Turbo Dismount - Part 1 | SO MUCH FUN!

Turbo Dismount - Part 1 | SO MUCH FUN!

8 248 561 views | 9 Mar. 2014

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Game Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/263760/

Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr:


Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here



The eye lord

Becca Adney

Funny as all fuck


This is the first video that introduce me to you jack.

Ahnalisa Binter

This is a REALLY good game

Nagito Komaeda

How do you get it on pc


I got this modded from an1


I was 12 when i fell in love with his content im 18 now

Avatar Thanos The Super Titan

This is why you don't drink and drive kids

c c

First comment in 11 months, oof logo this series tho XD

-Omega Zero-

6 years ago...a legend was born...”

{Kimberly Montes The Queen of Pink! Sucks} {YT}

"When I Drive Around A Loopy Loop"
Body Explodes Into Pieces 4:59
Me: I Am Now Dead Not A Big Surprise

Enderman13 Minecraft

We miss old Jack so much what you can turn back time I wish

JoyCon Boyz

This is where quarantine has brought us

Daffaa Ahmad

Oh god i almost forgot the reaction when he sees the giant ramp going up to the skies, nostalgic!!


Let’s just be real here we miss jacks hat back in the day


Dude i watched this man when i was 4 or 5 it was to addicting

JustWAYBetter _

no matter how much i watch this its still hilarious

hit man

I'm here in 2020


This Game is awesome in so many ways but I feel like just one thing is missing. I wish you could change your start position instead of just changing the obstacles, vehicles, character, poses, and speed. That would make it better. I Still Give This Game 5 Stars *****

Txllun the Elk

10:14 stupid snowplows

ybf_fluffyembracing hugz

1:17 hisnlaugh sounds like charmx laugh back then

Kacie Johnson

I’m going back to nostalgic videos again.. :.)
Also hello 2020 viewers who come back to watch older nostalgic videos(or 2020 viewers who just got this in their recommendations)

Kodered59 [Original]


When he says speed is key, he sounds like he's going through puberty all over again.

Izz Leong Tian

I miss this

Medal Val

idk why but i kinda liked jacks old set up where it looked like he was in a closet

Brooklyn Riffle

Did I do that

Lucas Paddock

Oh my god the nostalgia


10:08 Karma can be a b*$^#

wydjahseh 1

This is what we need in 2020 the old jack. I miss the good ol jack

FTZ danfan8203

this was good memoreys

Dhaha Abdulle



Damn it really has been 6 years.


can you play more curse of fredbear

A man on youtube

I missed this outro

kylie neilson

I miss him playing this

dylan archer

Jack I never play this game a long time

Lebron Dizon

4:25 when mom checks it

Rylan Austwick

Just came back for a little bit of nostalgia

Shaggy Epic

My god it’s been 6 years

hammodi your bud

Anyone still plays this game i do

SSBEEDV [Year 1] “TheJadeMinecart”

top of the morning



Revive Hades


Lil Chicken joe

had to look back at this because i missed it so much

L0ckedinside F0rever

1:58 listen to it with your eyes closed

Bryce Osborne

who’s coming back here to remember the nostalgia

playamcnugee games

Yo jack u up for a reboot of the series?!?

Lola Chaboyer

The pi the, and the other side


Did anyone else besides me thought Jack's nose was bleeding at 10:47?

AudioRando YT

This is the First Jacksepticeye Video Ive ever seen. So nostalgic


I wish there were mods for this game.


Ah yes cabin shack hat jack

monkey row

Its 2020

*shhh it’s a secret*

Whys it look like his nose is bleeding at 10:47 and then a few seconds later its gone


jack: there's smoke... good times are ahead. RAMS INTO WALL XD

Pritesh pawar

I literally used to watch this as a kid sooo much. Its so cool how much he has changed over the years


The eye lord

Leil Juriel Abril

Jack: Of course i'm gonna win against that thing


10:04 , that was just rediculous


6:47 it's a goat


10:42. is the absolute worst part.


Imagine if this was realistic and blood and gore was included...

Mel van Rooyen

"Theres my penis again" I died laughing

Life is a hack

remember this popping up 6 years ago when I was 10 holy shit man

Eric Ryndfleisz

1:57 how the rivalry began

A Rock.

Nostalgia through the roof.

ii omqfaderz


The Werepickle

anyone else watch grey still plays play this and was like huh i remember this and then decide to watch this whole series again...

King Wolf

Trip down memory lane.

Jaden Davison

10:08 is a series of unfortunate events


I'm just in bed watching a bit of YouTube and my parents are down stairs and this is so dam funny

Breakfast pancake

Who here is in 2021 and watching this? Wow Seán has changed a whole hell of a lot


Me, in 2014: 'Jacksepticeye'? Huh, looks funny, why not I'm bored.

Me, in 2020: We've... We've come so far.

Salvador Tavera

heeeee a best youtuber

Mopnster Energy Pissbaby

I remember watching this when it first came out I was 6 I am 12 now I subscribed as soon as I saw it lmao

Flaring Fox

i watched this when it came out... i feel extremely old

Lola Chaboyer

The first one to be attacking a few weeks ago by

jay DuBbZx

Bruh he never changed

Culaneo Mack near

What started it all, the birth of a legend

Hayden Hollowell

The beautiful beginning of hwite

Nub Gabriel


Ashdyn Wortmann

hwa pah
10:15 his head must have been chopped off

Jurassic Hero

You should always remember to wear your seatbelt when driving.

McTardo Rodriguez

Youtube used to be so great... Makes me sad

Blue dino

I have it on my ipad

Steve Lamb

oBstacals are a thing

Electric gamer Monville

A message from 2020

Jevil I guess

I miss the good old days back when I was a little kid watching these video just minutes after they came out.
I’m so sad now I’m tearing up.
And I remember the entire layout of my house from 6 years ago now.


Wow I’m early

Jeffrey Freeze

why does it take YouTubers so long to learn basic functions of games I learned how to play this properly within seconds and I was five

Charity Baird-Yearry

And everyone wonders why our kids are turning out disrespectful because of the language.Why can't youtubers go without inappropriate language.

Organic YT

So... why does the dislike button exist?

monkey row

Is anybody watching this in 2020

Chriztopher Brennan

we need more


Oh man... nostalgia trip time. Gonna watch the whole series in one shot!



JustAnotherGamer 219

Little did he know how much his channel would grow

Paul is a person

The first video I saw of him, cool


1:58 right when the digger hit you the bass line dropped


im coming back to this before i even had a youtube channel.

ahh, the memories