TRICK AND TREAT - 35 - Hermitcraft - Season 7

TRICK AND TREAT - 35 - Hermitcraft - Season 7

60 180 views | 30 Oct. 2020

I loved the trick and treat house!

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KC WY-SD*Dreams

Great job at the Trick & Treat

Cody Lougheed

joe and cleo's interactions in videos are probably my favorite part of hermitcraft

xXaleXx75 The Gamer

Have you seen Speedrunner vs Hunter?

Harry Morgan

Join the podzol party

Rozta Rose

Love the ghost


The Angel Cleo skin is so cute! I mean, your normal skin is also cute. But this is different cute!

Petr Ševčík

I think Hermiton Herald should seriously investigate the Operation Aquathunder - the owners of the last remaining large patch of mycelium in the shopping district, who are reportedly connected to mayor Scar himself. That could explain how the resistance is doing so well.

Caleb Martin

8:13 Cleo ready to yell at joe for mansplaining lol

Bull 97

I love midsommar movie

Jose Sanchez

Break his legs that's funny

N The One

What kind of clickbaity nonsense is that "NEW" in the thumbnail?
Just who do you think you are?


AngelCleo has 100% success rate!

Jerry Cant

Halloween is the day you are supposed to be something you aren't, Cleo.

Hayden Nugent

Cleo I have a prank idea for joe by building a base on his base

Milo HoBo

B.F. Skinner doesn't make me sad, it makes me prepared. I never gamble, casinos give me the creeps, and he also designed (but never made) a pigeon guided missile.

Eva HC

Ghostie goos!


So lucky on the flint

Orwellian Dystopia

Wow Cleo smoked that challenge

Doug Kyle

I bet you're an angel in the eyes of your students

Something about Butterflies


The 2nd option of what happens when HumanCleo dies, apparently.

Giaan Anand

can u continue the etho smells like sentence

Sam with a Sceptile

Yay, AngelCleo! Finally, Cleo recieves a position which she deserves!

A Minecraft Halo should be square tho, tbh.

Giaan Anand

and iskalls and mumbos


I really want season 8 to have joint bases. It would be cool if Joe and Cleo did something together. Keralis and Scar are both really good at vechicles and buildings so they could make an absolutely gigantic city. Team ZIT (Zedaph, Impulse, and Tango) all do really different but also very useful types of redstone so their base would be a lag machine but also really cool. Mumbo, Grian, and Iskall would be cool to see. I could see X and Cub getting together, they both love mini games so their base would be like a theme park.

Then if you had that set up as a thing and you know that it works, maybe in a later season you could pull names out of a hat so that we get to see more hermits collab that we don't usually get to.


"I don't think I've been an angel for anything I'm my life"
Your an apsolute angle in all your videos :)

Rc Angel and Demon

Wait is Halloween not a thing in Europe?


I'll be honest, of all the places to learn facts on B.F. Skinner, I didn't expect to find it on a video I watch for leisure.


Oh god the 34th rule of the internet has been awakened

Charles Zuber

Cleo! You could have little children running around with caramel apples...


Me: did u see the new grain video

My friend: no.... hey but did u see the joe hills video
Me: joe hills whooo

robot cheers

I'm exceedingly happy that someone pronounced Samhain correctly

Reynard Dofitas

Dunno about you, but it struck it me more like a FalseCleo



sargam dey

What happened to the hermiton herald

Blizzard Jerome


John Willis




Michael Day

Zombie Cleo not knowing how to decorate for Halloween is surprising.

Tania Isabel García Laitón

you should go with Joe and Stress to claim the prize of Bernie's leaf collection <3

Kris Woods

Quality entertainment as always, Cleo.


As for Nightmare before Christmas: I think you should definitely do Zero the dog!

Sophia Brown

Just wondering, what happened to Corpse in the other series'? I miss him terribly

555 Bros

The second she realizes what’s on page 40 she’s not going to be happy

Alyssa Roudebush

Don't forget to play Stress's game!

