UFC Denver: Maycee Barber Didn't Ask — She Told Dana White She Won Fight Night Bonus

UFC Denver: Maycee Barber Didn't Ask — She Told Dana White She Won Fight Night Bonus

23 768 views | 11 Nov. 2018

After her win at UFC Denver, Maycee Barber discusses the victory over Hannah Cifers, her ground and pound ability, what she wants next, what she told Dana White afterward and more.

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Suave Jamie

Not after that yair fight

Theclaw Yaww

Damn she is the same age as me

chris pritchett

hahah I love this kid. She will get that belt. Doesn't matter who has it when she gets there.

Cisco Gomez



Congrats to her.


Yeah..nah.it whas like any other fight..well thats not good. Calm down. Pump the brakes a little


Beautiful and can fight! She has a team alpha male-esque personality but I guess she can have a pass on that lol.

kpch c

She's powerful. And hot.

Yung Gotti

She looks heavier than a straweight


1 win in the UFC I deserve to be on a big card?


Great exciting fun new female fighter. AND she can promote herself! Finally.


Performance of the Night: Yair Rodriguez & Cowboy Cerrone............. ouch

Ricardo Barbella

Maycee is sexy ! Like to see her twerk haha

Business Raptor

Chick is annoying af

Shawn Wonderlie

Well she didn't lmfao

justin dylan

Maycee ' bug eyed' barber

Ali Baba

She shouldve got POTN over Yair, Yair was getting his ass whooped till he stalled TKZ in the last minutes of the fight with all the hugging

Dt Abyss

Looking forward to following her run . Great fight .

justin dylan

I will be rooting for her except when if she fights dern...maycee knows how to make a name calling out beautiful dern be carefull what u wish for hope shes trained in tapping

Juan Gutierrez

John "me first" Morgan

Jody O'Dell

Already blaming the dietician


If she thought Hannah had power she's going to be in shock when Jessica hits her.


Calm down tiger. Humble yourself


Drinking game,,,,,,,hit it every-time she say's "UHmmm"....... I'm wasted.

juntjoo nunya

Wow, I just finished watching a remi Lacroix clip then chanced upon this. I'm an mma fan(and Remy Lacroix). Synchronicity or no? This girl looks like her tougher twin.


Yair begs to differ

MMA Random

Good luck winning a fight bonus after the main and co-main.

Jonathan Marshall

Can you imagine getting knocked out by somebody that looks like this!?


She's beautiful


Murderer in the cage, seriously lacking in front of the mic.


Damn she is cute..

Cappy 22

I hate Chick fights....but this chicks a beeeaast

Fanboy K

Little Goat

MMA etc. Podcast

Good performance. Nasty elbows.


She's adorable, and bad ass all at the same time. Watch out Rose incoming.

The Boogey man

This chick has stinky booty cheeks And a Peanut head.....she will go far

kacchan k

Pump the brakes pump the brakes

Ross Boss

she reminds me of a female Jon Jones.


cocky as hell

Noor Iskandar

Wife Material ;)


Sorry but not sorry to say that this girl will NEVER be able to compete with the top girls in her division

Ava Ortega

She looks like a young Rachel Dratch.

Syaz Madzaini

She is somehow very unlikeable. Dont know why but she is not gonna go far.


you will not last, over confident, not humble at all

Brad Morrison

She’s so hot

Fred Wu

She is cute

Pot Roast

I swear some of you guys must either be virgins or dont interact with women at all.....

Johnny Hernandez

Great fight

Andrew Hall

One word...............delusional.

Roy Godiksen

It Was a Very good fight.

Jimmy W.

She says she's going to be bigger than Conor and Ronda. Spoiler: No you aren't.


She has those crazy

Hamish Ortonville

She looks like my future baby mama


She's better than the ring girls

Michael Mendez

Dern already hiding

Mary F

Mackenzie is coming off of 2 wins, one of which was a very dominant first round finish - she should not be fighting an unranked fighter there’s plenty of others to be used as a stepping stool. Down the line these two should fight it just doesn’t make sense to happen right now.

Jesus Zamora

She cute...

Charlie Lean

I can tell by her forehead she has big dreams.

George Kush

aaaaaaaaand no bonus