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❣️here are the Time stamp and used items ❣️

0:01 glam wall mirror -

Used material - foam board

Mirror reflective paper


Paper plates from dollar tree

5:14 Entry way wall mirror decor using cardboard

Used materials


Poster board from dollar tree


Mirror reflective paper from Amazon


Silver beaded garland from Walmart

String lights from Amazon


13:01 diy newspaper wall decor

Used material


Glue cardboard

Glue gun

Golden acrylic paint from Walmart

String lights


Small round mirrors from Amazon

3 inches 2 mirrors From Amazon

19:21 Sunburst Aluminum foil wall mirror


Poster board from Walmart

Aluminum foil from dollar tree

6” mirror from Michaels craft store

Black spray paint from Hobby Lobby

24:17 Glam golden wall art with lights

Poster board from Walmart

Aluminum foil from dollar tree

Golden mirror reflective paper from Amazon


Golden spray paint from Amazon

Bamboo sticks from Walmart

String lights from Amazon


26:20 Extra large glam wall decoration with lights


Black poster board

Black spray paint from Amazon

Silver glitter from Walmart

Red Paper gift bag


Glue gun

String lights from Amazon


37:33 luxurious leaves wall art

Poster board

Glue gun

Golden and silver glitter from Amazon

44:22 Glue gun golden wall art


Glue gun

Golden spray paint

Black acrylic paint

Small round mirrors

47:52 luxurious living room wall art


Mirror reflective paper from Amazon


Glue gun

Golden spray paint

Golden acrylic paint

Foam balls for Walmart

String lights from Amazon


55:20 glam Aluminum foil wall decor


Aluminum foil

Golden spray paint

Black acrylic paint

Poster board

Red acrylic paint

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carol kuria

perfect, will have to try this

Raimunda Ferreira

Todos lindos

Jessie's Creative

So so so talented

Princezz Puffypants

What this really needed was more commercials

Edith Austin

Love the butterfly

Linda McGhee

Beautiful creations. What instrumental music do you use? I love it. I am also music lover

Iris-Angela Jones

I really enjoy several of these beautiful ideas. A couple of them I want to make for my own home.

Karen Thompson

Good evening you beautiful creator, i'm transfix on your breath taking pieces of art. I love watching from start to finish what you are making, and you inspire me to get busy and use the many talent that god as given me. Thank you for all that you do to show us that anything can become art as long as the passion for it.

CreativeJo HomeCraft

Greetings, ✋✋✋
Wow, so creative,
Nice and beauty,
Big like, thanks for sharing,
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Esmeralda Turbi

En los bordes le pondría granos de arroz pegados antes de pintarlos y se vería otro estilo nuevo

Reena Majlisbhai

This is awsome i love your creations you have great n amazing ideas thank you !⭐⭐⭐


ellerinize sağlıkkk

Cecilia Galleguillos

La idea es buena , pero las terminaciones feas

20 ٣٠

Dipak Narula

Master creator.

Sushma Shetty

Hi...m ur regular viewer.....have spoken about ur and few other art and craft channels and it has been featured in today's. 06.09.2020 sunday miday edition. U can follow @instanasrinmodak .......she has posted it on Instagram too. Pls have a look.

Marina Hellen

Oi boa noite onde encontrar este papel adesivo

Cuenca Arts

You're so creative. Love your works. New friend here. Hope we can connect. Keep up.

Jeanne Borja

Awesome, you have encouraged me to do more


Nice creations, but music is a little overpowering

Carlos Silva

Só numngostei da música, muito enjoativa, e repete muito, claro que o vídeo é que tá em evidência, e não a música, mas poderia variar de musica pra não ficar uma coisa repetitiva.

Eunice Washington

Absolutely amazing and beautiful


I am astonished with what you do with the simplest materials. You have the hands of a craftsman and the imagination of an artist. Brava!

Norma Coward

The only thing she should paint the back of the cardboard

Patricia Giles

Do you have a project for the gold and black wall sconces? Thank you. All of your projects here are outstanding.

Maria S.M

Están interesantes los proyectos si no fuera por esa musiquita que hace que tengas que bajar el volumen a tope, es cansina

Beatriz Lucero

Hermoso todo increible. Me encanta!! Solo una crítica: la.musica es muy mpnotona.pero el resto de tu trabajo :Maravilloso

Gulali Khan

Wowwwwww amazing video Lovely
My Sweet sister Really I like this videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tunde Korondi

very nice, with great perspective looking, enjoyable, thanks for sharing!l

Iracema Santos Hermes

lindos seus trabalhos, só faz um favor, muda a trilha sonora pq é agonizante.