Bowie E

Okay, I've been super interested in who ZombieCleo is when she's at home but never more so than when I heard you say "Samhain". I am intrigued ay eff, lady :D

Rhythm Singh

Even Slimer knows about Grian's Mansion

Shreyas Damle

Imagine getting pinned by Cleo


The Joe hills singing was hilarious


Cleo u should form a nether group

Kaneko Point

anyone who loves both minecraft and bioshock are good people at heart its proven

The Stationery Draw



Angel Cleo looks so adorable! :3 great episode as always :D


grain pick

Josh Rich

So like..,. I’m not the only one shipping Joe and Cleo right?.... cause ❤️❤️

mercy mino

Lmao I love how Joe was singing with the flow of hey there Delilah

Béatrice Robidoux

why did you have to bring back skinner's research to me I try to forget who that guy is and were succeeding

Kenneth De Wever

A werewolf in the dog sanctionary

Isaac Roberts

I watch cleo & joe for the cultural deep cuts and the communist propaganda

Sara Gustavsson

I hoped for Skelly-Cleo. Really hope we'll see that sometime :)


Gg cleo


Cleo, you’re always an angel in our hearts.

MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations

TIL Joe is actually really good at singing

Hayden Ainslie

Cleo! You are in a reddit video from the channel EmKay.
It's one of your tweets saying that you put the word fir$t into your swear box!

Jenna Bartholomew

I think we are reading that perfect society book in my 8th grade English class.........

I make crappy Animations

Time to test that tweet

T perm Cubing

Not 1st


Cleo you might want to read Page 40 of Mumbo’s Book


You should keep Angel Leo

Maddock Emerson

Okay, one or two episodes ago Cleo and Joe went on a shared boat ride over a rainbow, and this episode starts with Joe singing to Cleo to the tune of a famous romantic song.
I swear I’m not going out of my way to notice this stuff, I just can’t help it...

angie A

Yay! Happy Halloween!


Your videos always makes my day better


I'm only following when the hermit makes an appearance in another hermits video. It's been a fun journey slowly finding out who they are ^_^

Joe The Juggalo

You an Xisuma are the only 2 hermits i've seen so far that has succesfully made it out of the tricking of the trick or treat house

Stephen K

LOL! oh yes, Hermitcraft, where children go to learn about B.F. Skinner and his research.

Can't wait for next week's episode, "The Stanford Prison Experiment Revisited", sung to the tune of 'You Oughta Know' by Alanis Morissette.

Uniwolf gamer

Everytime they speak for long I space out for a bit everytime.

SSJ5Nathan Davies802

Cleo you should join team podzol party

Laura Reggie

Hi Cleo <3 I like your angel skin. You look even prettier:) but it's just normal is it now!! Hehehe. Thanks. Funny episode. I liked the trick or treating house well done, You are the only person ive seen survive it so far :) <3 ❤ -L

Publius II

Or until you pull the lever and make yourself feel better. I'm dead

The Crosby Vlogger

Joe is such a cockend.
Worst hermit EVER !

Max Severson

This is now your normal skin and your old won is your spooky skin

David Englund

I just realized that mumbo's spookification book reads like a description of the average zombiecleo hermitcraft episode.

[Username Deleted]

1:43 That's a Grian Slimer

Richard Sipes

Angel Cleo is probably the best spoopy costume as weird goes

Abhay. Mall

Love your skin

John Fleshman

Ed Wood was the Plan Nine From Outer Space dude right?

AnAnomaly 334

I like the AngelCleo even if you don’t Cleo

Nic A.

The nightmare before christmas is the best movie ever made and nothing will ever top it.

Giaan Anand

it is in the jungle by grians base


By the way, you did amazing at the trick or treat game! I really enjoyed watching that.


The conversation about BF Skinner was amazing


Are they lover?


Cleo: "It's not coming down afterwards."
Me: See? She understands the spirit of southern American decorating already.

Giaan Anand

lskall did the moustache


I did Christmas at Halloween once. I dressed as Kraumpus, made a giant pumpkin vine as a Halloween tree. I piled Jack o lanturns ontop of each other to imitate snowmen. Hehe.

Idan Chen

15:57 LOL
Cleo got purified from being a Zombie to an Angle

Chris Watson

Cleo is low key a boss at Minecraft. She handled that trick or treat game like it was nothing!

Sam with a Sceptile

I've just noticed, but when there's no sound, there's a beeping noise, like at 13:46. Just wanted to let you know Cleo.

Vibrant Horror

love your idea for season 8 would be so amazing

Transmission Control

Heh. So far, only two people haven't been curious enough to read the fine print in the spookification chamber instructions.

Patt Adams

Cleo claiming Halloween is an American thing even though it came to the US from the Isles and goes back to before American colonies.