor Vincent

Great interview great fight cheers!!

Tre Turner

Everyone can get behind a Hawaiian

Franc Mittelo

Conor trying to take credit for beating Max when Max was 3-1 in the UFC is shameful. That would be like Joe Duffy taking credit for choking Conor in 58 seconds.
Look at Conor's record, 50% of the fighters he fought had records of 3-and-something in the UFC, and short-notice opponents. The only legit wins on Conor's record (at the time of the fight, and not hindsight bias) are Jose Aldo and Dustin Poirier (who has a weak chin and quits).

Princeton Hoopai-pua Ahlo

Holloway vs Conor mcgregor 2 like if you agree

Tim Kruse

Faxxx Tua got robbed smh,

PrimeTime BX,NY

lol longest win steak ? or win streak

Joe King

champion fighter, champion father, Max is the man.

Viral Central TV

sons a lil g lol

charles pitter

No other fight,I wanna see Tony vs Khabib before they fight anyone else


lets see Tony vs khabib first, then the winner fight Max

Bob Samms

You got to love max.
Role model for us all.

dead pool

This dude gonna get cte like gaethe

d ansa

Love seeing Max with mini blessed. He's a cool little kid!


I would've lost a lot of money on ortega

Jimmy V

That poor kid looked terrified when the fight was happening so no he probably was not “happy” to see his dad getting punched in the face. I felt for him. He looked like he was going to cry when the fight was going on

Dom Campbell

Tony the type of guy who looks to the future already training to fight mini blessed looking in the mirror shouting mini blessed im coming for you !

junaid khalid mir

Khabib will eat him alive .... DAGESTANI Mauler ... Lets Goooo ...


In a perfect world, Tony takes the belt from Khabib and Max fights to Tony champ vs champ.

Gustav TMan

Finally a non-awkard interview with Ariel. Halle-fucking-lujah

Chinkee Ong

max is as pleasant as fuck!!!
and as dangerous in a fight??
respectful to one of the all time greats frankie edgar..

man love both frankie and max!!


Ortega has a granite chin, don’t think he ever got dropped


If he stays at 45, Moicano.
If he goes 55, either Dustin or Conor. Hes got a lot of options.

Matthew Lo

Mini blessed will always win the “my dad could beat up your dad” argument!

dave john dacalos

He's also down to earth too

2 40

Must feel good being champion having your little lad sat on your knee

Michael Toland

Tua is a bum lol

Vannara Meas

Max looks like he could be his son’s big brother


Tony the type of guy to not be the type of guy


Surprise surprise the king is Max

Dr. J

Blessed 145lbs CHAMP! MiniBlessed 45lbs CHAMP!

Joe Lackey

Win steak? Is there a party at Texas Roadhouse afterward or something?

Ren Rammer


Joseph Ohara

Holloway is the best featherweight of alll time

Noel Dionela

I really like that Ortega tried to beat max standing up.. because for me If you really want to really say that you beat the champion you should beat him to where he is best fighting just like what he did to Aldo.. so there is no excuse to the other camp.. props to Ortega he could have tried to take him down much more but he didn't. He wanted to beat max where he is best..

Cannabis healz

Ariel good interview and why to keep it on max and why to get mini bless involved with his pops in this interview. This is how you should be in the future.

Tino DiRienzo

Where do u vacation when u live in Hawaii lol ????

Korrey Courts


Kahele Koki

No don't fight Edgar it doesn't make sense wait for another Ortega to run through the division and fight that guy

Chandler Pistachio

What is Ariel saying at the very end?

Josh Spawn

one of the best performances I've ever seen, only one left really is Moicano but he should probably just fight the winner of Tony Khabib if that happens soon


great channel, now i can delete espn from my channel list...was only on here mmafightning ariel


adahendahhdahhday itizwuhhtitiz

J Long37

Max seems scared to jump up to 155

Howard Disc Golf

Mini blessed in the function

dave john dacalos

Man Max is cool and hilarious.

tariq khan

Max looks like a snitch, talks like one aswel,


Stop acting like you’re some major underdog. The only reason the odds were that way were because of your health issues, which is not a statement on your skills. There’s so much manufactured hater nonsense in the UFC, MMA fighters are such dorks sometimes.

Jiri Stajner

How can you guys mention Tony in one sentence with Max? Max is made for better and bigger fights.


Does anyone remember the waini boys in hawaii?


Ariel you’d rather see Frankie than Conor? Come onnn

Nadav Drewe

Kid is clearly a spoiled fucking brat. Fuck mini Blessed.

eric yi

Can someone please answer me something. How good is max’s takedown defense? Next question is, how good is connors wrestling if he can take max down.


How can you hate this guy.!!

veryarmed verydangerous

No game no swag but let us act like we can take rans chicks/frens like we cool 0 repercussions... lucky thing that rat case was in effect... reckoning ima be your 5th loss just like last year... ill see u again cool kats.....

J. Vinton

Max, come on bud, I want them to come out here as well, but we all know Dana hates the local government out here. He makes the excuse about “no good venue” that didn’t stop Bellator for the December 15th show. Cocker doesn’t give a fuck about taxes.

Jimmy V

Loved that fight night. At bw’s watching ufc on one tv and the very next tv had loma on so I was in fight fan heaven

sam I am

They look so close they look afraid they might bump


I really like Holloway. But just talking to him he sounds like he’s getting punch drunk, slurring some of his words. I hope he considers retirement soon

Galactic Boost

Max "It is what it is" Holloway


This is one slick cat

veryarmed verydangerous

#ice addict mom ice addict son lol #throw leeland

The Batman

Nobady wants to see him fight Frankie . Tony is way better fight

Bao Ng

Great champ

Donald Wilson

Did he hurt u at all?... “maybe my feelings. With that takedown attempt” lmao

Rafa Moss

Tony the type of guy to name his farts

Eric Alonzo

I once thought max was Mexican

Joshua Allen

Good win for Max. I didn't know T-City had some hands.

Chris sheen

Would love to see max vs dillashaw

Joseph Ohara

I think ferguson is the best mma fighter but damn it's hard for me not too appreciate max Holloway he is a legend


Amazing and hilarious guy... congrats


That Drake shit is creepy. 6God? God of the 6? That guy is pure satanic kabbalah illuminati elite. Guy is such a creeper always floating around stars in the making.

Acoustic Soulexternal

Max is not only one of the greatest fighters ,he has the best personality too

mackie mob

Ortega and Holloway are class acts, it was a hell of a fight! Max just far superior on the feet but Ortega is tough as nails! Max didn’t want any of that ground game, when Ortega was on his back he told him to get back up twice!

Azael Rodriguez

Great interview I love max!

Market Investing

Max Holloway is here discussing quantum physics and advanced math algorithms.

Padlocked dreamy escapes

So he cured his speech impediments?


Real fighter .. blessed


Frankie!! Run that fight

Kaleb Pacheco

Mini blessed looking into the camera at the start is low-key freaky bro

Tyson Fury Went To Sleep

Kid is a little too comfortable on his lap weird.

Franklin the Skateboarding Bulldog

What is "10th Island"?

Cloud Sleven

Max make a shirt that say's "It Is What It Is"

Celtic Jay

Look at the size of that massive hook nose on Ariel "Talentless" Hawhiney


Ariel the main guy.


0:20 - haha Max's kid looks like a killer


I loved Max but he will get beat by Khabib, Tony, and Conor.


Mini blessed is hilarious, what a legend :)

Michael Toland

Max vs Conor let’s go !


it is what it is

Jason W

mini-blessed, ur the man!