Minecraft 1.16 News: The Piglin Brute (New Mob)

Minecraft 1.16 News: The Piglin Brute (New Mob)

231 706 views | 25 Jun. 2020

Piglin Brutes are stronger versions of Piglins that live in bastion remnants and protect the treasures there. Unlike their cowardly and greedy counterparts, the Piglin Brutes cannot be distracted by gold and aren't afraid of anything. They attack players on sight, no matter how the player is dressed. They also wield axes and don't need any armor, because they're just that tough!








sol pittard

Your eyes disappeared because you blink in bedrock now

[GD] phoenix

When is it coming to the mobile version ?

Aban Sáinz

That was a looong blink xisuma


I hope they add them to Java soon. I haven't gone to the Nether in my new 1.16 world yet, but now I feel like I have to wait 'cause I want to experience the whole Nether as intended, not with a piece of content missing that changes gameplay. If they didn't only spawn upon structure generation I could at least go to the Nether and simply avoid the bastions for now.

HuneeBruh Gaming

Zombified piglin brute confirmed
Edit: oh

Seb M

wheyyy arsenal dub on the right lol

Robux Man

the way how xisuma pronounces bastion pisses me off

Shadowfax Dog

When you had no eyes it was because you where blinking bedrock only feature

Pat Liu

So piglin brute= mafia boss?


Imagine just how badass 1.17 will be. Cave update? The aether?


the piglin brutes' axe also gets transformed into a gold sword for some reason

Ruben Schwirtz

Change yor name to xisTWOma

Michelle Sbrocchi

5:27 Players blink now!

Doc Rosales

That's a piglin brood the strongest player in the world that's a boss


Most people think
People: sees the white dots as eyes and think the black dots on the bottom as nostrils.

Me: sees the nostrils as eyes and think a the white dots are a declaration for a hood on top of their head.

Which means I think the piglin is a human with a hood of a pig.

Ben Apaya

I know that the is dangerous but for reason my mind is telling me that nether is going to be less dangerous but now it is.

ExcitedZachS8 Gaming

Piglin Brutes are basically the Vindicators of the Nether.


No piglin brute in pocket edition

cesar abarca

Will the golden arm guard be available for the player in the future? It would be nice to have it as an alternative to the shield

Tom Krabbe

That mob looks like that one pigman in the fallen kingdom quadrology


When I think of these piglin brutes it's like they are mixed with a vindicator and ravager(they wield axes and have 50 hearts) and live in the nether; makes more sense to me now


>Politics Trending

Avery Patrick

It would be really cool if they had a small chance to drop they arm-shield. Maybe instead of acting like a shield, if equipped in the offhand, it would have a chance to completely negate a hit.

Ultra Aryan 10

Why are there java players complaining about blinking? Its just an animation, chill. What would happen if they see emotes lol.

Eric Neuman

Hey so a little story. I played my single player game today, got bored in the overworld so decided to go into the nether. My game crashed going into the nether, okay cool whatever. I restarted, gear up again, go through again, and save and quit in the nether just in case I crashed again. Get back in look around and notice, my portal is gone. Okay cool, I just have to find one of those premade portals and find my way back to base. I get near a fortress, within 20 blocks or so, and my game crashed...again. At that point I just assumed minecraft doesn't want me to play anymore so I got off and watched some anime. This is one of those funny, yet aggravating things that I both love and hate about minecraft. In the end though it's just a funny story to tell people later.


"bedrock is a little clunky for me" as a bedrock player, mood


But... Piglin brutes for speedrunning? With golden axes you can farm wood very fast to trade with villagers for ender pearls??

M Extreme

#bedrock gang

Blazing Shade

Entertainment trending - Captain America ... let’s go pulisic what a beast

Matthew Ziemba

Will attacking them anger piglins? The hint about vision, should we just stay far away, or use invisibility?


hopefully they only spawns at bastions unlike the normal piglins that can spawn anywhere they like to wander

carpe dm

I wonder, would attacking them provoke the other piglins?

EnderGasim Z

I was really surprised when i saw chelsea beating man city


Laughs in bedrock


Lmao i saw pheonix video and i clicked off cause i thought it was fake its real????


This new mob is as strong as a vindicator

Rebecca Salter

On bedrock characters blink.

No Regrets

Will the piglin brute be afraid of soul torches, fire, or lanterns?


They should change the weapon from sword to axe weilded when they are zombified

Game Difficulty_42

Because the bastions weren’t dangerous enough already


so having gold armour in bastions is completely useless. what a stupid fucking mob. genuinely dumb.


So sad that Chelsea won the match


Its the Boogaloo!