Easy Craft uk

Fabulous idea

miri miri

you are beautifull broo god blss you i love everything about ur home like like like likr

Chez Griswold

Just stunning ❤❤❤

Nataca Mc

Simply Beautiful

Martha Elena Ortiz Tovar.2'F

la verdad es que no me gusto


That is Awesome

Artistic Soul

Wow...this so amazing

Terezinha para costurinhas

Lindo amei

Dhanya Febin

Wow... no words for appreciation

Ravinder Kaur

It was just amazing.Loved your creativity.I am really inspired n will surely try to follow.Would love to see some more of your creativity

Olinda Aparecida Antunes Okada


Carmen Ortiz


kristina van buren

Omg! I don't have words enough for how amazing your art creations are. You are truly an artist!! And thank you for sharing how for us.


Amazing ideas....love u

Rosa Del Carmen

Wao que belleza voy a practicar


Me encanta todo! Felicidades y haré alguno de estos proyectos.

Margarita Lucia Chayña Mamani

Quiero los materiales ponganlo en español x favor traduscanlo

엔피오의 주말농장

좋은 영상 풀청으로 응원합니다.

Deborah Daniels

beautiful art pieces. awesome and very affordable. Thank you for sharing.

Junjuns easy kitchen

Excellent work of art. Pl stay connected with my channel

Maria Guadalupe


sheila vidrine

Wow! You are extremely creative and you make it look easy. I am so impressed!

Arzelle Colon


Paula Foltz

You should use a self sealing cutting mat. I cringe when you are cutting on that wood surface! Love your art!

Army BangTan SoNyeonDan

Estou apaixonada pelo seus trabalhos quero este painel p mim

Ana Arce

Gracias es muy interesante hermoso

Maria Luisa Castellanos

Felicitaciones los voy hacer para mí nuevo apartamento.

Geni Amorim

Bela a sua criatividade)

Yvette Barnett

Nice work. The first two are very similar to designs by Yoduvh Essential

Rose Link

WOW loved it

Karen Giles


Trio voz do calvário calvário

Chol amei vidios


Muy hermanos gracias por compartir, bendiciones

Rosemary Watson

BEAUTIFUL. thank you



Alma Valquiria

Difícil dizer qual peça é a mais linda. Parabéns!!! ❤

Army BangTan SoNyeonDan

Como é q posso adquirir este painel

Jorelina Torres

Hola Super Geniales sus manualidades

jacqueline walker-57


Nadir Schulz

Trabalho belíssimo!

Татьяна Подолинская

Музыка УЖАСНАЯ - бьёт по мозгам.

Herma Beacon

I love all of your work they're beautiful

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Amazing & Beautiful.

Lisa F Britt


Angela Llarena González

Ya lo vi!! Preciosos!!

bhaby sanchez

Wow..so gorgeous the best

syeda Zahra

Beautiful ❤️

Delores Mc

I love them all you have some very great ideas, very creative

karim GH

Claudia Patricia

Me encantan sus trabajos todos lindos aqui en colombia no se en cuentra el papel platiado

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Tracey Gray

Fantastic video tutorial and stunning projects- WELL DONE my friend!! xx

Deborah Apostolou

Amazing!!!! Bravo, you've absolutely crushed the big ticket items, nice!!!!

Tuppy Evans

Your amazing and so is your BEAUTIFUL wall arts. Pieces !!!
Love them all !!! I seriously want to make some myself and I may make some for Christmas gifts to “Families”. Much easier to make a family gift than buying individual gifts for each family member!!! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring me to start making more items !!! I’ve been busy making beautiful ornaments for our family’s ornament exchange group. I’ve just about got half of them done. One ornament takes about a week just to prepare it, before I can really decorate it. It takes approximately two days to get one decorated and finished in order to make another one. I believe my ornaments will be accepted by all the family members that are in the exchange group. It’s a major improvement from my ornament last y try. I didn’t plan on making one last yr because of all the medical things I was going through. However I did make ornaments but I didn’t much care for how they turned out. They were meaningful to me but then I was the creator of the ornaments last year.
Well I best hush for now, for I had not planned to talk for so long. Have a great day/night everyone and God Bless you and yours !!!!! Bye, Tuppy

Studio Art Maria Moutinho

amei !!

Crabby Resister

Cool ideas!!!

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Your tutoriales are very nice. Thank for sharing.

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todos muy buenos

Edith Austin

Actually All designs are gorgeous

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Wow all are awesome glam decors.

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Wow that's awesome!

Maria Cristina Arango

Hola buenos días como estás me puedes hacer el favor de mandarme un lugar específico dónde comprar el papel metálico gracias

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Tanya Tugman

I love all your work's they are beautiful

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Bellisimos ..

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Love it

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У вас золотые руки молодец