Zamuda 38

I still think the nether should get more hostile mobs or just mobs in general

Sean Vincent

Please make a video on lithium when you update the hermitcraft server!


they like anakin. they see through the lies of the character

SomeCursedComment Guy

45 hp and 15 damage he deals.
Cannot be dostracted by gold


You were nothing but a usurper... a false idol. My eyes have been opened. Let me help you to see, Stever.

Neo Politan

I feel if you wear full gold they should leave you alone, making a trade off so that you'll have worse armor but not getting slay by brutes

Arif Ahmed

The strider skin is better that you have


captainsparklez? xD

Mac Lorenzo

imagine if Piglin brute just like the pilligers... They can go to the overworld and raid n kill everything they see..that gonna be so cool


So it's a piglin named johnny


You follow football?

Ashutosh Kumar

The times he says bedrock is clunky
*angry bedrock users dislike noises


I keep seeing they're nostril as eyes, so they look like one of the towngirl minecraft store skins.

that dude gamer

i disagree with this

Matthew Hilton

As far as I recall:

/game mode (c,s etc) work just as well as typing out “survival” etc. it’s faster.


what difficulty was it on

Hopeful Interpretation

It woulda been better if the bastions had better loot. It seems everyone on hermitcraft is just skimming over it because it's already too hard and the loot isn't worth the trouble. Should have a very rare loot that only spawn randomly in 1 chest in every 10-20 bastion buildings.


Lol so we basically have Vindicator in nether XD


It’s always fun to see Java players see how much worse bedrock Edition is

Toxic Void

Goats snowier snow and better mountains go bruuuh

idk anymore

What is xbox minecraft is it bedrock or java? Brutes are not in minecraft xbox.

Ruari O'Doubhlain

It's awesome to see another Champion mob join minecraft, I think so.


"Where are me eyes?!?" Welcome to Bedrock blinking...


“They see through your disguise”
wears piglin skin


Could people stop calling bedrock clunky. Both versions have their problems whether it's on a technical side or a core gameplay side. Both are good


i think they should add a new meat and skin or leather for hoglins


Piglins aren't undead lol


I feel like they totally defeat the point of wearing gold armor. I assume piglins will also become agro when you hit them. While new additions to the game are always welcome I think this one needs some more thinking.

Leandro Del Rosario

They should at least hold a gold axe when they get zombified. Very cool mob, good thing I already did some bastion raiding before these guys got patched in.

Color Yellow

it’s probably a good thing they’re adding a tough piglin, the bastion near my house is my bitch

Let's Argue

Is there a way to obtain the piglin brute in Bedrock edition without having the beta program?

Aldo Zulfikar

"The Piglin Brute sees right through you"

Keralis: I come in peace *shoots arrow

Hamster Looking at camera

You can spam click on bedrock edition


Joe finally mastered his Xisuma impression

Eris Drag

Is the update out yet?


Sooooo we are getting a Piglin Vindicator..?....lol

Shannon Egusquiza

I never really liked the neither now I really hate it. It's hard to get around it

Farquad 444

Why does everything say 5 days ago?

Maximum Force

Switch players: who?

Melon Tube

why do wither skeletons still have stone swords netherite is literally the same color


What's trending on twitter is interesting.

Michael Houston

Can there be zombified piglin brutes?

Levy Cole

0:21 wow that was the smoothest scroll I've ever seen.
How good is X's computer really..?

chris williams

What's their spawn rate? What's the point in wearing gold armor now if they can see you now? Do they spawn in the Crimson Forest along with the standard Piglins?

Couldn’t think of a channel name

What did you mean when you called bedrock clunky? I’ve played on both and I find bedrock much less clunky than java


They seem like a Nether/piglin analog to elder guardians to me. Kind of a miniboss guarding the treasure of their structure.

Joshua Nelson

Am i the only one who thinks this looks like a hooded anime girl? I don't think i can ever unsee this.

Necrotic Wise

I mean it didn’t say it wasn’t scared of soul fire like normal piglins are so I guess it’s time to evict my bastion friends

Avery Patrick

I'm glad to know they still dont consider the nether "done". If they never touched it again, I'd still be happy, but at Minecon they did say that there would be multiple biomed besides the ones they showed off, so perhaps they will continue to touch on the nether going forward.


So basically piglin brutes are those TF2 pro players that can see through your disguise when you play spy

KRO 222

Wattles did a nice video on these guys too, if anyone wants to see more Piglin Brute action. :)

M Christensen


Sudoku Beast

I thought this was something that Phoenix but it is real


R.I.P them respecting your drip


did this mob actually get in? I don't recall seeing this ever.

poison productions

tf is a piglin

Wyatt Waters

Bruh I really thought I was okay with my gold armor